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Regarding your physical séances, why is it that sometimes the voices come very clear - like those of the spirit controls, but with many of the materialized loved ones the voices come very weak?


There are many variables to consider in regards to any form of mediumistic communication, but especially more so with physical séances.To allow any form of communication to be initiated between this world and the next within the séance room, there needs to be a great deal of harmonious vibration within the room, sometimes this is hard to create often due to the expectations of the participants in the séance, now imagine an individual’s loved one trying to communicate and the level of emotion involved on both sides of life and how easily the vibration can be destabilised by that emotion.

It’s unfair to expect a person not to show emotion when someone they know and love is communicating to them from beyond the veil of death, so here we have a catch 22 situation. How can this be overcome?

Prior to a séance taking place we always explain to people how even a subtle change in vibration in the séance room can affect the communication, in the hope that if a loved one communicates they can control any undue emotion so as not to affect their communication. Alas very few people are able to do this so the vibration changes and the communication becomes difficult and coupled with the loved one's perhaps first attempt of communication through a physical vibration, it makes what could be an easy attempt very difficult.

What one must understand is that the circle controls and people who communicate on a regular basis have learnt the constraints of vibrations and are also more adept at communication and also due to regular contact do not invoke the same level of emotion, which often occurs during loved ones communicating.

People often mention how communication in physical séances in the past was much easier and prolonged; well there is a simple answer, this happened before the advent of mobile phones, satellites, radio waves, which change the vibrations within our environment.

There are many variational anomalies to consider that affect communication in the séance room, listed below are just a few, but not all:

• Medium's emotional state of mind.
• Participants' emotional states of mind.
• Participants' mental expectation of events.
• Participants' emotional desire for personal communication.

As can be seen from the examples above, the management of all the above variables is almost impossible; so no outcome can be guaranteed and all séances must be approached by the enquirer from an experimental point of view.

David Thompson (May 2012)

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