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Highly gifted psychic Robbert van den Broeke.

The information was related to me in good faith and although I am not an expert in UFO matters, I am a specialist in evidence. Once the evidence is examined, I will be making more reports about this very important event.

This report is about a gifted medium who has made contact with aliens. Inevitably more investigations have to take place before anyone can be absolutely certain . But so far, the evidence is stunning. This article was sent to me by Linda van Twist)

The Dutch commercial TV network RTL4 broadcast September 3 a news item about the Dutch renowned medium Robbert van den Broeke.

Since the beginning of this year Robbert is able to capture ETI (extra-terrestrial intelligence) on camera (also see: UFO case book). It usually starts with a cricket-like sound. Then the entities appear, and take shape.

The ETI appear on every camera Robbert uses. The skeptical TV crew of the dutch commercial TV network RTL4 gave Robbert a throw-away camera and were totally flabbergasted to find out that the ETI also appeared on this cam! The producer of the TV program still has the pictures in her cam.

It's clear that the entities caught on camera are not physical ones. That explains why there's no visible shadow. This phenomenon has been studied in the parapsychology by Hans Holzer, Ph.D.

The ETI on the camera is an 'immaterial image'. With immaterial images there's a registration of the ectoplasm (a subtle living matter present in the body of a medium, and which is capable of assuming various semi-solid or solid states, which can be, and have been felt, and photographed) or a registration by means of psycho-inductive feedback (caused by the medium directly on the registration material). While these appearances only occur in the presence of Robbert - a person who is a renowned medium with paranormal gifts - is this a matter of a 'mediumistic immaterial appearance' in stead of a physical ETI. With these types of appearances it's understandable that the image itself strongly resembles something actual or archetypically, that means: the perception the medium has out of his memory how something should look like.

The renowned researcher Nancy Talbott of BLT Research, who visited Robbert for research, calls his case unique. Robbert doesn't want to make any money out of his special gifts. That's why he deliberately hides himself from publicity. Robbert's father, a general bank manager, fully supports his son, who had paranormal experiences since childhood. The dutch medium already has a photo album full of pictures of the entities he caught on camera.

Source and more photos: Far shores

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