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Silver Birch message driectly from the afterlife

You cannot find yourself when your existence is untroubled, when the sky is sunny and calm and all seems smooth and placid. It is only when the storm rages, the thunder roars, the lightning flashes and the rain beats down that this wondrous spiritual awakening comes.
The path has not been easy, but this is good for you. Do not complain about difficulty; it is the spur of the spirit. Meet the challenge always with the knowledge that you have. The power of the spirit is great than the power of matter. When confronted with problems, pause, let the spirit show the way and be determined that nothing will deflect you from the service that you were born to give.


You have helped many, you will continue to help many; You are on a path of service, accomplishing far more than is being done by dignitaries of the churches, however sincere they may be. You are bringing the truths of the spirit to those unaware of them.

You are helping them to fulfill the purpose of their being. You are helping them to find their spiritual feet. You are spreading knowledge. All this is divine labor. You should be proud that you are called into this service. Life is full of problems. There are very few roses and mostly thorns.

But the power that guides you is the power that created the universe, the power that is infinite. Pay no attention to the folly of those who should know better. Ignore the pinpricks and the jealousies. These are unimportant.

Try to feel sorry for those who do not measure up to what is expected of them. Anyway, that is their responsibility. Strive to discharge your duty as best you can. You are not called upon to do better than your best. Make yourselves as efficient instruments of the Great Spirit as you can. Strive so that even a greater measure of power flows through you and brings strength, guidance and love to those who need your service.


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