A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife

A Spiritually Advanced Person is Someone Who ...

• communicates peacefully, without violence,
• is able to remain calm under pressure, always helping, always doing something positive for others -
• is disciplined and is able to maintain harmony in mind, body and spirit;
• projects peace, light, love and understanding;
can get along with people;
• can unconditionally love and unconditionally forgive;
• ignores the negative and accentuates the positive;
• has strength of character and accepts self-responsibility;
• can meditate at the deepest, most intense level and experience themselves as extreme love;
• is without ego – self-centeredness and identifies with the ‘whole’ – cosmic consciousness, who understands and practices humility,
• is highly ethically exemplary who exudes positive energy and is non-judgmental;
• can relate with extreme kindness to human beings, and also to animals, birds and living things;
• respects the environment and who does not eat flesh foods, does not drink stimulants such as tea or coffee;
• does not consume alcohol and does not smoke and/or take any drugs whatsoever;
• is morally strong not affected by envy, jealousy or pride and avoids anger, greed and malice.
• does not lose his/her temper but is able to respond to all provocations and hostility with serenity, equanimity, peace, composure and love.

(* All taken from highly credible transmissions from the afterlife.Yes, there are exceptions – eg violence to avoid being killed)

September 9th 2007

Victor Zammit,

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