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COMMENT ON STEPHEN HAWKING'S STATEMENT NOVEMBER 2014 that ""there is no afterlife and there is no God""

Congratulations for your comments in the "Friday Afterlife Report" on Stephen Hawking's statements on SBS. I find him for a man of science extremely superficial, jumping to conclusions without any basis. There are so many holes in his presentation, it's not funny. I have studied Astronomy myself, and know what I am talking about.

1. The "Big Bang Theory" shows more and more holes and logical inconsistencies, so that now many astronomers seriously question its validity. Hawking just takes it as fact.

2. The incompatibility of the Theory of Relativity and Quantum Theory does not merit so much as a mention from him. Every Physicist knows about that!

3. His example pf how the "Big Bang" started is woefully inadequate (showing a man digging a hole and piling up a mountain. That man certainly expended a lot of energy doing this, but the "Big Bang" didn't need anything like that - it just happened according to Hawking).

4. From this inadequate example he concludes that the "Big Bang" did not need the intervention of God to happen. And from this he concludes that "There is no God". Such a fallacy would give him a "Fail" at University in the subject of "Formal Logic".

5. From "There is no God" he effortlessly comes to "There probably is no afterlife" - again devoid of any logical reasoning.

6. Of course the Paranormal does not even get mentioned by him.

All in all I am very disappointed by his presentation. He has done himself a big disservice.

Best Regards: Waldis.

November 2014



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