A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife

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: I just cannot believe the recent 'verbal sleight-of-hand' of that closed minded guy JR from Florida. He's trying to get the skeptics to financially support his lifestyle - 'living off the earnings'. Among other things he says he wants people to donate money to: " Expose paranormal frauds promoted in the media..."
That of course could apply to himself. Why?

Because in TEN YEARS, this 'self-styled' verbal sleight of hand expert JR:

1. has NOT rebutted the evidence for the afterlife,

2. has NOT beaten my own $1MILLION challenge to him,

3. In fact, the clock on my website says 3,925 DAYS! - OVER TEN YEARS of pussyfooting around - failing to take on my challenge! If the evidence is not rebutted it remains forever VALID!

4. JR has NOT been challenged by gifted mediums because genuine mediums and psychics all claim his own challenge is a FRAUD - 'verbal sleight of hand' material.

5. In addition, other INTERNATIONAL GIFTED MEDIUMS agree that the JFEF challenge is the 'biggest hoax' in paranormal history!

6. Contrary to his claims that no one has beaten his challenge, this JR has NEVER published a genuine list of recognized mediums who attempted to take on the challenge.

I advised Sylvia Brown NOT to take on JR's fruadulent challenge many years ago! When he has a legitimate, acceptable challenge with the right conditions I can approve of, there will those who will take him on.

7. The 'skeptical dummies' swallowed hook, line and sinker his pernicious propaganda of his silly 'critical thinking' - a real joke!

8. Becuase of JR's failure to rebut the EVIDENCE FOR THE paranormal over the years there are more people to-day accepting the paranormal than ever before! (It used to be 55%, now it's 80%)

9. Surveys show that twenty years ago there were some 15% who were closed minded materialists. To-day, thanks to the JREF (who is convincing more people to become opposite to his beliefs), only 5% are closed minded materialists- changing many to 'believers'.

10. So, instead of wasting your money sending it to the closed minded skeptic, donate any spare money to a Children's Foundation - make a child happy this New Year!

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