Sandy Crea writes:
" I chose to participate in Dr. Hogan's online research study as soon as I became aware of it. I've wanted to do a GAC ever since I first heard of them. I know several people who have done them but I could not justify the cost . This was free and I felt I had nothing to lose and everything to gain so I entered the research program.
As soon as I got to stage 3 I was able to connect. I had clear visuals of my son in Spirit, Nick. I was also able to talk with him and feel him. We went to the Astral plane. We traveled to Eternity. Nick showed me things that I could never imagine. We talked about love and Eternity, soul plans, paths, etc.

After a while the connections changed and the visuals faded. Nick tells me this is because I'm becoming more in tune with the Spirit way and Spirit doesn't need visuals. I've had several OBE's since starting the connections. Nick and I at times have thoughts that I can't tell if it's Nick or me. Its amazing. We continue to connect. Read more....

I have no doubt that these connections are real. If they were not I would continue to see Nick clearly. Nick tells me all the time to trust and just know it's real. Long term I see these connections helping me in my grief journey because Nick has given me suggestions to help when I'm sad. Or anxious. Anything negative. I still hurt but I am able to go on.

This should prove to be helpful to any bereaved person who is able to accept that the connection may not go the way they want. A person has to be able to give control of how the connection goes to their loved one. The one in Spirit knows exactly what we need and when. This has been a supremely valuable experience for me. If anyone reads the research report some of my experiences are included with my son identified as Mark."

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