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A Zerdin Phenomenal Event
In association with the Bill Meadows Circle

The Séance
Jenny's Sanctuary Banbury Oxfordshire England 15th November 2008

Dennis Pearman
International Coordinator


A spirit communicator called Jonathan materialized his hand in bright red light allowing two of the 17 sitters to come towards the cabinet where a spirit hand appeared from the bottom of the curtain that was attached to the front of the cabinet and robustly shook the hand independently of the sitters Jonathan and a lady to be known as ( T) who described the hand as being different to that of the medium in size and age also free of the ring the medium was wearing on his hand and checked to be on his hand prior to the medium being secured into a chair inside the cabinet at the start of the séance
The shaking of spirit hand was experienced by Jonathan and ( T ) and witnessed by all the other 15 sitters close up to the cabinet with there physical eyes in bright red light.

The spirit hand interacted with the sitters hand with intelligence co-ordination and strength. It was both in the experience of the shaking and the observation of the other 15 sitters every much as real as our hand would be.

You are now about to read a testimonial from Mr Jonathan Beecher one of the two sitters who shook the hand of spirit and experienced other exceptional spirit phenomena and spirit communication.

It will be important for you to read and understand the précis precaution and procedures ( THE CONDITIONS ) that where adopted by us Zerdin Phenomenal in order to authenticate Bill Meadows and the other three members of the circles mediumship.


The organisers Zerdin Phenomenal

• A fully Blacked out séance room
• Cabinet with one continuous curtain in front of the cabinet
• Two rows of chairs in a horseshoe position for the 17 sitters.
• Several toys with luminous tabs attached on the séance room floor in front of the cabinet
• A light with a dimmer switch
• CD player
• A recoding machine.
• Nothing other than tops and bottoms of cloths where allowed into the séance room, no coats, jumpers, jewellery, shoes or anything in the pockets or any item of any type was allowed into the séance room.
• Each sitter searched prior to entering séance room, the home circle the organisers, and the medium were searched by other independent sitters, the medium searched by an independent sitter.
• No persons left the séance room once they had entered the séance room the door was locked and sealed from the inside
• An independent sitter sat between each member of the circle and the organisers
• A solid metal chair with arms was positioned inside the cabinet, the cabinet, chair and the séance room was searched and checked by independent sitters.
• Very strong wide Velcro straps and then cable ties over the Velcro was checked by the same independent sitters
• The medium was placed into the chair and observed as each bind both heavy duty Velcro and cable ties where put into place by the sitters
• The same independent sitters checked that the medium was secured firmly into the chair.
• All of these procedures were carried out in white light prior to the start of the séance when the only entrance to the séance room i.e. the only door was locked and bolted and the door sealed from the inside.
• The séance started in red light
• When at any time the red light was switched of all the sitters, the circle and the organisers held hands at all time when the room was in darkness
• The medium throughout the séance was checked to see if he was secured into the chair , this happened particularly once spirit phenomena had taken place
• When the séance had come to a close the same two independent sitters checked the medium to confirm he was still tied into the chair as secured as at the start of the séance

Testimonial by Jonathan Beecher

The venue was Jenny’s Sanctuary just outside Banbury England. The séance cost £30 per head, but when you deduct Dennis and Rosalind Pearman who organised the evening, Ron and Jean for providing the venue, and Bill the medium with three other circle members, there were only 10 people paying to sit in the séance meaning the total revenue was £300. Out of this Zerdin had to pay for three hotel rooms for the circle at around £60 per room and one room for Dennis and Rosalind Pearman. The circle drove from Harlow in Essex, so if you include the petrol, and a drink at the bar, the £300 was gone.

So Bill and the circle were demonstrating there mediumship for nothing. Ron and Jean had provided the venue, some food tea and coffee for nothing, and Zerdin had gone to a great amount of work to organise the whole event for nothing.

People often ask if mediums charge, I always wonder why they wouldn’t. We live in a monetary system and even mediums have to eat.
Bill and his circles live's seems to be dedicated to spirit, as is Dennis and Rosalind’s, Ron and Jeans, and I would think most of the sitters there that evening would say they feel the same way.
Ron and his wife Jean have witnessed over 400 séances at the sanctuary, so while they are believers in spirit, they do know what they are looking for.

Dennis Pearman from Zerdin gave a pre séance briefing to all of us followed by Bills wife Colleen and the circle leader who verbally introduced us to their spirit team and then explained the protocol.
All 17 sitters, prior to entering the séance room had to empty their pockets, take off any jewellery, take off their shoes, jackets and any loose clothing. We were all then body searched as we entered the séance room, including the medium Bill Meadows. Bill was wearing a short sleeved thin shirt, trousers and socks.

The séance room was a modern empty room with a locked and blocked up window and one external door. Once we were in the room nobody was allowed to leave the room , the door was locked and sealed.
The 17 sitters sat in a semi circle of two rows of 9 and 8. We sat around a cabinet, this being a 3 sided box with a curtain across the front. It looked a little like one of those punch and Judy show stages I used to see as a child, except larger and there was no false back bottom or top.

An arm chair was put in the cabinet and Bill sat in it. His wrists and ankles were then strapped to the arms and legs of the chair using purpose made Velcro bands with secondary plastic fastenings, the sort police sometimes use on prisoners as hand cuffs.

Before entering the séance room Bill had taken off his jewellery but on the third finger of his right hand he wore a ring that he has been wearing for years that would not come off.

Two independent sitters were invited to fix the Velcro straps and the plastic cuffs, and I was invited to check the ring to make sure I couldn’t pull it off. It wouldn’t even move near his knuckle and it didn’t look like it had been off his finger in a long time.

The only items bought into the room were props. These consisted of a small table, 2 home made trumpets the shape of a cone, a square flat piece of wood about 6” square and ½ an inch thick. A small drum, two drum sticks, and a harmonica. All of the items had luminous strips taped on them so they could clearly be seen in the dark.

Colleen also had a Dictaphone, a CD player with CD in it, and a small rectangular ply wood light box that emitted red light.

We were told that when phenomena was occurring and when the lights were out we should all hold hands, this meant the energy was stronger, but also ensured that no one in the room could be physically manipulating the phenomena except the medium, who shouldn’t be able too as he is strapped into the chair.

All the circle members and Zerdin, the organisers had independent sitter sitting between them at all times, the exception was Chris the circle leader and Colleen who sat in front of me and were separated by a small table and a gap for sitters to get to the cabinet. They were close enough to me that I could touch them.

The lights went out and after a minute or so; a voice came from the cabinet. The voice introduced herself as Marie, she was the main communicator during the evening but during the séance other communicators who came through who called themselves Jonathan, Father James, and Sadiq.
Marie had an old fashioned cockney kind of voice, high pitched and not what you would call soft, she also had a great sense of humour. Jonathan had a well spoken English accent as did Father James and Sadiq had a Mediterranean or Middle Eastern accent.

Marie spoke individually to all the sitters and asked us to respond. She was very aware of who was in the room. No one was left out and during the session she regularly addressed different sitters without ever making a mistake or forgetting who someone was. I was impressed with this. It was pitch dark and there were 17 of us who had just arrived. If someone had been to a séance with Bill before, Marie identified them straight away.
Marie asked Colleen for music, the CD played a song; we all held hands and sung along.

After a minute or so the trumpet rose into the air and made loops as if keeping time to the music. I had to remind myself that this shouldn’t be happening; after all, we were all holding hands and the only person who wasn’t was Bill, and as far as we could see, he was tied up in the cabinet with no props, let alone the kind that could cause the trumpet to fly around the room.

Then another trumpet rose off the ground and danced around just above the heads of the sitters in the front row.
The ceiling was about 12-13 feet high and at times the trumpet appeared to go right to the top of the room.
I lost track of how long the trumpets “Danced” for and it was an incredible thing to see.
Later the communicators spoke again and we were treated to more phenomena.

At various times red light was turned on and we were able to observe the curtain moving. At one point the curtain raised to reveal the medium sitting in a comatose state. Sitters were invited from time to time to inspect the medium and every time he was strapped in the chair just like we left him at the beginning of the séance, except the he appeared to be in an unconscious trance like state. I think he was checked 4-5 times.

I inspected him myself and didn’t get the feeling that he had moved at all. He was still strapped into the chair and there was no sign of any of the ties being tampered with, and as I touched him he didn’t respond at all. Bear in mind the front row of sitters were only a metre from the cabinet, and the second row less than a metre behind the first.

Later Marie said they were going to materialise a hand and invite two of the sitters to come to the cabinet and shake the hand.
She then asked ( T ) and me to be the sitters who would shake the hand.
( T ) went first and described what she felt.

The hand was warm, very warm and dry according to ( T ) It was strong but not too strong, gave (T ) a good shake and slowly disappeared back under the curtain. It also had some sort of freckles or something. In the red light those freckles looked purple.

I went next and I can confirm I shook a male sized hand. It was smooth with no hair on it and possibly the same size as the mediums, but I think it was smaller.

I would also say it was a younger hand, and what struck me was its strength. We shook hands firmly, and then changed position and shook again in the way kids people do sometimes. The hand was warm. The other thing I noticed was that there was no ring on the finger nor was there a mark where Bill's ring would have been if it had been his hand.

It was a strange experience shaking a hand that shouldn’t be there but at the same time it felt the most natural thing in the world, I felt like I had an affinity with who ever I was shaking hands with, it is difficult to describe it with words.

After shaking hands I sat back in my chair and was immediately invited to check the medium. I did so in a matter of 2 or 3 seconds after shaking the hand.

The medium appeared to still be in a comatose state with nothing around the chair to suggest he had moved or removed the ties, and his ring was still on.
I sat down and a thought came into my mind; I wondered for the first time that evening whether we would just see phenomena or would we get some meaningful messages. A moment after, just a second or two later, the communicator called Jonathan gave me some advice that perfectly tied in with a conversation I had had the day before, and a question that i was looking for an answer too.

It might have been an answer to many people there, but I was aware that I had just mentally asked for information and I got it.

(T) was also told by a communicator to stop rubbing her eyes. She was not rubbing her eyes that evening but in the last week had just recovered from a bad eye infection which she had had for the first time for many years.
Again the information for her was quite specific.

More phenomena followed. Two drum sticks rose into the air followed by the drum, they zigzagged around the room like kites in the wind a few feet above the heads of the sitters.

Red light was turned on and off periodically and at times, giving us a clear view of the cabinet. The drumsticks began to beat the drum, both sticks beating one at time, and then both together, the drumming getting faster and faster, as if marking time for a marching troop. The drumming got faster and louder, the luminous tape on the stick giving off the effect of light travelling back and forth at breakneck speed.

It was a few minutes before it occurred to me that even if the medium had been out of the cabinet, which he didn’t appear to be, how could he be playing the drums, given that two hands would be needed to operate the drum sticks and at least one to hold the drum, and all of this was taking place 10-12 feet in the air, while all the people in the room apart from the medium were holding hands?

Then the trumpets rose into the air and along side them the luminous square appeared. They darted round the ceiling in front of the sitters and in the darkness appeared to pass through the curtain into the cabinet, meaning matter was travelling through matter, which traditional science tell us is impossible, but then everything that was happening that night is impossible, or so we are told.

After a while the trumpets floated halfway down to the ground and red-light was turned on, the trumpets floating in mid air just outside the curtain. Then they floated down to the ground and one stacked itself on top of the other.
There were more messages from the communicators and much singing. The energy was good.

Then the harmonica floated up to eye level of the sitters and began to play. For a few minutes it played a tuneful tune, as if the player knew how to play. How the player knew how to play in the dark while flying round the room, i do not know, and at one point the harmonica appeared to lie on the floor twitching while it played. I couldn’t imagine how a harmonica could play while it laid it on the floor and then fly into the air as if it had been propelled by something or someone.

After more phenomena the séance came to a close. When the red light was switched on, it was observed by all the sitters that Bill the medium was still sitting strapped in his chair in trance but now he was sitting outside the cabinet just inches from the front sitters. How did he get there? He had seemingly levitated through the curtain which was one wide curtain with no gap in the middle. Had matter passed through matter as it appeared to have?
Two hours had passed so quickly, and the phenomenon was amazing as anything I have seen, heard, or touched.

I must offer thanks to Zerdin Phenomenal and personally to Dennis and Rosalind Pearman for organising such a spectacular evening, also my thanks to Ron and Jean Gilkes of Jenny’s sanctuary for providing the perfect venue and for their hospitality, and last but not least, to Bill, Colleen, Monica, Chris, and their spirit team for making it all happen. Well done.

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