A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife


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This book is of tremendous value and highly recommended. I am a researcher and history professor, and, with the many available titles on this topic, I am selective about what I purchase. This particular book is one that I found to be very worthwhile, for research purposes, and for personal reasons because Victor Zammit summarizes the scholarship in every essential and important area of afterlife studies.

The book is meticulous about presenting sources, supplying the reader with the most up to date scientific and historical evidence, thus allowing one to research further.

I do not believe that it is necessary for this book to delve into all of the skeptic criticisms of mediums, when the odds of those mediums being correct is already extraordinary, and especially when this book is already over three hundred pages. The hastily constructed views of skeptics on Wikipedia are simply not worth reading, so I am glad that the book simply focuses on what is valid, scientifically proven and fascinating to know.

For example, I found the chapter on remote viewing in the United States, China and the U.S.S.R. eye opening and most interesting, as Zammit provides the evidence of documentation by government officials, as gathered by scholars.

Information about After Death Communication is likewise, explained thoroughly through a detailed summary of the work of scholars from the 1880s to the 2010s.

While Victor Zammit provides solid scholarly evidence, the book is easy to read and comforting. For example, Zammit reiterates Raymond Moody’s suggestion, that a bereaved person can talk to the loved one lost, rather than relying entirely on a therapist.

Examples of different types of contact with departed loved ones is relayed to the reader with a summary of numerous studies that I had not been aware of and appreciated learning about. A chapter about the dream state was especially illuminating.

When a person passes over, according to numerous accounts presented by Zammit, they go to a world that is as solid as the one they left, and those they left behind on earth visit them in their dreams.

In summary, this is a very worthwhile book to own. It is superbly written, well researched, and comforting to read.

Dr. Cristina Zaccarini
Associate Professor, Co-Director of Asian Studies
Adelphi University
300 South Avenue
Garden City, NY 11530

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