A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife
Report by Karen Ellis on a materialization mediumship session with David Thompson 6/10/07

I wanted to say firstly a huge thankyou to all members of the COSC for their continuous dedication to promoting this incredible truth! You are all doing such a great job and long may it continue.

I was at the 6th October seance in the UK which my Dad was able to communicate with me and my Mum (who has already been in touch).

His voice was a bit weak to start with and he asked to speak to his daughter Karen. Another sitter with the same name spoke up but my Dad said "I am sorry but that is not my daughter". By this time after some encouragement his voice had become stronger and was recognisably that of my Dad. I called him and he came over to me saying how difficult he was finding it to speak. As desperate as I was to speak to him, I was even more keen for my mum to be able to speak to him so I told him she was there. He asked where so I told my mum to call him so he could make his way over to her which he did. He held her face in both his hands and kissed her forehead whilst telling her he loved her and then made his way back over to me. He asked me about my daughter Holly who he was extremely close to and told me that he sits on her bed. The words he used were exactly the words he always used when talking of Holly. He then asked me to look after my mum - again something that he said to me constantly in the last year before he passed.

I can truthfully say that the voice was most definately his. It carried the same emotion, tone and characteristic and the words he spoke proved to me without doubt that it was indeed my Dad. If that wasnt evidence enough, he then touched my face with his right hand - the very hand I had been holding at the moment he passed into spirit. In that split second that I felt him touch me, I was overwhelmed with the unmistakable 'feel' of my Dad. His hand was the same - very distinctive and definitely his - something that no one would ever be able to reproduce.

In that single moment, I felt his love and know without doubt that for those few moments I and my mum had been reunited with my Dad for the first time in nearly three years.

The experience is one that will last my lifetime. It will never be forgotten, can never be taken from me, will never be doubted by me and will be treasured always.

I cannot even begin to tell you how grateful I am to all who made it possible for me to share those moments with my Dad. To David and the rest of the circle on both sides of life, I will always be grateful and hope that you all continue this wonderful work for a long time to come.

Much love and deep appreciation,

Karen Ellis