Such negative reports and 'supposed eureka theories' by these arch skeptics such as Brian Dunning are commonplace when you consider that a google search for 'scole experiment' can produce over 36,000,000 hits!!!

You will notice that none of these arch skeptics actually sat with us during the 5 year experiment, which chalked up over 1,000 hours of genuine physical phenomena.

Most do not even do their homework before launching such negative diatribes, and all are less than economical with the facts and the truth in their articles. For instance, there were only 4 of us involved in the final experiments, of whom only 2 (not Sandra and I) were the mediums. None of us even met Richard Wiseman, let alone have him sit with us, and a senior member of the Inner Magic Circle (a former Stage Magician) did sit with us on more than 1 occasion. He was able to confirm that it would have been impossible in the same circumstances, for a stage magician or illusionist to duplicate the phenomena under the same conditions.

In fact, the three senior members of the SPR who produced the 'Scole Report' frequently challenged skeptics of all persuasions to duplicate the many different types of phenomena we witnessed under the same conditions. It speaks volumes that not only did nobody succeed in duplicating ANY of the Scole Phenomena; nobody even made the effort or attempted to try and duplicate the amazing things we witnessed!!!

I was personally there, at all but one of the Scole sessions, and am absolutely certain (with bells on!!) that every single piece of phenomena we witnessed over those 5 years was absolutely 100% genuine. I have been a psychic researcher - specialising in physical mediumship - for some 37 years now, and do not suffer fools gladly. Where I have come across fraud (and there is still some about) then I have had no regret or held back in any way from exposing such a fraudulent medium.

So these crazy theories (possibly paid for and put forward by organisations such as that fronted by the 'amazing Randi') simply go over my head. They are laughable, and it is pointless to continually defend what I know to be fact.

The real facts about the Scole Experiment are all in my book Witnessing the Impossible. This is the only true and complete record of EVERY sitting of the Scole Experimental Group - from start to finish. Details are on my website:

Best wishes, Robin Foy