The Book


Dear Victor

I have just read in today's Feedback about a comment from a Ken which reads; " I was just reading about a medium named Alec Harris. Whilst in trance, through his mediumship, 20 materialized spirit people would walk out of the cabinet, walk 10 feet away from the cabinet, and converse and interact with the sitters. This was done in bright red light with the curtain wide open for all of the sitters to see the medium still in trance, bound to his chair! How incredible is that? Look it up for yourself. Amazing! Regards, Ken"

Alec and his wife, Louie, were personal friends of my parents when they lived in Cardiff, South Wales. Sadly they emigrated to South Africa in 1957 when I was only 13, but for the two previous years I had the very good fortune to have been a regular sitter and the youngest at their wonderful circles for materialization and healing.

I finished last year the retyping of Louie's original manuscript which is about three times as long as the book titled; "They Walked Among Us" which was first published in 1980. This was submitted to Alec and Louie's son, Bradley, who at the same time had discussed with David Fontana the books release again in its original manuscript. So I forwarded my copy to David and the book will shortly be released.

Everything written by Louie was experienced by me in which materialized forms were exactly like those in real life where we could touch and hug them as appropriate and communicate just as if they were really alive physically.

Even after emigration Alec and Louie frequently visited UK and would stay with my parents and other friends and family during which we would have the opportunity of experiencing materialization again. As explained in Louie's book, Alec was formerly a skeptic on all psychic matters, but he changed to become one of the world's greatest materialization mediums. Alec is not as well known as people like Helen Duncan because he was not a public type of figure, but I believe that his mediumship was every bit as good.

On one of their return visits from South Africa when I was aged 19 my future wife, who was a great skeptic, was invited to a sitting. She experienced the materialization of her father who none of us including myself had ever met, and her North American Indian Spirit guide who advised her that she could think of him and he would be around to help whenever she required. Needless to say my wife was no longer a skeptic.

Full materialization is so truly wonderful that it is impossible to remain a skeptic afterwards, and one truly has one's life changed beneficially so that there can never be any fear of death. In fact physical death is merely seen as a pleasant release from an often depleted physical body. When my time for passing arrives I look forward to meeting again Alec and Louie as well as my parents and other relatives and friends who have left their physical forms.

Chris Watkins