My name is White Eagle.

Many blessings to friends gathered here.

Let the light of the eternal spirit shine amongst you ,
shine around you,
and permeate your souls in the vibration of love
and in the vibration of the eternal one spirit of God.

My friends, there is no death;
It is only a change in awareness and consciousness
to leave the vibration and the mortal coil
transcend to the world of light
to behold the beauty that is ever present
within the light of the soul and the spirit within the physical body.

Let not your heart by troubled
by the eternal vibration of energy upon your physical plane.
Hold up your spirit to the light of the eternal spiritual vibration.

Be as one in your light;
Be united in what you know as this love of
of your fellow man and beast.

There is no separation, there is only transition.
There is no uncertainty, there in only knowing.
Knowing that all is one divine being
one soul that vibrates as one in perfect unity and love

My friends;
May the light of the eternal spirit shine amongst you and around you
in the true purpose of being as one in love and harmony
of the great spirit.

(Sound of de-materialization)

William: We have come to an end of our evening together.

The vibration of love has been created.
And we are fortunate in your world and in our world to have such a highly evolved being of light to be able to communicate here within.

That my friends must show you the conducive vibration that you have created here this evening.

But alas with such a great spiritual being comes the depletion of energy that is created here within the séance room.

After much contemplation within our world
we decided that this evening would be the evening that the great spirit White Eagle was able to commune for the first time within the Circle of the Silver Cord.

I thank you earnestly for allowing yourselves to be the givers of the vibration enough to allow that to take place.

We hope that in the future White Eagle is able also to commune once again.

And I can tell you this my friends,
I know that I speak truthfully when I say that White Eagle’s spirit has been elevated by the mere opportunity to commune here once more amongst you.

All: Wonderful….We are very blessed:

William: That we are my friends also. Also my friends.

Alas we will not be able to levitate the chair this evening- there is not enough vibration unfortunately.

Chris: I’d rather have White Eagle. Thank you ever so much William.

William: Good evening my friends…God bless you all- whatever your God may be.

Note: [normally at the end of a séance the medium’s chair is levitated to use up any surplus energy]

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