A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife


Afterlife Hall of Fame

Dedicated to those most brilliant scientists and dedicated mediums, psychics and researchers who made a most significant contribution towards promoting the pranormal and proving the existence of the afterlife.


Surveys continue to show that some 97% of the people in the United States, Southern Americas and it is estimated that in the United Kingdom, Australia and in most countries accept the possibility that life continues after physical death. But for many, the acceptance for the hereafter is based on beliefs, intuition and tradition.

Over the last century some of the most intelligent and brilliant scientists - men and women who ever walked on this planet earth have made significant contribution by using science and other evidence to provide for the absolute proof of the existence of the afterlife. No doubt, communication with those who crossed over is the most important discovery in the history of mankind. There is nothing more important, nothing as vital or significant as knowing that we survive physical death.

Information transmitted from the other side tells us that the consequences of the afterlife are enormous. Those who staked their reputation for the truth to be known and other psychic researchers deserve a place in history so that what they discovered can be related to the millions around the world. Their contribution will never be forgotten and is cherished with much love and affection by us who have come to know the afterlife truth.

DAVID EDWARD THOMPSON, PHYSICAL-MATERIALIZATION MEDIUM. I regard David Thompson - from my investigations of his mediumship skills, to be the greatest physical -materlization medium in the world to-day. David has been tested by a professionally, by a lawyer and by a psychologist,l empiricists and others (all who have the capacity and the competence to perceive the paranormal with true empirical equanimity) - every week for fifteen months. He passed all the stringest tests applied in every experiment. I have witnessed over forty loved ones making contact with those who attended the seance. Members of the Circle of the Silver Cord were contacted by their crossed over loved ones. Wendy, my partner was reunited with her father from the spirit world and I was there to witness the most spectacular reunion. No expert scientist, no expert empiricist ever criticised our Scientific Methodology when testing David over the fifteen months.

WILLIAM CHARLES CADWELL: he is actually an 'intelligence' an 'energy', a spirit from the afterlife - one of David Thompson's main guides. 'William' has been - and is instrumental in organizing which afterlife entities and loved ones are to make contact with those those sitting in the seance room. William has been critical in making a huge contribution showing untold number of people, probably reaching a huge number of people around the world that there is an afterlife - and that he speaks directly from the afterlife dimension. This is extremely important for the world to take notice of what is happening in the Circle of the Silver Cord. William is the key to the afterlife revolution which at the moment reductionist-scientists are too scared to investigate - because if they do, the results will make orthodox reductionist-science redundant. I guarantee that if the top scientists who can perceive the paranormal with scientific equanimity, without prejudice, without bias, investigate William, they will find what we found: that William is a genuine afterife entity who is able to converse vocally to discuss from the afterlife dimension many subject about the important issues of the day. But he is 'human' and just because he is in the afterlife it does not mean he is omniscient, infallibe or omnipotent. William stated directly or by imputation that whatever an afterlife intelligence says, the spirit is expressing a view from his particular level he is in. The higher the realm the more accurate the information will be.

LISA WILLIAMS, a world famout mental medium with her own television show LIFE AMONG THE DEAD. Every week we watched her on television giving readings to so many people. We saw her give sharp short readings to people stopped in the street at Santa Monica where she gave stunningly accurate information to those people she topped to talk to. We also watched her carefully giving stage public demonstrations where she gave brilliant readings to people she could not have met before the public demonstrations.

A cardiologist whose first book, Recollections of Death, is considered to be a landmark in the field of near-death research. He is a leading authority with over twenty years in the field. In 1994, he founded the Atlanta Study which is the first comprehensive investigation of its kind into NDEs. Its purpose was to document the life-and-death dramas played out in operating rooms and hospital beds - and the simultaneous events unseen by medical personnel but reported with astonishing clarity and conviction by nearly 50 individuals who returned from death's door. Dr. Sabom's latest book, Light and Death, shares with the world his findings from the Atlanta Study. Sabom, also a born-again Christian, scrutinizes NDEs in light of what the Bible has to say about death and dying, the realities of light and darkness, and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

SARAH ESTEP a highly dedicated pioneer in Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) in the United States. She founded the American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena and was its director for eighteen years until her retirement, when she handed it over to Tom and Lisa Butler. Her ability to obtain spirit voices on tape provided extremely important objective evidence for the existence of the afterlife. Sarah has traveled to Egypt to continue her refinement in EVP and has traveled and given talks through many parts of the United States so that she could help people understand that life goes on when we cross over - the most important information one can ever have on this planet earth. Her tremendous contribution is greatly appreciated by many EVP researchers and by countless others around the world who benefited from her leadership in researching this most important paranormal phenomenon. Sarah Estep wrote Voices of Eternity, which is still available as a free download from http://aaevp.com/resources.html

Dr Elizabeth Kubler-RossA medical doctor and psychic researcher. She has had global impact on the way dying people are treated and became convinced about the existence of the afterlife. She wrote five books about the afterlife and was particularly brave disseminating the afterlife information against other materialist doctors. Her work includes: On Life After Death, The Facts of Life After Death, The Wheel of Life, Death is of Vital Importance.

Emmanuel SwedenborgOne of the leading scientists of his day, 1688, he wrote 150 works in seventeen sciences. At the University of Uppsala he studied Greek, Latin and several other European languages. Swedenborg was a very highly gifted clairvoyant who spent more than twenty years investigating the afterlife. He recorded that he was able to make contact with intelligences from the afterlife, writing several books about the afterlife.

THE FABULOUS SUZIE SMITH: the AFTERLIFE CODES, 'Searching forEvidence of the Survival of the Soul.' The author of 30 books, Suzy Smith has been vitally interested in ESP, parapsychology and psychic research since the 1950's. In her many popular books she as shared her enthusiasm with investigating and communicating with the spiritual worlds BOTH AS A MEDIUM AND A RESEARCHER. A former resident of Tucson, Arizona, Smith used to oversee theSurvival Research Foundation which she established in 1971 to procure scientific evidence for the survival of consciousness beyond physical death.

ALLISON DUBOIS: medium extraordinaire: there is something really beautiful about this medium. She was successfully investigated by scientists. She was studied by producers and directors. She is in big demand by the public everywhere. A television series was based on her mediumship skills. This magnificent mum influenced millions of people around the world - a most magnificent spokesperson for the existence of the afterlife we have on this planet earth. .http://snipurl.com/1ppod

Highly gifted medium AND WRITER, MAURICE BARBANELL was the medium used by SILVER BIRCH, a highly credible spiritual teacher from the other side to relate some most important and significant books on the afterlife which passed the test of time and which have proved to be life-changing. He was also the founder ot the English newpaper Psychic World.

Leonore PiperPerhaps the greatest American medium ever. One of the most spectacular and outstanding mental mediums who ever lived. No one, not even the most hardened closed minded skeptic after investigating her mediumship ever suggested fraud. She was able to convert the greatest materialist, closed minded skeptic this world has ever seen - Richard Hodgson. Because of her brilliant accurate information, Hodgson, who was contracted to by the British Society for Psychical Research engaged private detectives to follow her, to report on whom she met outside her home, to intercept her mail, to invite negative 'dummy' sitters unknown to anyone to her sittings - and to do everything possible to prove that this highly gifted brilliant American was not genuine. All failed and she remains today the greatest American mental medium who triumphed over great challenges.

one of Britain's most gifted mediums. Doris Stokes passed into her beloved spirit world in London on 8th May 1987. She is sadly missed by her countless fans across the globe. Doris was a phenomenon. She toured several parts of the world and filled theatres throughout the United Kingdom; and she packed out many other venues across the globe: she 'sold-out' the Sydney Opera House in Australia! When tickets for her 'Sunday Night at the London Palladium' meeting went on sale, every seat was snapped up within hours!Doris was a clairaudient (someone who can hear supernormal voices) and her six books reflect this paranormal ability in their titles.Books by Doris Stokes(Published by Futura Books)Voices in my Ear, More Voices in my Ear, Innocent Voices in my Ear, Whispering Voices,Voices of Love, Joyful Voices and there is also a tribute book written by her co-writer, Linda Dearsley, called: A Tribute to Doris Stokes Doris was unquestionably much-loved. She was a down-to-earth grandmotherly person, whose television and media appearances across the world - along with her successful bestsellers - have made her probably one of the 20th-Century's most celebrated clairaudients.

John EdwardA highly gifted American medium whose show CROSSING OVER is shown around the world through FOXTEL three times a day in some countries. For the first time ever in television history, John Edward is reaching millions of people and is helping thousands of people by relating to them messages from their loved ones who had crossed over. It is conceded by everyone that his influence on a global level regarding the existence of the afterlife has been and is powerfully significant. Everyday people from around the world witness John Edward as a mental medium discussing with those in his audience the messages which come through - and most times the information is so accurate, it takes those participating time to think about the information related to them which they subsequently confirm is highly accurate.

An American inventor, designer and manufacturer of devices for air conditioning. Meek undertook an extensive library and literature research program and travelled the world to locate and establish research projects with top medical doctors, psychiatrists, physicists and others. He established the Metascience Foundation in Franklin, North Carolina, which sponsored the famous Spiricom research. This demonstrated extended two-way instrumental communication between people alive here on earth and people living in the afterlife dimension. He authored a number of books including his famous After We Die What Then. Picture also shows George Meek's wife Jeanette who transmitted accurate information from the aftrerlife when she passed on and George was still on the earthplane.

Gary Schwartz, Ph.D. (1944 - ) After receiving his doctorate from Harvard University, Dr. Schwartz served as a professor of psychology and psychiatry at Yale University. " I can no longer ignore the data [on research into the survival of consciousness] and dismiss the words [coming through mediums]. They are as real as the sun, the trees, and our television sets, which seem to pull pictures out of the air. "

Dr Harold Puthoff (1936- ) physicist and current Director of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Austin, Texas. He has made significant contribution towards empirically establishing the validity of psi particularly in the field of “remote viewing”. This was a term he jointly coined to describe a form of psychic functioning historically known as clairvoyance.

PROF. Erlendur Haraldsson Professor of Psychology at the University of Iceland. Has done psychic research into life after death - apparitions, children who speak of a previous life, Icelandic mediums, deathbed visions and communicating with intelligences from the afterlife.


Dr Claude Swanson has collated the "best evidence" illustrating the inadequacy of our present scientific paradigm. In his book, The Synchronized Universe, he describes scientifically controlled remote viewing and ESP experiments, demonstrations of long-range healing, psychokinesis (mind over matter), scientifically controlled experiments in levitation, teleportation and out of body phenomena (OBE). He outlines numerous examples of these strange forces being demonstrated under rigorous scientific conditions, with odds of millions or even billions to one against chance. Dr Swanson argues that there is a need for a new, truly "unified field theory" which can explain and understand both science and consciousness.

Professor Ernsk Senkowski after doing intensive paranormal and afterlife research for over twenty years repeatedly obtained positive paranormal and 'afterlife' results. His book INSTRUMENTAL TRANSCOMUNICATION: the full German version.

Professor Russell Targ is a physicist and author who pioneered the development of the laser. He was also co-founded the Stanford Research Institute's investigation into psychic abilities in the 1970s and 1980s. He authored numerous books suggesting that the mind itself reaches to the far ends of the universe and that it is this "non-local" quality, rather than any particular mechanism, that accounts for the remarkable data of parapsychology.

Professor Amit Goswami former Professor of Physics at the Institute of Theoretical Sciences at the University of Oregon. He is currently a senior resident researcher at the Institute of Noetic Sciences. His book Physics of the Soul--The Quantum Book Of Living, Dying, Reincarnation And Immortality defines consciousness, not materiality, as the primary reality.

Mark MacyMark Macy from Boulder, Colorado USA, is an independent researcher who has been investigating the afterlife for many years and was able to communicate for thirteen minutes with the deceased scientist Dr Konstantine Raudive through Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) - (for full explanation of ITC go to any major search engine and type ITC or Mark Macy). Mark Macy is the founder of the Continuing Life Research to encourage empirical investigations. He has been influencing people about the afterlife from around the world with his stunning ITC evidence meticulously presented. Contact him for a list of ITC receiving stations and organizations around the world and for information about an English translation of Cercle d'Etudes sur la Transcommunication - Luxembourg's Infonews.

Dr Konstantine RaudiveHis classic Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) research under the English title 'Breakthrough' was based on 72,000 'spirit voices' he tape recorded. He has been highly influential on a global level lecturing about EVP. He has been active communicating from the spirit world to researchers here on earth. There is a classic two-way 13 minute tape recorded conversation between Mark Macy who took over from George Meek (see above) and Dr Konstantine Raudive.

Sonia RinaldiOne of the leading psychic researchers today is Sonia Rinaldi who leads the biggest *Instrumental Transcommunication (see Chapter 4 of 'A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife'). Her work is based on scientific control and her site contains scientific declarations issued by the most respected University in Brazil - USP. Recently the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) - an organisation founded by the former lunar astronaut Dr Ed Mitchell to bridge the gap between science and religion - announced that it will be working with Sonia in a project to examine claims of Instrumental Transcommunication.

Professsor Archie E Roy(BS.c., Ph.D., F.R.A.S., F.R.S.E., F.B.I.S.) Professor Emeritus of Astronomy in the University of Glasgow. Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, The Royal Astronomical Society and the British Interplanetary Society. Member and former President of the Society for Psychical Research and the Scottish Society for Psychical Research, Founding-President of the latter. Member of the International Astronomical Union, honouring him by naming an asteroid after him. Elected a member of the European Academy of Arts, Sciences and the Humanities. He is a Patron of the Churches Fellowship (Scotland) for Psychical and Spiritual Studies and a member of the Scientific and Medical Network. He has published 20 books, six of them novels, some 70 scientific papers and scores of articles. Directed Advanced Scientific Institutes for NATO.

GORDON HIGGINSON: Gordon's birth was pre-ordained by Spirit and he began developing his spiritual gifts at a very early age under the careful supervision of his mother, Fanny Higginson, who was also an excellent medium. He first publicly demonstrated his mediumship on his twelfth birthday and he continued to work the platform for another 63 years until the day before he passed to spirit. He was renowned for the accuracy of his platform mediumship and his evidence often included full names, addresses and telephone numbers. Gordon was also an excellent physical medium and produced the rare phenomena of materialisation and independent voice. Gordon was a dedicated Spiritualist and is the longest serving President of the Spiritualists National Union (SNU), serving for an exceptional 23 years from 1970 until his passing in 1993. He was also the Principal of the Arthur Findlay College at Stansted Hall from 1979 to 1993, as well as being a Minister of the SNU . Stansted Hall was very dear to his heart and a place where many came from far and wide to hear his lectures and see his demonstrations.

Helen DuncanWas a most magnificent materialization medium from Scotland and one of the most important women in psychic history. The British Government indirectly acknowledged she was a genuine materialization medium and was the first psychic to become a national security risk in wartime Britain. She was murdered when arrogant police leadership blasted their way while she was in a séance and putting the electricity on inevitably made the medium's ectoplasm (the whitish vapour which is emitted from materialization mediums) to be pulled back in the body at fantastic speed which caused her unfortunate death. Churchill is reported to have been one of her sitters.

Leslie FlintIn his autobiography Voices in the Dark Flint describes how he was 'boxed up, tied up, sealed up, gagged, bound and held, and still the voices have come to speak of life eternal.' Because of his accuracy of information from the other side celebrities wanted his spiritual service. In his book, Flint describes how he gave successful sittings extempore in hotel rooms, in houses of strangers, in foreign countries, in halls, theatres and churches.

SIR WILLIAM BARRETT, (1844-1925) – Professor of physics at the Royal College of Science in Dublin for 37 years, “I’m absolutely convinced of the fact that those who once lived on earth can and do communicate with us. It is hardly possible to convey to the inexperienced an adequate idea of the strength and cumulative force of the evidence (for the afterlife).”

Dr. Alfred Russel Wallace (1823-1913) – Co-originator with Charles Darwin of the natural selection theory of evolution: " My position is that the phenomena of communicating with those who crossed over - in their entirety do not require further confirmation. They are proved quite as well as facts are proved in other sciences."

Sir William Crookes (1832-1919) – A physicist and chemist, the most decorated scientist in his time. He discovered the element thallium and was a pioneer in radioactivity. " “It is quite true that a connection has been set up between this world and the next.”

Dr. James Hyslop (1854 -1920) was a professor of logic and ethics at Columbia University before becoming a full-time psychical researcher in 1902. In 1904, he organized the American Institute for Scientific Research, which was to be devoted to the study of abnormal psychology and psychical research. Although initially skeptical, Hyslop came to believe in spirit communication and the survival of consciousness at death.
“I have been talking with my (dead) father, my brother, my uncles... Whatever supernormal powers we may be pleased to attribute to (the medium) Mrs. Piper's secondary personalities, it would be difficult to make me believe that these secondary personalities could have thus completely reconstituted the mental personality of my dead relatives...”

Sir Oliver Lodge (1851-1940) – Professor of physics at University College in Liverpool, England and later principal at the University of Birmingham, Lodge achieved world fame for his pioneering work in electricity, including the radio and spark plug. " I tell you with all my strength of the conviction which I can muster that we do persist, that people still continue to take an interest in what is going on, that they know far more about things on this earth than we do, and are able from time to time to communicate with us…I do not say it is easy, but it is possible, and I have conversed with my friends just as I can converse with anyone in this audience now."

Professor Camille Flammarion (1842-1925) – A world renowned astronomer, Flammarion founded the French Astronomical Society and was known for his study of Mars. He was a pioneer in the use of balloon to study the stars. He investigated psychic phenomena, including mediumship, for more than 50 years. " I do not hesitate to affirm my conviction, based on personal examination of the subject, that any man who declares the phenomena to be impossible is one who speaks without knowing what he is talking about."

Dr. Charles Richet (1850-1909) – Professor of physiology at the University of Paris Medical School, Richet was considered a world authority on nutrition in health and in disease. He won the Nobel Prize in 1913 for his work on allergic reactions. While convinced of the reality of mediumship, he remained publicly agnostic toward survival. According to Sir Oliver Lodge, his good friend, Richet privately accepted survival before his death. " It seems to me the facts are undeniable. I am convinced that I have been present at realities."

Dr. Cesare Lombroso (1835-1909) – Professor of psychology at the University of Turin and Inspector of Asylums for the Insane in Italy, Lombroso was a pioneering criminologist. " I am ashamed and grieved at having opposed with so much tenacity the possibility of psychic facts – the facts exist and I boast of being a slave to facts. There can be no doubt that genuine psychical phenomena are produced by intelligences totally independent of the psychic and the parties present at the sittings."

Dr. Gustave Geley (1868-1924) – Professor of medicine at the University of Lyons, he gave up his practice as a teacher and physician in 1919 to become director of the Institute Metaphysique International in Paris to investigate mediumship." [The facts revealed necessitate] the complete overthrow of materialistic physiology, [and that] the materialistic conception of the universe is false and cannot be reconciled with our present biological knowledge.”

Dr. Carl A. Wickland (1861-1945) -- A member of the Chicago Medical Society, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and director of the National Psychological Institute of Los Angeles:" Spirit obsession is a fact – a perversion of a natural law – and is amply demonstrable. This has been proven hundreds of times by causing the supposed insanity or aberration to be temporarily transferred from the victim to a psychic sensitive who is trained for the purpose, and by this method ascertain the cause of the psychosis to be an ignorant or mischievous spirit, whose identity may frequently be verified."

Dr. T. Glen Hamilton (1877-1935) – A graduate of Manitoba Medical College, Hamilton had a private medical practice while also teaching clinical surgery at Winnipeg General Hospital. He became interested in psychic phenomena in 1918 and conducted extensive studies on Canadian mediums. " …we hold the survival theory to be valid in accounting for every fact known in regard to the trance personalities. It accounts for their stated opinions that they were indeed deceased (discarnate) individuals. It admits of the possibility that they, as discarnate persons, shared some manner of inter-communication, which enabled them to plan, to co-operate, and to commit themselves to organized activities in the séance room, activities which extended over a period of many years."

Dr. Robert Crookall (1890-1969) – After taking his Ph.D., Crookall lectured at Aberdeen University before joining the staff of the Geological Survey of Great Britain, specializing in coal-forming plants. He resigned from his geological work in 1952 to devote the rest of his life to psychical research. "The whole of the available evidence is explicable on the hypothesis of the survival of the human soul in a Soul Body. There is no longer a ‘deadlock’ or ‘stalemate’ on the question of survival. On the contrary, survival is as well established as the theory of evolution."

Frederick W.H. Myers The originator of the 'cross-correspondences' (a series of messages from the other side to different mediums in different parts of the world that on their own would mean nothing but which when put together would make sense) - 'the most persuasive evidence for the existence for the afterlife' according to Colin Wilson, psychic writer. He was a Cambridge Classic scholar and writer at the turn of the Twentieth Century. He was also one of the pioneers who founded the British Society for Psychical Research and was heavily involved in investigation of the afterlife.

Arthur FindlayPerhaps the greatest psychic historian ever and the committee's selection as the 'psychic personality of the twentieth century'. See his especially most insightful and greatest research THE CURSE OF IGNORANCE Vol. 1 and Vol. 2. Other vital contributions: On The Edge of the Etheric; The Psychic Steam. In his time, some closed minded conservatives tried to attack him stating that they will be rebutting everything he stated about the afterlife. As Arthur Findlay stated in one of his books - words to the effect, 'I've waited now sixteen long years, and so far no has been able to rebut the evidence I produced in my published research.' No one has ever rebutted Findlay's works - especially his classic work, ON THE EDGE OF THE ETHERIC. Well done Arthur! We will always remember you!

Sir Arthur Conan DoyleWriter, psychic researcher. He was able to make contact with entities from the afterlife. Many people know him for his great writing skills such as his creation of Sherlock Holmes - but Sir Arthur's greatest gift was when he conducted research into the afterlife. He wrote a magnificent History of Spiritualism book 1 and 2; also he wrote The Wandering of a Spiritualist - but his best books ever were dictated to medium Grace Cooke from the other side, The Book of the Beyond and The Return of Arthur Conan Doyle.
Highly gifted medium who was the medium used by SILVER BIRCH, a highly credible spiritual teacher from the other side to relate some most important and significant books on the afterlife which passed the test of time and which have proved to be life-changing.

AIR CHIEF MARSHAL LORD DOWDING - the most respected World War II hero who brilliantly masterminded the defeat of the German onslaught in the decisive Battle of Britain. Lord Dowding accepted the objective, empirical evidence for the afterlife (life after death) and himself was able to communicate with those who crossed over. His most informative book about the afterlife: MANY MANSIONS. He showed tremendous courage articulating the objective evidence for the afterlife in Britain in the forties and fifties. He was also was most inspirational to millions of Britons to continue to pursue their afterlife studies, research and reading. We will never forget you Lord Dowding!

DR R.D. PEARSON BSc., *C.Eng.M.I. Mech.E 5 March 2003 * -Prior to retirement and switch to physics
This theory has achieved publication in Russian conference proceedings (3 & 4) of 1991 and 1993, and in the peer-reviewed journal "Frontier Perspectives" (5) in 1997. Two books by Pearson (6 & 7) provide further detail. Furthermore the theory was supported by Dr Peter Wadhams, Professor of Ocean Physics at Cambridge University, onthe Jeff Rense Radio Show (8) in 2001.

BALFOUR, Lord Arthur (KG, OM) 1848-1930.Educated at Trinity College, Cambridge. Devoted himself to philosophical studies for many years. First went to Parliament in 1876. Published "A Defense of Philosophic Doubt" in 1879, pleading for individual freedom of thought as against the increasing dogmatism of science. Through his sister, the wife of Prof. Henry Sidgwick, the first president of the SPR, he became interested in psychic phenomena and the question of survival in 1882. In 1894 he occupied the presidential chair of the SPR. Especially interested in telepathy as it lent itself to experimental work. President of the SPR in 1893. President of the British Association in 1904. Served as the British Prime Minister from 1902 to 1905, also Secretary of State. His paper on the Ear of Dionysuis cross correspondence (attributed to the discarnate minds of Prof. Butcher and Prof. Verrall) which he read before the SPR in November, 1916, is a most constructive presentation of an excellent piece of evidence for survival.

JAMES, Professor William (MD) 1842-1910 Professor of psychology at Harvard University, achieved his MD in 1869 and later taught physiology and philosophy. One of the founders of the ASPR, president of the SPR in 1894-5, vice-president from 1890-1910. The discovery of Mrs Piper's mediumship for the SPR was due to Prof. James. "My impression", wrote James after his first visit to Piper with his wife, "was that Mrs P. was either possessed of super-normal powers or knew the members of my wife's family by sight and had by some lucky coincidence become acquainted with such a multitude of their domestic circumstances as to produce the startling impression which she did." James was very careful not reveal his and his wife's name. He went on to say, "My later knowledge of her sittings and personal acquaintance with her has led me to absolutely reject the latter explanation, and to believe that she has supernormal powers."
For 18 months after his first experiments Prof. James was virtually in charge of all arrangements for Mrs Piper's sittings. When, owing to other duties, he dropped his inquires for a period of two years, he wrote to the SPR and induced them to engage Mrs Piper for experiments. "The result (he wrote of his personal investigations) is to make me feel as absolutely certain as I am of any personal fact in the world that she knows things in her trances which she cannot possibly have heard in her waking state." He admitted that a strong presumption in favour of survival exists when the following message, obtained while Miss Robbins had a sitting with Mrs Piper, was submitted to him: "There is a person named Child, who has suddenly come and sends his love to William and to his own wife who is living. He says L..." Neither Miss Robbins nor Mrs Piper knew Child who was an intimate friend of William James and whose Christian name begins with L.
In the autumn of 1899 Mrs Piper paid Prof James a visit at his country house in New Hampshire. There he learned to know her personally better than ever before. "It was in great measure," writes Alta L. Piper in her biography of Mrs Piper, "due to his sympathetic encouragement and understanding of the many difficulties, with which she found herself confronted in the early days of her career, that my mother was able to adhere unfalteringly to the onerous course which she had set herself to follow."
In an oft-quoted lecture in 1890 Prof James declared: "To upset the conclusion that all crows are black, there is no need to seek demonstration that no crow is black; it is sufficient to produce one white crow; a single one is sufficient." He proclaimed Mrs Piper as his "one white crow".
At Oxford in 1909, in a lecture, he announced his firm conviction that "most of the phenomena of psychical research are rooted in reality."
His most famous works included "The Varieties of Religious Experience" and "The Will to Believe" which were both published in London in 1902.

One of the most controversial materialisation mediums in history. She worked with Sir William Crookes (see above) and was able to materialise number of times the very famous Katie King. Because of her extreme materialisation-mediumship success, an opposite highly extreme conservative skeptical group was inevitably created. Notwithstanding the attacks on her, she was able to repeat her very successful materialisation mediumship with psychic experimenter Gambier Bolton. Sir William Crookes, one of the world's greatest scientists did extensive testing on Florence Cook and he never found her to be in any way deceptive or that she ever cheated. When in April 24th 1904 she died, Sir William expressed his deepest sympathy and stated that Florence Cook was instrumental in his belief in the existence of the afterlife. Florence Cook will be remembered as one of the greatest materialization pioneer mediums in history.

Anthony BorgiaA brilliant medium who was able to relate from the spirit world from Mons. Benson six particularly important books about the conditions in the afterlife. What is of significant interest is that Mons. Benson was a Catholic priest, a 'Monsignor' - a relatively high position in the Catholic Church in England. He has transmitted information about the conditions of the afterlife as seen by an eyewitness. The information contained in his books gives very rich description as to what is going to happen to us when we die and what we expect to see in what we call 'heaven.' Mons. Benson, from the afterlife, through Borgia has some critical things to say about the Catholic Church.

Daniel Dunglass HomeWas a highly gifted physical medium who was born in Scotland and raised in the United States. He gave seances for friends and acquaintances in England and Europe for twenty years between 1854 and 1874, refusing to take payment for his services. In all the time he was never detected in cheating in spite of the fact that he was one of the best-known men in Europe. His seances were attended by members of the aristocracy, literary giants and eminent scientists like Alfred Russell, Sir William Crookes (whom he worked with in psychic experiments), Francis Galton and others.

Carmine MirabelliA medium from Brazil who undoubtedly produced fantastic physical phenomena (1889-1950). Through him scientists from many parts of the world gave expert testimony about psychic phenomena that up until today has not been rebutted, nor likely to be rebutted. Among those who gave their names as witnesses to this great psychic gifts were: the President of Brazil, the Secretary of State, two professors of medicine, seventy two doctors, twelve engineers, thirty six lawyers, and many others.

Edgar Cayced. 1945: often called the 'sleeping prophet' because he was able to diagnose illness and prescribed remedies while in tranced sleep. He was one of the greatest American psychics whose psychic works helped thousands of American and other people from around the world.

Dr. Robert Hare (1751-1858) – An emeritus professor of chemistry at the University of Pennsylvania and world-renowned inventor : " I sincerely believe that I have communicated with the spirits of my parents, sister, brother, and dearest friends, and likewise with the spirits of the illustrious Washington and other worthies of the spirit world; that I am by them commissioned, under their auspices, to teach truth and to expose error."

Professor James J. Mapes (1806-1866) – A professor of chemistry and natural philosophy at the National Academy of Design in New York and later at the American Institute, “spirits can and do communicate with mortals, and in all cases evince a desire to elevate and advance those they commune with."


Uri Geller The outstanding psychic who merits the title Psychic of the 20th Century. It has to be remembered that Uri Geller's psychic skills are skills that each one of us will ultimately experience in the afterlife. Uri Geller's exceptional power to access the power of the mind to demonstrate his psychic skills is quite unique. His psychic skills have been acknowledged by some of the most brilliant scientists from England, Russia, Germany, Israel and the United States. Because of lack of space the reader can access a full list of scientists who themselves witnessed and tested Uri Geller's brilliant psychic skills- see web address at end. For the record, there are other psychics on record who exhibited this skill - some high ranking members of the US military- but it was he who was tested by the most brilliant scientific minds we know. Some of these scientists include: Professor Victor Weisskopf, physicist, who studied under Niels Bohrr and worked on the A bomb and oversaw the development of European atom smashers; Dr. Peter Fenwick. MB, BChir, DPM, FIRCPsych; senior lecturer at the Institute of Psychiatry, London, Consultant Neuropsychiatrist at John Radcliffe infirmary in Oxford, and Honorary consultant in Neurophysiology to Broadmoor Special Hospital.; Dr Edgar D. Mitchell S.C.D. Apollo 14 Astronaut and 6th man to walk on the moon ; Col. John Alexander Former Staff Officer National Security Agency and Part of the Army's Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM); Dr. Wernher von Braun , NASA scientist father of the Rocket ; Professor Gerald Schroeder, who earned his doctorate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T) in two fields, the planetary sciences and nuclear physics and served as advisor to the Atomic Energy Commission and to countries such as the People's Republic of China; Prof. David Bohm and Prof. John Hasted , professors of Physics, Birkbeck College, University of London, England- David Bohm is the author of Wholeness and the Implicate Order and worked with Albert Einstein; Arthur C. Clarke; Dr Wilbur Franklin (Physics Department, Kent State University - U.S.A.); Dr Harold Puthoff and Dr Russell Targ (Stanford Research Institute - California, U.S.A who did psychic research for the CIA).; Prof. Dr. Hans Bender (Freiburg University - Germany).; Professor V. G. Lukes (Director of the Ministry of Health Protection of the Russian Federation, Institute of Traditional Medicine, Moscow - Russia); A. A. Karpeyev (Deputy Director), R. Yu. Volkov (Department Head), A. P. Dubrov (Chief Scientific Collaborator) (Russia).

For more scientists who investigates the afterlife click on BOOK top right - chapter 2- Respected Scientists who Investigated and on chapter 25 -Quantum Physics and the Afterlife and Michael Tymn's Distinguished Researchers who found evidence of survival.