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David Thompson, Materialization meetings in Melbourne (Australia) 25th and 26th August 2006

Brief summary report from Violet Eccles, organiser and eyewitness.

Séance Friday 25th August 2006.
In attendance 18 people plus Ray, myself and Mitch making a total of 21 in the lodge. The séance began in the usual way, first David being tied in to the chair and the lights turned off. I was seated next to the cabinet Mitch facing and Ray next to him. The music played for around 6 minutes when there was a gust of wind from the cabinet and the curtain blew up across my face.

William was first to materialize and spoke of his pleasure at being back in the lodge and moved around the room touching everyone of the sitters, and spoke at length. What amazed me was the way he spoke to individuals calling them by their name, most of them sitting for the first time and completely unknown to David. We were thrilled once again with Timothy who was his usual jovial self. He played the drum and the harmonica. Next Timothy picked up the trumpet and started his usual banging on our heads and swirling it around, it was at this point Mitch asked him if he could go around all the sitters and without any effort he went straight to the back of the room touching and banging on every sitters head.

Maurice Barbanell came through and informed us he had Silver Birch with him; you can imagine how thrilled all the sitters were to hear his voice and the beautiful words he spoke. It is the second time Maurice Barbanell has been through, the first time being on the first séance with David and the first in the lodge, he brought through an Indian who blessed the lodge which I have on tape. One lady's father came through and greeted her in German. Another lady's father came she communicated better with him and kept asking him to come closer, you could hear him shuffling across the room, although she was very emotional she managed to keep talking to him which helps the communication to be much stronger, he cupped her face in his hands, very good communication. Jack came through and once again touched all the sitters and answered questions.

I found it very interesting this time, some questions he didn’t have the answers to so he went back to the cabinet to find out and you could hear other different spirit voices giving him the answers- absolutely fabulous. Jack spoke to me before he left and said he believed there would be a young man attending the next evening and not to say anything as they could not promise but if possible they would bring his mother. When the séance ended David was once again levitated out of the cabinet still tied to the chair and gagged and his cardigan back to front with the ties holding it together still in place.

Séance Saturday 26th August 2006.

Same amount of sitters again David put aside all the bits and pieces such as the drum, harmonica, pencil and paper only the trumpet was left on the board in front of the cabinet. The séance preceded the same with William then Timothy who did not go around the sitters this time seemed a little more subdued, but he picked up the trumpet and in all of the 8 seances I have held with David in the lodge I have never seen such a beautiful display with the trumpet. It seemed to dance in unison with the music in a way I have not seen before it played on the ceiling with such force we all thought the trumpet would be broken at the very least cracked or chipped ( it is thin wood the same as David’s) but not one mark on it. It caressed people, gently went up and down their face, moved gracefully then speeded up at such a great speed and then gentle as anything, amazing. Timothy seemed to stay then close to the cabinet.

Louis Armstrong then came and played the harmonica and sang “ When the Saint Go Marching In” with the sitters. Then Timothy said people always ask why men come through so they were bringing a lady through. May, the southern American lady, came to visit and thrilled everyone; she seemed to take a shine to Ray which created lots of laughter. What I found most remarkable was while she was talking to the sitters at the back of the room and touching them and clapping she was stamping her feet on the board which was at the top end by the cabinet and in front of me.

Next we heard a gentle voice calling the young boy sitting next to me; it was his mother who had passed into spirit just over 2 years previous it was very emotional. The voice was definitely that of his mother (she was my daughter-in-law) she then spoke to me, what a wonderful reunion. Mitch’s father then came through and spoke to him, he was also very emotional.

Then unfortunately Peter Cook came through in his usual nasty self; he was quite vulgar and contemptible you could feel the energy going down. Jack came through and then ended the séance.

I did feel in this séance a strange pull from the solar plexus area which I have only felt once before. The next morning I thought I would check my dress ( it is a long black very fine wool) anyway there were several holes back and front down the left side, that was the side next to the cabinet. In all putting aside Peter Cook, it was a great weekend with 2 brilliant séances.

Violet May Eccles
September 06

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