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Induced After Death Communication

Psychologist Allan Botkin has created a new kind of therapy for grief. He uses "eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR)." He discovered this while working with United States soldiers who had fought in Vietnam. In 98% of cases he found that by moving their eyes left to right in a rhythic way the clients could experience having a vivid meeting with someone who had died.

Most people felt they were in the presence of the person who had died and could talk directly to them. Some people saw they person, head their voice, felt their touch and or could smell them.

At first Allan Botkin thought that these experiences were all in the mind, but then he discovered that the psychologist who was watching could also see the meeting (Botkin 2005, pp.91-99).

The process is repeatable, teachable and promises to be an interesting new method of research. It also gives immediate help to people who feel a lot of grief or guilt about someone who has died.

It doed not seem to matter who long ago the death happened. The experience of reconnection usually occurs easily and quickly for most people, and the resulting healing seems to hold completely over time.

In the video below :

* 1) an American soldier says that he could see the grass, smell the earth feel the sunlight on his face- it was so real that he felt he was really back in Vietnam. He could see a child that he had killed and asked the boy to forgive him. He cried uncontrollably and then he heard the boy forgive him.
* 2) a woman feels that she is back on the family farm. She sees her dead husband and his sister who died as a baby. Her husband tells her "she can ride ponies here."
* 3) Dr Botkin says that when he was treating patients for post-traumatic stress 15% said that they had real contacts with people who had died.
* 4) the soliders say that they hated themselves becuase they had killed people
* 5) A soldier says he spoke with his mother who tells him that she had forgiven him.
* 6) They all say that they feel the experiences are real and that they are healed in a way that has not been possible in any other therapy.

Afterlife tv with Dr. Botkin



Alan Botkin's site http://induced-adc.com/
Interview with Alan Botkin Paranormal Podcast

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