A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife

Frequently Asked Questions


a) QUESTION: ORTHODOX SCIENCE: What aspect of science do orthodox scientists have to accept to accept the paranormal?

'Transubstantiation' (the increasing and decreasing of the 'speed' of energy) is vital to understanding the paranormal. It is the bridge between the natural and the supernatural, between the physical and the super-physical. (Orthodox) science is concerned mainly with the changing forms of energy. We are concerned more with the substance of energy. It becomes possible to dismantle the barrier between the natural and the supernatural, the normal and the paranormal. Through substantiation, an object could materialize or dematerialize. Dematerialization is NOT dissolution. A dematerialized object would be invisible and intangible. But it would be no less real than it was. The object would simply have changed in substance to become super-physical." (from SCIENCE OF THE GODS, David Ash and Peter Hewitt)

"After death ... we simply discarded our physical body for ever, left it upon the earth, and taken up our life in another and vastly superior world. The whole process of transition which is so much feared by the folk on earth, is a natural, normal and painless profess. It is as natural and painless as removing your outer garment when you have no further use for it. The world into which we have made our entrance is a real world, solid and perpetually enduring. The people who inhabit this spirit world are real people of flesh and blood, people who once walked upon earth as you do now ... " (This means- unlike what the Church teaches - after we die we do NOT stay 6 feet underground for thousands, perhaps millions of years - until we hear Archangel Gabriel blowing his trumpet and wake us from the 'dead to be judged'. We in fact continue to live on crossing over.) (from HERE AND HEREAFTER, Mons Hugh Benson, pictured left - former Catholic Church Monsignor - who saw the 'light' when he crossed over - transmitted information through medium Anthony Borgia).

c) QUESTION: Please accept this as a serious question: is there sex in heaven? J.D. Los Angeles

Victor: Yes, highly credible transmitted inoformation from the afterlife dimension tells us there is sexual pleasure for those who want it. Here is someone who claims to be from the higher levels:
" ... The spirit body is composed of much finer stuff than the physical body. It carries the ability to sense pleasure only, not pain. The atoms which comprise the body are farther apart than your physical counterpart. When two entities desire to link up, to exchange sexual pleasure energy, they merge, body to body. They become superimposed, one with the other, and exchange energy and emotion from one entire body to the other. Every cell interacts with a cell from the other. This creates an all-consuming perception of almost electrical or magnetic excitement and pleasure. It is far beyond the orgasm you know, and it brings souls together more intimately than is possible on your physical plane. So folks here have fun, too. (from BEYOND THE VEIL, Judy Laddon).

What is really critical is studying what is being transmitted from the afterlife by reliable high sources.

Highly recommended transmissions from the afterlife are:
* all of the Silver Birch books,
* all of the books by Hugh Benson (medium was Anthony Borgia)
Anthony Borgia - Life In The World Unseen
Anthony Borgia - More About Life In The World Unseen
Anthony Borgia - Facts
* the books of Arthur Findlay where he includes information directly from the afterlife, such as
On the Edge of the Etheric.
These books will give you an introduction to what you need to know about the afterlife - your inevitable future.
For more classic afterlife books see Ghostcircle ebooks.

e) QUESTION: The Christian Church tells that that we are made in the 'image of God'. Does that mean God looks like a human being? If not, what kind of a body are we going to have when we cross over to the afterlife dimension?

Victor: First, 'God' does NOT look like a human being. God is what some have stated to be the 'ultimate supreme energy' which means 'God' does not have a body or form. We humans on earth take the form of a physical human being - because it is through matter that the spirit will be able to continue to make spiritual advancement. We will have a physical body on earth and even in the afterlife until we learn all spiritual lessons we can when we have a physical body. But there will come a time that when we spiritually progress, when we have exhausted all the potential spiritual learnings, we would not need the form of a human being. We then become a 'being of light' where we still have memories, character and become far more powerful as a 'being of light.'


Victor: My view is that there are at least two possible reasons for that: first, those experimenters in Instrumental Communication (ITC) and electronic voice phenomena (EVP) may be more mediumistic and have more ectoplasm in their body. Ectoplasm helps to amplify the voice sounds from the afterlife. Secondly, we know that dedication and harmony within a group and a strong connection with someone in the spirit world are important ingredients. My view is that when ITC is perfected, it will cause a revolution in the acceptance of the afterlife. Imagine watching, at will, loved ones who crossed over who appear on a screen responding to our questions. In a modified form this impressive afterlife phenomenon is happening now in Brazil with Sonia Rinaldi. See our summary on ITC.

g) QUESTION: THE DEATH SENTENCE: Victor, I have campaigned a long time against the death penalty. What is your position? Best Regards, John, Canada

Victor: Good question John. The information I get about anything spiritual usually comes directly from some highly credible source from the afterlife – that’s my authority. Silver Birch whom I regard as a very highly credible source, states that it is wrong for the State to have the death penalty. It’s all right for killers to spend their life in prison for murder. It just may be that in time they will realize what they did and learn their lesson. But the reasons some people become killers are very complex. So, he says, if we kill murderers here, the problem is shifted to the afterlife. Killers sent to the afterlife have the ‘freedom’ to roam the dark astral level closest to earth to influence those still living and cause trouble.

h) QUESTION: ADDICTIONS: "My partner who died recently was extremely affected by addiction to cigarettes. Could that be a problem for him?

Victor: Unfortunately, addictions carry on in the afterlife. This means that those who are addicted to tobacco, alcohol and drugs would still exist. There have been reports of clairvoyants watching someone in a hotel drinking alcohol who see spirits trying to get some vicarious enjoyment by moving into their auras. Transmitted information directly from the afterlife also tells us that 'lower' spirits addicted to sex could interfere with some humans here on earth. A couple of females got in touch with me complaining that they felt strong sexual sensation as if a physical person was there when going to sleep in bed. This has also been confirmed by afterlife researcher Dr Kubler Ross. But there will always be help in the afterlife for those who are addicted who want help. There are special places in the afterlife where all kinds of addictions are dealt with effectively.

i) QUESTION ON EVIDENCE: What evidence do you consider to be the best evidence for the afterlife. Maggie, Hampstead, UK.

Victor: No doubt in my mind, the most persuasive, the most convincing, the most devastatingly reliable evidence in the world for the afterlife is 'materialization' - of the type that I have repeatedly witnessed with materialization medium David Thompson (picture left shows David exuding ectoplasm for afterlife intelligences to materialize). There very well could be others like David, but my own experience with David over the last seven years is one that I know no genius scientist or genius materialist can rebut in any way whatsoever. For years Wendy and I were present when David's main guide -'William' - would become as solid as we are. For years we have witnessed intelligences from the afterlife materialize and reunite with their loved ones in the seance room. One day, when people educate themselves about materialization, there will be a revolution in the acceptance of the afterlife. Listen as William claps his hands.


j) QUESTION - loopholes for a better deal? : You said you'd be answering my question to you in your report last time I saw you. As we enter a New Year, could you, as someone who has been researching the afterlife for over 23 years, tell us something special you found - possibly a loophole - about the afterlife to make it easier for us when we cross over? Jeremy, Santa Cruz

Victor: Hi Jeremy - good question. Yes, over the many years researching the afterlife has given me some insight into the best way to get a better deal on crossing over. Guaranteed, helping others unselfishly will significantly increase the vibrations of your spirit-body. At all times keep away from cruelty and selfishness. Selfless service will expand your consciousness and, on crossing over, the cumulative level of vibrations of your spirit body will automatically put you in a beautiful place. The higher the vibrations in the afterlife dimension, the much better conditions. That will be hugely more beneficial than just going to a church service everyday! In fact, without religious indoctrination your mind will not be encumbered about what to expect. Think positively, help others, harmonize your mind, body and spirit - and guaranteed you will maximise your circumstances on crossing over.

In August of 1932, Arthur Yensen, a university graduate, geologist, and staunch -materialist -turned -syndicated -cartoonist was in a car accident and briefly died. His talks about what he discovered often brought criticism, especially from the church of the day. But there were those who would listen, and as time wore on more and more people would ask him about it. Finally in 1955, Arthur Yensen published a report of his near-death experience in a booklet called "I Saw Heaven". Kevin Williams has placed extracts on his highly recommended website. Read more...

l) WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIE? "Death is as easy and as simple as going to sleep and then awakening. Our etheric-spirit body slips out of the physical body, carrying the mind with it, and we awake to our new surroundings to find our friends and relations ready to help and instruct us in our new life. Death is simply the severance of this etheric-spirit body from the physical body. The physical (dead) body returns to earth, and the etheric-spirit body, controlled by the mind, continues to function in the afterlife ... We therefore continue to exist as separate thinking units in the afterlife etheric world, much as we do to-day here on earth, but with new surroundings ..." (from the great psychic historian Arthur Findlay's classic ON THE EDGE OF THE ETHERIC - Arthur Findlay, pictured above, left)


m) QUESTION: Hey Victor, Tell me something, when I die and go to the afterlife, am I going to rub shoulders with thieves, murderers, rapists and other horrible people? R.M.

Victor: 'Like attracts like' is something which is strictly observed in the afterlife. You will be among people who are at the same level of spirituality - the same level of vibrations as you have. If you are advanced spiritually, you will be surrounded only with those who are advanced. Those you mentioned would not likely to be spiritually advanced and are very likely to be in the lower level of vibrations (level of spirituality) that could accommodate their level of vibrations when they cross over. As American George Meek said once, "There are those who think that no matter how greedy, lazy, dissolute, jealous, selfish, hateful and cruel a person may be in this life, all such actions are forgiven, and a life of eternal bliss awaits the saint and the sinner alike. As the evidence shows, however, such thinking is totally unfounded."

n) WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIE: What to do if you find yourself in total darkness on crossing over - and how to get yourself in the realm of the light. . Information transmitted from the other side tells us that there are sometimes those who cross-over from physical earth find themselves in complete darkness in the afterlife. Usually this comes because of ignorance about the afterlife and where death comes without notice - or on rare occasions in suicides. Those who read this Afterlife Report regularly will not find themselves in that situation - but on rare occasions, if a person is still doubting there could be some problems. However, the remedy for that is really very easy. Just mentally call for help. Yes, when you call for help you are directing vibrations from your mind outwardly towards those whose job it is to help those in trouble - the rescue team. Under normal circumstances, the rescue team will take you to the level of the Light. Our mind is just like a radio station which has the ability to send and receive messages. It will save eons of time in darkness. It's as easy as that. But those in that condition must ask for help and help will come. You will remember that.

o) QUESTION: Are there opportunities in the afterlife dimension for service?

Directly from the afterlife dimension,
"Oh far more than you face on earth. We have problems such as you cannot possibly realise. We have to deal with millions of souls in many parts of the spiritual universe- sick souls, young souls, forgotten souls, lonely souls, malformed souls, ignorant souls. Have we got problems! We have them because you send them to our world... It is very hard for me to convey to you what life in our world is really like. I speak truthfully when I tell you that there is so much to explore on this side. You have no knowledge of the infinite richness of the life in the world of spirit. There is no beauty anywhere, no majestic scenery, nothing you have visualised that can compare in its grandeur and in its infinite variety to that which can be seen in our world ..."

p) GREED AND POWER: Do they exist in the afterlife dimension?

"Greed and power still exist in what may be called the lower astral spheres. What you must realise is that spiritually an individual is exactly the same one day after death as he was before it. Our world, unlike yours, is one where thought is reality. What you think is real and substantial. The trouble is that lust for power and greed chain them to earth. Though materially dead, they are spiritually dead as well. They are nearer to your world than they are to us. Unfortunately they can harm those like themselves in your world who are concerned only with greed and power." (S. Birch)


Under normal circumstances where there is a heart to heart connection - say, between you and your loved ones, on crossing over they will be meeting you to help you move on to the realm of the light. As long as you are a reasonable, open minded person - you do not have to be perfect here on earth - yes, you will be meeting your loved ones on crossing over. But, if a person happens to have a deep belief that on dying nothing is going to happen or if one lived a cruel, selfish life, there could be serious problems meeting up with loved ones. That is the consistent information we received over the decades about meeting loved ones on crossing over.


Victor: When someone does 'wrong' - and KNOWS what he/she is doing is wrong, then there will be a price to pay. For example, the classic defense of those Nazis who were charged with crimes against humanity at Nuremberg was 'I was only obeying orders'.But international law did not recognize that and many of those charged were executed on the 16th October 1946 for crimes against humanity. Interesting, the Court saw those charged as being part of a 'criminal' political organization which murdered, plundered, exterminated millions of people, invaded other countries with criminal intent. But spiritually, if at any time, a person - whether he/she is following orders or not - is fully aware he/she is doing the wrong thing than that person would have to pay a price for that pursuant to the law of cause and effect.

s) QUESTION: Do you agree Victor that extraordinary claims need extraordinary evidence?

Victor: First, don't fall for the skeptics' negative propaganda against the afterlife and the paranormal. As an expert in evidence I can tell you absolutely that if one presents evidence which is objective and repeatable even ordinary evidence is sufficient. Don't forget the testimony of one reliable witness is enough to send a person to jail for life. Even in a case of murder all the police have to prove is intention beyond reasonable doubt that the crime was committed by the accused. Now if two video cameras filmed a murderer killing a bank clerk in a robbery, why would you need twenty video cameras (extraordinary evidence) to prove that the murderer really shot the clerk? One clear video would normally be sufficient to convict. Extending the issue to afterlife communications we need to ask what evidence there is to counter the extraordinary store of evidence that has been collected in every culture in the world over many millennia and has been scientifically collated in repeatable experiments over the last one hundred and fifty years.

t) QUESTION: Could you give me some idea what it is like in the afterlife? Are we going to have friends, meet people, attend concerts, go to libraries and have fun?

Victor: This is always a popular question. But first, the information transmitted from the afterlife about the conditions there come from those who actually live there. So the evidence as to what happens is absolutely solid. Under normal circumstances, if you are the good average open minded honest person - you do not have to be perfect - you will be met by loved ones on crossing over. They will take you to the level of the light where conditions are vastly superior to what they are on earth. You do not have to work to meet your commitments, you do not have to clean where you stay - it will stay in perfect condition and clean all the time; you do not have to eat or sleep, do not have to wash anything, do not have physically exercise to keep in shape, you do not have to shop, pay for anything - all is free. You will have plenty of time to be with your friends who are your spiritual equal, plenty of time for concerts of your choice; you can go to entertainment centers, libraries, lectures for self improvement in the mind and spirit.Your level of fun will be consistent with the spiritual level you have reached - the more advanced you are, the more the fun! But you are expected to make a selfless contribution in some way. This contribution will be real pleasure to do - so it is not really hard work as we know it on earth. Guaranteed you will have a marvelous time!

You mentioned recently the many different religions. It appears they all believe that God exists - so really in many ways they are all the same. Agreed? Voss, Birmingham.

Victor: Whilst most religions are more or less the same - all saying that a Supreme Being - a 'God' exists, the only religion that is different from others is the religion of Spiritualism. This is because the emphasis of Spiritualism is on proving that the afterlife exists - and in all services they have mediums contacting those from the other side to give a message to any of those attending. Also, unlike Christianity
and Islam - Spiritualism states that we, personally are responsible for our own actions and omissions. This means we receive in the afterlife what work and effort we did on planet earth. This they say, has been confirmed many times from those highly evolved spirit teachers directly from the afterlife.

Q1. Why do you think the evidence for the afterlife is 'objective'?

Answer: I equate 'objective' evidence with 'scientific' evidence. When a formula can be duplicated over time and space and you get the same results, that is being objective or scientific. In the book I mention EVP, Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) and some twenty other psychic phenomena including mediumship, out of body experiences and near death experiences in which, when variables are held constant, the same results are achieved.

Q2. Ought not the proven historical religious argument be more persuasive than the information you have in your book?

Answer: No. This is because traditional religion is purely subjective not scientific. For example, no one can use science to prove that Jesus died for the ungodly. It is universally accepted that anything 'subjective' is itself subject to fundamental errors and to complete invalidation that is why we have many different religions all claiming they have the 'truth.' Further, with subjectivity you can never ever have legitimate, objective 'authority.' Evidence for the afterlife is now irretrievably objective. Whenever there is an inconsistency between science and religion, inevitably, science prevails, and will always prevail. The classic example is the case of Galileo a conflict between science and theology. Theology inexorably had to give way to science.

Q3. Surely, you cannot argue against what is in the Bible!

Answer: If you read all the evidence I presented you would have to agree that in fact psychic researchers are giving scientific evidence for the existence of the afterlife. It seems that conditions in the afterlife are not 'standard' - i.e., there are gradations from the lowest sphere to the highest. It is not unreasonable to state that this is consistent with the Christian notion of hell and purgatory (for the Catholics - the medium lower sphere) and the upper spheres which can rightly be called 'heaven.' But while there are darker, lower spheres, there is no such thing as 'eternal hellfire' that was a concoction by an unscrupulous ecclesiastic Biblical translators.

Q4. You said there is no such thing as eternal hellfire - you're wrong. The Bible says there is.

Answer: You will find the English translation talking about 'eternal hellfire' but NOT the original Greek version. Deal with the original not the translations. For too many centuries Christians were deliberately misled about eternal damnation. Some devious Church writer deliberately and intentionally mistranslated a critical word- 'eon.' You will find that whenever 'eon' immediately preceded punishment in the Bible such as hell, this Church translator erroneously and knowingly mistranslated eon to mean 'eternal.' And elsewhere, whenever the same word eon was used, the translator used eon to mean what it truly means, 'a period of time' - in the time of Jesus it was 100 years. Check for yourself. This wilful mistranslation was a deliberate policy by the Church to create unnecessary fear - see a very detailed explanation of this and other deliberate Biblical mistranslations in Communication with the Spirit World of God by J Greber p.377.

Q5. Why are some Christians hostile to Spiritualism?

Answer: Sheer ignorance. Most Christians - and I do come from a Christian background myself -are sequacious and accept theology blindly without investigating, without trying to test anything for validity. They don't criticise the teaching, the theology and allow themselves to be very easily led. Blind faith is dangerous. But there are many spiritualists who are Christians and others who embrace many aspects of Christianity. For those brave Christians who want to investigate, to know the truth about Christianity I strongly recommend Arthur Findlay's The Rock of Truth, Kersey Graves' The World's Sixteen Crucified Saviours, Peter De Rosa's Vicars of Christ, the Rev Robert Taylor's The Diegesis. Perceive the information with equanimity and I will guarantee you dramatic spiritual transformation and refinement.

Recent intolerance and unnecessary hostility: Spiritualists and most people in the UK must have felt enormous disgust at the disturbance by the Christian leaflet-waving Pentecostals Nazi-like thugs who tried to disrupt a psychic meeting on the Isle of Man. This particular Christian sect are people who are ignorant about the genesis of Christianity, ignorant of the fact that Christianity is a personal belief system, ignorant about the objectivity of spiritualism and ignorant about observing the ethics of tolerance of other people's beliefs, values and empirically based information about religion, psi and afterlife evidence.

Q6. What is the greatest problem for Christianity?

Answer: Very briefly, I believe that Pagan Mithraic Sunworshipper Emperor Constantine, who initiated and was to preside over the Council of Nicea in 325 AD is one of the biggest problems. His influence brought a great deal of unacceptable theological inconsistency and much intolerance. Through him all 'Christian' spiritual writings had to conform to the Council's decisions. This is important because he influenced and paved the way for what was to eventually be allowed to go in the Christian Bible. It was at this Council that Jesus was turned into a God by violent lobbying and by vote!

It is ironic in the extreme that someone who was not even a Christian was the one who actually decided what fundamental Christian theology would be about. The creed 'I Believe' which is recited every day in many Christian services, was originally composed at the Council of Nicea in 325 AD. The Rev Robert Taylor in his Diegiesis (1977 reprint) on page 348 states that Constantine, the founder of Christian theology, is on historical record for, inter alia, brutally murdering six members of his family, beheading his own eleven year old son Crispus, throwing his own wife Fausta into a bath of boiling water, also killing Maximian, his wife's father, Bassianus, his sister Anastasia's husband, Liciniaus, his nephew, Sopater his former spiritual advisor and Licinius, his sister Constantina's husband. Pagan Emperor Constantine was not baptised until just before he died in 333 AD circa. He was also influential in completing the trend to ousting of psychic mediums from the temples. These once-Mithraic temples were converted to Christian churches by the Christians thereafter. Spiritualism is on much safer grounds because of its objectivity whereas Christianity, inevitably calls for blind faith.

Q7. Does it really make any difference whether one is Christian or one is a Spiritualist?

Answer: I do not go for labels myself. A spiritual person will always be a good person whether that person is a Christian or a Spiritualist or anything else. The fundamental difference is that whereas there are too many Christians who wrongly believe that salvation is obtained by faith alone. Spiritualists including Christian Spiritualists, understand that doing selfless service and showing love are more critical, more vital and more immediately directly relevant than just unquestioning blind religious faith. This very important evidence about what increases spirituality comes directly from very highly accredited intelligences such as Silver Birch, White Eagle and so many others. repeatedly

Q8. Have many sceptics applied for the million dollar reward if they can rebut the evidence for the afterlife?

Answer: Oh yes, a few did. Whenever I inform them what they have to do - rebutting mostly the objective evidence I included in my book on the net, they do not write back. A few academic sceptics complained that the test 'proving beyond possible doubt' is impossible. Their claim is "nothing is absolutely certain in this world." My reply is that this is the test that the skeptics are demanding! And since the cash reward is very high so must be the test of validity. Besides, I stated, of course, there are certain things which are absolutely certain in this world. For example, I made the statement about the mortality of the human condition -we humans physically die. One American Ph.D sceptic tried to argue with me that no one can prove that!! I just replied, if he could show me that President Kennedy is not dead, or Princess Diana or Mother Theresa or Elvis Presley are not dead, my sponsors will gladly hand over the million dollars!

Q9. You are making an offer which is impossible to prove because 'you can't prove the negative'. Can you explain ?

Answer: I am NOT asking anyone to 'prove the negative.' I received many emails from skeptics saying that - but they themselves have not read my challenge - they read the website of some skeptic who deliberately misled them about what I have on my website. Then these skeptics waste my time repeating what some other skeptic has deliberately misrepresented about my offer.

If the reader goes to my home page - it is clearly expressly stated that the challenge is about rebutting the 'EXISTING EVIDENCE.' The evidence is in my book - click on the BOOK on the homepage - you will then see the evidence which has to be rebutted - chapters 3 to 24. Now, that is NOT proving the negative. That is technical evidence which is admissible in a court of law - all the way up to the Supreme Court of the United States, the High Court of England and the High Court of Australia and in all civilised countries in the world. I state that only lawyers know what technically constitutes admissible evidence. Check with your own lawyer. That skeptical stage magician who has been disseminating negative propaganda to fool the uninformed knows absolutely NOTHING about laboratory experimentation and what constitutes admissible technical evidence.

Q10. Have you ever had an afterlife experience?

Answer: Of course I have! In 1990 the psychic group which was founded by Dr Fransesco Coll who was then based in Washington DC was co-ordinating psychic groups in many parts of the world. In one instance he showed me a technique on how to contact intelligences from the other side. In one workshop there were a 115 people. I interviewed many of them and all stated they were communicating the same way I was. Many of these people were highly intelligent - many were teachers with university degrees, nurses, managers. One of them was a stockbroker. I was the only lawyer. I was there primarily to investigate if the technique could be objectively demonstrated. It happened with some people but not with others. Negative people exude too much negativity to allow the free flow of positive energy to manifest. They are allowing negative intervening variables to intrude and disrupt otherwise positive results. This has been empirically demonstrated.

Q11. Is your research religious?

Answer: No, my research is scientific - NOT religious. As I stated in my book, science is objective. This means that if I give you a formula and this formula is used over time and in different countries and from this formula you get the same results - then that is scientific, that is being objective. Religion is subjective; it is personal beliefs unsupported by science. But whenever there is an inconsistency between science and theology, inevitably, science prevails. I give you every right to your personal beliefs - it is a fundamental right. But go to my Chapter 1 Opening Statement for more details.

Q12. Is skepticism scientific?

Answer: Skepticism is NOT scientific! Skepticism, like religion cannot be independently substantiated. A skeptic may say, "I believe in nothing - but I cannot prove that." This is because skepticism is subjective - anything subjective is subject to complete invalidation. For more information I refer you to my OPENING STATEMENT which is chapter 1 in my book.

Q13. Why do people see psychic issues in a different way?

Answer: First this has to do with how much research a person has done. Someone who has NOT done any research will not be in position to know what is going on. For example, if a person did a lot of research in medicine, obtained qualifications and became a doctor then became a specialist and now performs heart transplants, that person is certainly more professional and more skilfully advanced in his field than say, an academic or a stage magician or a clerk or a tradesman or a manager. It is to do with depth of specialisation.

Q14. Why is it that some academics do not agree about the existence of the afterlife or about psychic phenomena.

Answer: Yes, a few academics make it a career to be against anything related to psychic phenomena. But there are many academics allow for the existence of psychic phenomena (psi). They do this to get promotion because they know that some university sponsors are materialistic. So these academics become subservient to the sponsors values' and keep obtaining negative results in psi.

Q15. Why is it that highly educated academics continue to obtain negative results?

Answer: First, if a professor does not do any research about psychic phenomena, that professor will be ignorant about psychic phenomena and will not have the authority to make any comments on psi. Secondly, there is an experimental term called, "the intruding negative variable.' This means that when an academic experimenter or anybody else who has a track record of negativity, the academic experimenter actually influences the results to become negative. Empirical evidence, in quantum physics validates this observation. This is one of the grounds I cited why any applicant who wants to apply for the skeptics alleged offer can never beat the skeptics' challenge - see my article on why it is impossible to win the skeptics' money offer - click on SKEPTICS on the home page.

Q16. Why is it that no one has been able to beat the skeptics' challenge?

Answer: This is because it is impossible to beat the challenge. For full details see WHY NOBODY CAN WIN THE SKEPTICS CHALLENGE - A LAWYER'S PERSPECTIVE go to homepage and click on SKEPTICS.

Q17. What's the relevance of your many academic qualifications to your claim of the validity for the afterlife?

Answer: first, my majors in Psychology from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia gave me highly complex skills in Scientific Method which is an adjunct to three years in Psychology. As an investigator, it is critical to be fully equipped with the expertise to identify what is relevant, what is not. Those not qualified, say, stage magicians, cannot conduct experiments properly at a level where their conclusions could be valid.

Secondly, my qualifications and expertise in Law give me a huge comparative advantage to professionally identify what is admissible in evidence and what is not. Only litigation lawyers know what is admissible evidence, not entertainers, not magicians, not statisticians or other non qualified lawyer academics.

Thirdly, a degree in Psychology gives me an advantage because psychology has to do with professional assessment of the mind, human behaviour, understanding different levels of awareness and much more.

Because of my academic qualifications I was involved in matters concerning intelligence in State police enforcement - this immediately necessitated, refined and greatly expedited my open minded skepticism (as distinct from closed minded materialist scepticism).

These university qualifications and my extensive professional work give me a uniqueness to identify what to accept, what to reject.

Q19. So you believe in the afterlife?

Victor: I do not particularly believe in the afterlife. I accept the evidence for the afterlife. I do not have the luxury of beliefs because beliefs are personal, are subjective, are not empirical, are not scientific. And any personal belief, any subjective belief is itself subject to complete invalidation. In other words, I accept the twenty three areas of empirical evidence for the afterlife I researched – see my book on the Net – .

Q20. How certain, how sure are you that the afterlife exists?

V. Absolutely certain! I am absolutely sure, I am one hundred per cent certain that when we humans physically die, we cross over to the afterlife but our duplicate etheric body – the spirit body - continues to exist. As I said, this is not based on a belief or wishful thinking or religion or superstition. My acceptance of the afterlife is primarily based on my own experiences and the empirical, objective evidence.

Q21. What is this acceptance of the afterlife then based on?

V: The most persuasive evidence is my own experience of entities communicating with me through telepathy. I am clairaudient – I can hear spirit voices telepathically – clairaudient experiences I’ve had for the last sixteen years. In addition, there are powerful afterlife experiment and studies by world famous scientists – see second chapter of my book about these scientists. There are also others I know and trust who informed me that they had similar afterlife experiences …

Q22. What other personal afterlife experiences have you had?

V. Some sixteen years ago I studied psychic phenomena in depth and was tutored by experts in mediumship. I became clairaudient. My own father came through and after spending some time authenticating who he was, I was satisfied beyond any doubt that the contact was genuine. I asked questions that only he and I knew about. But just let me qualify this: I am intelligent, I am healthy in mind and body – and we know that throughout history there have been a number of people who were clairaudient. For example, Joan of Arc was clairaudient.

Q23. This means you hear voices in the head?

V. Absolutely, even if it’s put rather bluntly but … accurately. There are empirical studies in the Society for Psychical Research which shows the empirical validity of telepathy. Of course, telepathy means the transfer of thoughts from mind to another mind on this planet earth and from the afterlife dimension to earth. I suppose thoughts can be voices in some way.

Q24. Have not there been cases where violent people claim to have heard voices in the head?

V. That may be true because one has to ascertain who is sending the voices. Voices that come from the afterlife darker realm – which is a realm where mischievous entities roam around do cause a lot of trouble on earth. The voices and messages can come through electronic voice phenomena, through instrumental trance-communication, the ouija board or through mediumship. The example is similar to you getting some obscene phone calls. But you may also get phone calls from others who are not obscene or rude or crude or offensive, but are sophisticated, more polite, more refined, more knowledgeable.

Q25. Why is it that many people do not accept there is an afterlife?

V. That’s very easily explained. These skeptics you mentioned have not done any research on the paranormal. As a matter of fact closed minded skeptics and debunkers do not read paranormal information which gives them huge anxiety if they have to read it. So they don’t. There are of course the professional hard core skeptics with an irretrievably closed mind who are on a crusade against those who present the evidence for the afterlife and the paranormal. For the open-minded person, there is more than enough evidence to convince them that the afterlife and the paranormal exist.

Q26. What about those highly qualified, high profiled scientists and psychologists in the skeptics’ organization who keep on harping that there is no afterlife, no psi?

V. What I said earlier goes for them as well. The fact is that if they could prove they are right, they would apply to beat my one million dollars challenge I have on the Net. But they haven’t. And they won’t. Most interesting is that while there are hundreds of quality books written about the reality and validity of the afterlife - these books written by some of the most intelligent scientists who ever walked on this planet earth - there is NOT one book written by any of these materialist giants of science who wrote a book giving reasons why the afterlife does not or cannot exist.

Q27. How do you view religion then?

V. I do not interfere in people’s religious beliefs. What they believe in is their business. My focus is on the empirical – that is, using scientific method to measure some psychic phenomena. But if some religious person tells me that I am wrong, I ask him what objective evidence he or she is citing to show that I am wrong. Incidentally, in the last twenty years or so, no theologian or religious person has ever asked me that. All agreed that religion is subjective and science is objective.

Q28. How do you find the truth then?

V. As an empiricist and a lawyer with technical knowledge of what technically constitutes admissible evidence I use scientific method to get to the truth. If something is repeated over time and space and yields the same results - keeping variables constant - then I can state I found the truth. To put it simplistically, 7+5=12 – that can never be wrong. It is repeatable. But if you say to me that a divorced Catholic is committing some heinous sin by remarrying and will go to hell for eternity – that is something which can never empirically be proved. In religious writings there is nothing which is subject to empirical testing. We get all the time, “you must have faith”. But intelligent people from all credible universities around the world will immediately tell you that faith is no authority for objective truth. The only faith I would like to have is when whatever I have faith in can be backed up empirically. That I know I am dealing with the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth - and I can never be wrong, never!

Q29. What do you say to the reports that there is a lot of inconsistent information coming from the otherside through mediums?

V. That’s not difficult to explain. This is like getting general information from a 10 year old and someone with a university degree. In the afterlife there are different realms from the lowest vibrating realm to the highest. The lowest realm, the lower end of the Astral level is dark with very low vibrations – some religionists people call ‘hell.’ Then the realm of the light is usually the third level where most decent folk end up after their life on earth.

Q30. Where did you get this information about the afterlife and why is that not a belief?

V. First, as I said earlier, anything which is empirically repeated and gets the same results, I know I am dealing with something substantive. Now the information about the afterlife comes from mediumship. This mediumship has been subject to empirical studies by empiricists – for example, Prof Gary Schwartz and others. Besides, I also had experiences to confirm what Prof Gary Schwartz empirically tested. That is not a belief, that is empirical evidence about the afterlife. The afterlife transmissions are most critical because we get to know what exists in the afterlife directly, by highly credible eye-witnesses, not by someone who lived on earth some 2,000 years ago we do not know his background, who he is or where he comes from.

Q31. Do you accept that people on earth will eventually meet their loved ones who passed on?

V. Where there is a heart to heart link, it is guaranteed that there will be a reunion when the one on earth eventually crosses over to the afterlife dimension. Highly credible information from the afterlife repeatedly stated that. Love we are informed is the most powerful force in the universe – and physical death can never sever the heart to heart link, never. However, there are exceptions.

Q32. What exceptions?

V. First, let me state a scientific truism: for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. So it also happens in spiritual physics. There is a consequence to everything we do on earth. The soul gets higher vibrations through interaction with other people, especially when we are unselfish, fair, reasonable, just and equitable. But, if a person is consistently cruel, selfish and even brutal, the soul’s vibrations are automatically reduced. This kind of a person is likely to have a fairly rough time on crossing over because a person with low vibrations is automatically pulled down to the realm of the same low vibrations to accommodate the same vibrations. There is no St Peter, no Pearly Gates, no one there to judge you. You judge yourself by the level of accumulated vibrations you gained throughout your life on physical earth.

Q33. But are not there psychics who do not agree with that?

V. Again, not all psychics are spiritually advanced. Besides, there is a most important difference between someone who is psychic and someone who is spiritually advanced. Psychics may demonstrate their psychic skills but that does not mean they are in fact spiritual. Those psychics who are not spiritually advanced could be dangerous. But someone who is psychic and also highly spiritual, then you have pure gold. So that the qualitative, spiritually advanced psychics usually agree with what is afterlife valid knowledge.

Q34. But aren’t there many so called psychics who deceive the public?

V. Frauds you get everywhere because of the human condition. But let me qualify that: there are people who are not psychic and are not who they claim they are - and try to fleece the public of their hard earned income. That is unfair. That is unjust. That is criminal. Then you get the second class of people who are a little bit psychically gifted. But unless they are accurate they should not take any money from the public. The pure gold, as I mentioned earlier, is where you have spiritually advanced and psychically gifted mediums – they are not easy to access, sometimes impossible to find.

Q. 35. Do you yourself have any psychic insights when talking to people?

V. Interesting you should ask that because sometimes I get psychic insights – and sometimes not.

Q. 36. What about those big time scientists who specifically wrote against the paranormal and the afterlife?

V. The ones I came across over the years - Professor Richard Dawkins, Professor Carl Sagan and those other negative psychologists I have on my net I rebutted – those giants of science thinking because they are scientists they have ‘authority’ about anything on earth. They may be good materialist scientists but NOT ONE OF THEM ever rebutted the objective evidence for the afterlife – not one! They have NO OBJECTIVE AUTHORITY at all when they deal with psi. The rule is that they can’t have a valid argument without objective authority. I have my rebuttals on these scientists who have shown they are really ignorant about anything paranormal – go to my homepage . I was so amazed reading Prof Carl Sagan’s attacks on the paranormal where he confused everyone about mediumship: he confused trance-mediumship with mental mediumship and direct-voice mediumship. I reiterate: these materialist scientists, and negative psychologists have not done their homework, do not understand what is the real paranormal, do not discriminate between the quacks and the psi geniuses, did not rebut the existing objective evidence for the afterlife – they just regurgitate their own pre-conceived negatively entrenched bias. They have no authority at all. You can access my full rebuttals of these giants of science on my website.

37. What’s your final message?

I put it very simply: in the overall scheme of things time on earth is very short. Inevitably we – rich or poor, black and white - all have to cross over. Understand what you must do to obtain higher vibrations – higher spirituality. The more you get to know about the afterlife the easier the transition will be from physical planet earth to the afterlife dimension: that’s guaranteed!

38. My mother passed on a recently. Does the spirit of a person hang around their family for awhile? We loved her very much and miss her. Do we need to let her go and get on with her new life?

First of all you must understand that when she passed on she would have been met by her own loved ones who had passed on before her. This is to assist her in the transition to the afterlife. If she were unconscious for a long time, she still would have been met but then she would be taken to a very special place where she would be taken care of and that she would get a ‘rest period’ to detach herself from the illness she had on earth to adjust to the new wonderful environment. If she had the afterlife information, she could have had a ‘conscious transition’ which meant she would have seen all those who were around her when she died. If there were ‘heart to heart’ connection – as you indicated there was, then when her mental faculties are back to normal, yes, with absolute certainty she would be back to visit her loved ones on earth – that is the law: physical death does NOT sever the love connection. She will have her own life – but where there is a strong positive connection, she will be back frequently to visit her loved ones on earth. Love is the most powerful force in the universe. Life is but for a just short time, but love is forever!

Do NOT grieve – that would make it very hard on her in the spirit world. Grief is not positive energy – yes do let her go BUT continue to express your love for her – she will receive the love because she is still alive and because our minds are just like live radio stations – we’re sending vibrations everytime we concentrate on our loved ones and when we send them our love. We feel the love from our loved ones when they send their love to us. Without exception, all humans will make the transition to the spirit world and without exception physical death cannot sever the heart to heart love link. That is guaranteed!