Zerdin Phenomenal Event

Five seances with three different physical Mediums
and their circles at Magical Montcabirol

Testimonial by Dr. K. New York, USA
Montcabirol France Thursday 30th April 2009

I have just returned from the south of France after attending one of the most exciting and life changing events ever to take place on French soil. No, this was not the Cannes Film Festival or a convention of French wine merchants. It was, undoubtedly, the biggest event that Zerdin’s Phenomenal had organised over one long weekend period outside of the Uk since David Thompson's Uk tour in its illustrious history, and possibly the largest gathering of physical mediums and their circles, convening to demonstrate their gifts in one place at one time ever anywhere in the world.

This event took place over a four day weekend at a most picturesque venue that would make both Monet and Van Gogh resurrect and take notice. We all know that France is known for the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and the Maginot Line, but what is not known about France is probably their best kept secret – the new spiritual Mecca of the European Union – the beautiful, historical, and picturesque twelfth century hamlet known as Montcabirol.

This medieval hamlet is surrounded by rolling hills and lush meadows teeming with sheep and goats tending their lambs in this deliciously fertile landscape, their vibrant little bodies all aglow with health and fecundity. A perpetual drone of bells can be heard in the distance, creating a monotonous staccato, conducive to the meditative atmosphere at this most spiritual of mediumship venues known as Montcabirol.

Remember that name, as it is surely destined to be written indelibly into the annals of spiritual history alongside Stansted and Hydesville. Situated at the foothills of the beautiful, snowcapped, Pyrenees Mountains just north of Spain and Andorra, Montcabirol, surrounded by rolling hills and lush green pastures in a most bucolic setting, created the perfect backdrop, for what many will consider to be an historic gathering of thirty two like minded people who came from around the globe to witness demonstrations of the extremely rare gift of physical mediumship.


Six physical circles were represented at this gathering with three that would be demonstrating. In attendance were the Meadows Circle, the Rainbow Circle, the Yellow Cloud Circle of Eternal Illumination, the Silver Fox Circle of Friends, The Falmer Circle and the Circle for Humanity. The latter three of the aforementioned circles are still in development and hope to be demonstrating at some time in the future. Due to the large volume of information, I will be limiting my discussion of these mediumship demonstrations to the Rainbow Circle. I certainly could not do justice to the other two circles without making my treatise overwhelmingly voluminous.


So, the stage is set. On Thursday, April 30, 2009, one by one, people begin to arrive. The excitement that filled the air was palpable, for we all knew that very soon, we were all going to be engaging in something that very few people around the world, and throughout history have ever experienced – direct, overt, objective, physical communication with the spirit world.

What makes this form of spirit communication so special is that it is objective. In other words, what one person sees, hears, feels, smells, and experiences, everyone else in the room also experiences. This differs from mental mediumship in that mental mediumship is subjective. What is told by the medium usually only applies to and is understood by an individual or a family. Nevertheless, I was extremely fortunate and blessed to have been invited to sit in a preliminary sitting with the Rainbow Circle from England the night before their first ever public demonstration.


This form of physical mediumship is commonly known as table tipping. This term is a gross misnomer with this circle because this table did not just tip, it flew about the room at alternating speeds in every position possible. This table appeared to be on steroids! I had never experienced this form of mediumship before so I knew very little about it. Little did I know that I was in for the emotional ride of my life. The demonstration commenced promptly at seven o’clock in the evening. All of the usual precautions were taken to preclude light from coming in and to protect the mediums. The room was approximately thirty by thirty feet and twenty feet high. The table that they used was a wooden table with three legs and a circular top measuring nineteen inches high and twenty and one half inches in diameter. There were several pieces of illuminated tape on it so the location of the table could always be seen in the dark.

With this particular form of mediumship, these mediums do not go into trance. They were both wide awake, alert and ready to actively participate in the demonstration. I had the extremely good fortune to meet and spend time with the mediums, Kath and Terry on a previous occasion back in March and I must say, that these people are two of the most honest, sincere, caring, and generous people that I have ever met. Their integrity is without a doubt, unquestionable. The room was securely locked and duct tape was placed around the edges to make the room impervious to light. As soon as the light in the room was extinguished and Kathy began the opening prayer, the table immediately began to move. It literally came to life.

This table didn’t just move a little, it was all over the place. I have never seen anything like it. It was instant. As soon as they hit the light switch, “all hell broke loose”. The table rose up off of the ground so high that I had to reach up as high as I could with my left hand to try to keep my fingertips on it. Eventually, this became impossible, as it was soon out of my reach. A few seconds later, it came back within reach of my hand again. This happened many times throughout the course of the evening. I am not sure if this table ever stopped moving for duration of the séance, which was about ninety minutes.
It was like a nonstop roller coaster ride.

Several spirit communicators came through throughout the evening. The control for this team of spirit communicators is an historically well known North American Indian from I believe the Black Hills of South Dakota. His name is Red Cloud. He is the main guide for this circle, also known as the spirit control or gatekeeper. He was able to communicate many messages by using the alphabet and tapping out letters on the floor with the table. Terry, one of the mediums, devised this ingenious method to communicate with the spirit entities. All of the spirit communicators were able to communicate by using the alphabet and tapping out messages at high speed with the table onto the floor. This was performed quite loudly, certainly loud enough for everyone in the room to hear very clearly. Terry has become quite proficient at receiving these messages through high speed tapping as he verbalizes them to the rest of the sitters during the course of the séance. They were also able to answer questions with one tap being a yes, two taps a no, and three taps a maybe. It proved to be a very effective method of communicating.

We all listened intently as the messages and communicators came through. I was extremely surprised and delighted to have received several important, personal messages from Red Cloud myself. The next communicator to come through and tap out their name was someone named Mary. After a short pause, I verbalized to the rest of the sitters that my mothers name was Mary. IMMEDIATELY, within a split second, the table rose up off of the floor and was right up against the left side of my chest, right over my heart caressing me in an up and down and circular motion. The table returned to the floor and I immediately responded, “mom, is that you”? Immediately, the table rose up off of the ground and began rubbing up against the left side of my chest again. As tears began rolling uncontrollably down my face, I responded; “is it really you mom”? The table immediately began to tap out the message:
“it’s really me”.


At that very moment, I began to feel a finger gently caress the forefinger on my right hand. I blurted out: “She’s caressing my hand, she’s caressing my hand”. A few seconds later, I felt a hand on the upper part of my back between my neck and my right shoulder. This was not an imaginary hand, it was as real as my own and was caressing me as only a mother could for one of her offspring. I could feel the love. It was genuine. It was palpable. It had to be her. At this point, I began to sob uncontrollable as this was the most emotional experience that I have ever had in my entire life. My mother had passed to the spirit world forty one years ago when I was very young, after a lengthy illness. It was very difficult. For me, this was the gift of a lifetime – being reunited with my mother, feeling her love, and just knowing that she is still alive and happy in the spirit world, and knowing that some day, I will be reunited with her again. Priceless, is the only word that I can think of to describe this most wonderful and life changing experience.


Remarkably another spirit communicator identified himself as Farrokh Bulsara also known as Freddie Mercury known to the world for his music with the group Queen. Once again through the table he communicated using his real off stage name not known to all but there was sitter who confirmed the name. Freddie gave a message to one of the sitters of a personal nature which he verified and asked the sitter to deliver the message as Freddie was aware that this sitter would soon be in the company of one of the members of Queen in the very near future.The séance continued, as I continued to tremble and weep for the duration of the demonstration.


Several spirit children were coming through to play and to entertain us.
On a table outside of the circle were several objects for the spirit kids to play with. There was a maracas, a skipping rope, luminescent chalk with a piece of black cardboard, a penny whistle, glow in the dark florescent/luminescent tape, a drum and two drumsticks, a battery operated keyboard, four small cardboard hooplas, two full size plastic hooplas, a playable plastic trumpet, three standard cardboard megaphones, six large inflated balloons, and a plastic football. Every one of these objects has luminous tape on it so their location could be seen in the dark. At some point, each one of these objects was levitated off of the table and brought by the children to the center of the circle to play with. When the transparent plastic football was levitated from the table, lights appeared within the ball for everyone in the room to see. At one point, several of these toys and instruments were moving about the circle and playing at the same time. This was quite a display. All in all, six spirit children came through and tapped out their names for all to hear. Some of the names were Dick, Freddie, Peter, Luke, Lucy, and the control, Red Cloud.


Throughout the evening, many messages were conveyed by the spirit communicators however, I am at a loss to remember most of them as I was in a state of perpetual emotional upheaval. The messages that I received from my mother and Red Cloud that evening were too personal for me to mention in this writing. This demonstration of physical mediumship was certainly as physical as it gets. Ninety minutes of nonstop physical phenomena and spirit communication. There was NO downtime. Considering the emotionally charged reunion with my mother after forty one years, along with the very personal messages from both her and Red Cloud, I can say with complete sincerity, that this was without a doubt, the greatest, and most memorable experience of my entire life.


I cannot close this writing without tendering a few candid remarks regarding my experiences and observations while sitting with the Meadows Circle and the Yellow Cloud Circle. With respect to the Meadows Circle, at one point during the séance, a communicator named Johnathan told the sitters that he was going to materialize his hand and was going to invite a few people to come up and shake hands with him.

He not only materialized his hand, he also materialized his wrist and entire forearm, up to his elbow. Having sat with the Meadows Circle before, it appears that Johnathan is materializing a little more of his upper extremity each time. Nevertheless, eight or nine sitters were invited up to shake hands with Johnathan. The last one was a gentleman named Kevin, who is the leader of the Yellow Cloud Circle. While Kevin was up shaking the materialized hand, Johnathan apparently raised the curtain in front of the cabinet high enough for Kevin to see inside.

Kevin stated that he could clearly see the medium, Bill Meadows, still strapped and “velcroed” to the chair while shaking Johnathan's’ materialized hand. This is conclusive, irrefutable proof that the materialized hand was definitely NOT the hand of the medium. I had the extremely good fortune to have had the opportunity to shake Johnathan’ hand at a demonstration back in January and I can say with the utmost sincerity and certainty, that it was not the hand of the medium, Bill Meadows.


Finally, I would like to share a few very pertinent experiences that I had while sitting with the Yellow Cloud Circle of Eternal Illumination. I asked one of the spirit communicators, also named Johnathan, if he could see us the way we see each other. He stated that he could. I then asked him if he could see color and if he could see us in the dark. He stated that he not only could see me, but that he could also see my kidneys. I then proceeded to ask him to describe the color of my clothing. He accurately described the color of my shirt, my pants, and even described the underwear that I was wearing!

Simply amazing. I was extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to sit with the Yellow Cloud Circle three times that week. Combined, we sat for over seven hours, talking to what our society calls “dead people”.


I have come to the definitive conclusion that these people are not only still alive, but they are more alive than we are. Although very difficult, they can and do wish to communicate with us as much as we want to communicate with then. So much can be gleaned about the afterlife, the world to which we all will definitely be inhabiting one day. A great deal can also be learned that could tremendously benefit the world in which we live today. Direct communication with the so-called dead can be extremely comforting to those who have lost loved ones. More importantly, we can all benefit by listening to their messages. Their most important message, aside from telling us that they are not dead, is that we are all totally and completely accountable for all of our behavior while we are here inhabiting the physical plane. After all, who would know better than those who are “already there”? It would be foolish not to listen very carefully to everything they say. What is sad, and very appalling to me is that the vast majority of the people on this planet have never heard of physical mediumship and spirit communication and those who have, dismiss it without any investigation whatsoever. This, in my humble opinion, is the height of foolishness.

We are given the greatest gift imaginable, and most people dismiss it. I believe that the reason for this is that the vast majority of people allow themselves to be brainwashed and indoctrinated by television, radio, newspapers, magazines, billboards, e-mails, friends, teachers, religion, priests, ministers, rabbis, and holy books that were written thousands of years ago. I find it most perplexing that the multitudes of intelligent people on every continent live their lives based on books and teaching that were written and formulated thousands of years ago by people they know nothing about, without ever questioning any of it. It is all based on hope and faith without any substantive scientific or empirical evidence whatsoever. The time has come for the world to know the truth about life and death. We have been lied to and deluded for thousands of years and this must stop now. The whole world is in trouble and the time has come for all to know the truth once and for all - that there is another life waiting for all of us and that our place in that world is determined directly by the culmination of all of our thoughts, deeds, actions. I would urge everyone to vigorously and sincerely pursue a serious investigation of this most important of all subjects – life after death. The information is right at your fingertips – on the internet and in bookstores. Put forth a little bit of effort and the rewards for your efforts will prove to be priceless. This is truly, without a doubt, the greatest discovery in the history of humankind.