A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife



A number of people make genuine enquiries about David Thompson’s physical and materialization mediumship. Many people know that David Thompson risks his life whenever he does materialization mediumship. This is because if sudden light were to come into the experimenting room, the extoplasm would be forcefully pulled back into David’s body – where it came from – and could kill him.

What follows are some of the questions sent over the last few years about David’s materialization mediumship answered with the help of William, the spirit in charge of protecting David and facilitating his mediumship. David with Victor clarify the more urgent issues:

1.“Why does the medium (David) have to be gagged and tied into his chair for a séance?”

First, it helps to eliminate the possibility in people's minds of fraud taking place. David is always gagged and clearly unable to speak so he could not be the source of the clear voices heard during the sittings.

David is tied with buckled straps on both hands and both legs which are secured shut with single use plastic cable ties that require removal with a set of cable cutters. The cutters are held by a guest during the séance. The independent checkers are given the opportunity to re-examine the binds, and to ascertain for themselves, that they are as they were during the initial examination. During the séance, spirit have called upon individuals to come forward and check the binds and gag are in place. Recently, when this was done, as soon as the check was completed spirit came through and spoke - despite the gag being in place.

Secondly, the ties prevent David from moving whilst in deep trance. This then encourages the communicator to utilize the ectoplasm, rather than to animate David’s body to move around the room.

Thirdly, the ties are for David's own safety because during the session David, strapped into the chair, can be levitated around the room. Binding him securely to the chair reduces the chance that he will be injured when the chair is dropped when the levitation has finished.

2 . “Why aren’t these séances held in light?”

This is because David is gifted with producing ectoplasm for physical materializations to be successful. Ectoplasm is highly sensitive to light- just as the images on a film being developed can be destroyed by light. When special preparations by spirit have been made, William will allow some activity to be conducted in red light but only for a limited time. It is not something that can just be requested and done straight away.

3. "Someone said that ectoplasm is cheesecloth".

There is abundant evidence from top scientists that ectoplasm is real and that materialization is real. Most of the top scientists who became convinced of the existence of the afterlife at the end of last century did so because they had the opportunity to witness materialization mediumship at first hand.
Professor Richet, winner of the Noble Prize for Physiology studied ectoplasm closely and writes about it in his book Thirty Years of Psychical Research. Professor Albert Baron Von Schrenck-Notzing, a Munich physician, showed that ectoplasm is composed of leucocytes—white or colorless blood cells—and epithelial cells—those from the various protective tissues of the body. (See photo 1 and photo 2). The archives of the (British) Society for Psychical Research and the American Society for Psychical research contain numerous accounts of materialization mediums who used ectoplasm and were investigated for years by some of the top scientists and professors of the day—people like Sir William Crookes, the greatest chemist of the nineteenth century, Professor W.J. Crawford and Dr Gustave Geley as well as Dr T. Glen Hamilton.

4. "Has anyone ever seen the ectoplasm David uses?"

On some occasions when the conditions are conducive William will allow the red light to be put on for a short time so that sitters can see the ectoplasm in its early stages. Many sitters have witnessed the whitish, luminescent ectoplasm being exuded from David’s mouth, under his gag. It forms in an undulating fashion onto his stomach and then spills like a living sparkling curtain down to his knees. It is this ectoplasm the spirits use to materialize and to do other physical activities.

5. "Why doesn’t David video his séances or at least allow sitters to wear night vision goggles."

David is told by William that night vision cameras and goggles emit radiation which has the potential to unsettle and destroy the balanced fabric of the vibration in the séance room - even a passive infrared camera has radioactive particles to generate an image.

There has been one video taken under special conditions by someone whose camera recording unit was located outside the séance room. But the end result was minimally acceptable – you can see William from the shoulders up with the top part of his head only partially materialized. In the future when the electromagnetic radiation of hi-tech cameras is lessened so that they do not emit enough energy to injure the medium more videos may be taken. The matter is left open for further investigation.

6. "If you can't see what is happening how do you know that materializations are really taking place?"

David is bound to the chair and gagged. The sitters are all holding hands with each other while materializations are taking place. The room has been thoroughly searched for trapdoors or concealed entrances. The medium (David Thompson) and circle members have been thoroughly searched by two independent witnesses to their satisfaction. Suddenly there is a characteristic whoosh sound as the ectoplasm is extracted from David's body and William is walking around the room stamping on the floor and clapping his hands. William approaches you and touches you and shakes hands with a hand that is much bigger than the hands of any one of the sitters. On occasions, spirit beings begin to move objects around the room- you can see their progress in the light of small amounts of luminous tape. Tim, a younger person, on many occasions shows his tiny fingers in the light of the tape. Then other materialized beings are heard moving around the room talking in their own voices. They approach sitters and share intimate details of their lives on earth- things unknown to anyone else in the room. Occasionally, materialized entities sign their names on paper left in the room. At other times the ectoplasm is sufficiently stable for materialized spirits to sit on the laps of sitters.

“David cannot be a materialization medium because his séances are not done in the light.”

Whilst the ‘ideal’ materialization would be one where the materialized spirit materializes in red light, as happened in some of the great materialization mediums in the past, that is extremely rare these days.

Conditions in the world have changed and in fact we do not know of one medium publicly demonstrating anywhere in the world today who is able to produce full materialization even in dim red light.

Light is the enemy of ectoplasm, and unless special preparations are made by spirit it will destroy the ectoplasm. But that does not mean that materialization is not happening. To materialize is to make into flesh. If a spirit is in the flesh in the dark, and you can hear him walk immediately next to you, shake hands with you, put his hand on your shoulder, even embrace you, would you not say that spirit has materialized? Of course you would!

A couple of critics stated that unless they can see the materializations in the light they won't accept it. But this objection is immediately overruled because there is a great deal of evidence of activity by materialized entities. Just because the proven activity takes place in the dark it does not mean it is not happening.

8. “The voices don’t sound the same as when those spirits were on earth.”

It is true that not all voices coming through David sound the same as when on earth. You have to remember that the spirit no longer has a voice box. The spirit individual has to adjust to a dramatic change in vibration and energy, and adjust to suddenly being enveloped in the medium’s ectoplasm which contains the medium's consciousness, his spirituality, his emotions- so it is natural that there may be aspects of the medium’s diction and voice characteristics in those communicating who are not well versed in this unique practice. Many of the communicators find it difficult to speak at all when they first come through- an entity claiming to be Sir Arthur Conan Doyle claimed that it is like trying to speak with your head under water. The spirit also has to remember what his/her voice sounded like while alive- not an easy thing to do (try remembering how you sounded when you were five). Some spirits are never able to master speaking through ectoplasm at all, sometimes because they get overwhelmed with emotion. Sometimes one spirit will add their energy to help and the voice at first comes through sounding a bit like one of the other communicators. However that said, many voices, like that of Gordon Higginson who was himself a materialization medium and Montague Keen are unmistakable.


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