A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife


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With very brief answers (I have already with these questions extensively over the years in my weekly Friday Afterlife Report).

1. If there is evidence for the afterlife why is it that scientists don't accept the afterlife.

First, there are many scientists who accept the evidence for the afterlife. It is the ‘materialist’ scientists who refuses to accept the afterlife evidence. These materialists scientists refuse to accept the afterlife evidence not because they are scientists, but because they are ‘materialists’ (those who keep on saying everything can be explained by ‘matter’ – ie, they are skeptiscs. I said many times that those deeply negatively entrenched skeptics – scientists, academics and others – do not have the skills, the competence and the ability to perceive the afterlife evidence with ‘true empirical equanimity’ (with true scientific balance). So, it is not a matter of ‘science’ but a matter of ‘skepticism’ that makes one not to accept the afterlife evidence. Note carefully, not one genius skeptical scientist in history has ever published a book explaining why there cannot be an afterlife. Secondly, no skeptical genius has ever rebutted the scientifically based afterlife evidence.

2. I lost my loved one ... how do I know my loved one is safe ...

If your loved one who crossed over was a reasonable person – did not have to be perfect – just a good open minded reasonable person – you should not worry at all. Your loved one would have been met by a loved-one who would have taken him/her to the realm of the light to continue to live in a place much superior than on earth. Further, your duplicate spiritual body goes out to meet up with crossed over loved ones during the time of your sleep. These visits to loved one are recorded in the MIND not in the physical brain. That is why we mostly do not remember anything during our visits. There are some people who are gifted enough to remember some of these visits.

3. Has anyone beaten your challenge to the skeptics?

No!. No skeptic has ever beaten my million dollar challenge. I tell them to consult a lawyer who will explain to them what technically constitutes admissible afterlife evidence. This is because as I stated in question 1 above, these deeply entrenched skeptics are not skilled in perceiving the afterlife evidence with scientific balance. Most of the times these skeptics do not even see the afterlife evidence – confirming Neurolinguistic Programming NLP) – that ‘deletions’ take place of evidence which is fundamentally inconsistent with the skeptic’s prejudices.

4. Is the time of birth and the time of death planned in advance?

Information transmitted from the otherside tells us that usually the time of birth and the time of death are already known. But the time of death is subject to alternative contingencies – alternatives.

5. Why did my child have to die at such a young age?

Nobody will ever be in a position to give you an answer for that. Except that information from the otherside tells us ‘there are no chances, no accidents.’ Of course, under normal circumstances, when you cross over, you will get to know many of the things you did not know while you were living on physical earth.

6. Will I be reunited with my loved one on crossing over?

Yes, under normal circumstances you will be reunited with your loved ones. The ones who may miss out on that are the ones whose minds do not accept the afterlife.

7. Is reincarnation real?

Reincarnation is more complex than first imagined. Reincarnation in the secular afterlife investigations refers to coming back on earth to have another lifetime as a human being for more spiritual refinement and development – and has nothing to do with the Eastern religions who say you can come back as a lower species than humans. We are credibly informed that once vibrations reach the human level, these vibrations cannot go to lower animal or other lower species. But it is not essential to believe in reincarnation to proceed to the afterlife place you have earned to go.

8. I'm not good looking... am I going to have the same looks as I have now in the afterlife?

‘Good looks’ in the afterlife have no special status and are totally irrelevant. That has status on planet earth – especially in the West for commercial and other reasons. In the afterlife the brightness of your aura has the real status and is treated more or less the way we treat those with extremely good looks. So, it does not matter how you look now, it would be the brightness of your aura on crossing over that would have great value.

9. Am I going to see my friends when I die?

Of course you are very likely to see your friends on crossing over. Providing they have the same level of vibrations – the same standard of spirituality as you have, guaranteed you will meet every one of them. The only problem is that if a friend of yours would have lower vibrations than yours– he/she will go to a level below where you will be. But in time, when he/she makes the spiritual effort to move upwards, you will see that friend again. Also under supervision, you will be able to reduce your vibrations to actually visit your friend. But those below you cannot come up to see you.

10. I remarried when my first wife died - am I going to have to wives on crossing over?

It would depend who you really loved. Usually there is only one ‘soul-mate’.But you will be able to see both of your wives and you will be in a position to make the right decision who is your real partner. If both wives are of equal attraction, you may all live together without any jealousy. Nothing wrong with that in the afterlife dimension.

Victor Zammit December 2011