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6th March 2009

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COMMENTARY: Did your birth environment determine your beliefs? Most sociologists agree that where we were born and who are parents are play a huge part in determining how we see the world: those born of Moslem families in Moslem countries, those born to Hindu families, those born to Fundamental Christian families, those born to complete atheists etc… are programmed to follow their parents’ beliefs.

Those professionals who have done research in this very sensitive and important area of conditioning, programming and ‘world perception’ know that once people entrench their parents’ beliefs, it is difficult but not impossible for them to shift or rise above their early conditioning. This is what we, the scientific and empirical afterlife investigators, have to deal with. Historically, the 'Religious Inquisition' did a great deal of harm conditioning people around the world that it was a 'grave sin’ to try to communicate with the ‘dead’. But over the last one hundred years or so, science is taking over the afterlife research.

This means that any ‘belief’ not consistent with the scientific results about the afterlife can be completely thrown away. But much of the religious establishment, which potentially has a great deal to lose from scientific discoveries about the afterlife – is still very resistant and holds onto irrelevant, antiquated religious afterlife beliefs and dogmas. Millions of people are adversely affected. But guaranteed, objective/repeatable afterlife science and empiricism will eventually prevail over the subjectivity of personal beliefs.

MATERIALISTS: SHOCK YOURSELVES INTO REALITY! Did you know that closed minded skeptics and materialists do NOT have any evidence – certainly NO scientific evidence – to support their ‘belief’ that ‘there is no afterlife’. They put their head in the sand not wanting to study and read the afterlife evidence. Whilst there are thousands of books about the existence of the afterlife, many of them written by eminent scientists that they accept the afterlife after they investigated the afterlife, there is NOT ONE book, NOT one empirical essay, NOT one study, NOT one scientifically based argument that there is or that there cannot be an afterlife. In fact, these closed minded materialists have ABSOLUTELEY NOTHING to support their negative argument. No such ‘the afterlife does not exist’ book was ever written by anyone in the history of mankind. What the noisy ones do is to keep on boring everyone repeating words to the effect, “ … oh, there must be fraud in the afterlife experiments.” – without showing where, when and how fraud took place. Wake up materialists, it’s later than you think – the consequences of inaction are huge!!

Are premonitions purely chance? See Arthur C Clarke's episode for Discovery Channel.

Part 2
Part 3

Watch these experiments and decide for yourself.

Watch this short overview of the remote viewing program run by the American military at Stanford Research Institute. It suggests that far from being closed because remote viewing is ineffective, the program was shut down because the remote viewers were finding things that the establishment (including the general who was supervising the program) couldn't cope with. See remote viewing Part 1 (10 mins) and Part 2 (10 mins).

Nandor Fodor (1895-1964) was born in Hungary and initially studied law. He later became a journalist, psychoanalyst, and psychical researcher. From 1929 to 1934 he was also appointed re-search officer of the International Institute for Psychical Re-search and undertook careful investigations into mediumistic transfiguration, apports, direct voice, levitation, hauntings, materializations, and poltergeist phenomena. Fodor lectured extensively on such subjects and wrote a number of books and articles including his famous Encyclopedia of the Psychic Sciences (London: Arthur's Press, 1934).

Why is it that some close relatives never return through mediums?

Victor: This is a very popular question. There are those who say that they try to communicate with their loved one who crossed over but they get no response. “There is free will. There is no compulsion to come back. It is not a very attractive world to return to when you have tasted some of the ineffable joys, beauty and radiance that are available in our world. It requires a sacrifice to return, to approach earth’s atmosphere, which is gloomy, dark, dank and most un welcoming.”

ON EVIDENCE: THE BRILLIANT LISA WILLIAMS, MEDIUM: Last week I watched one of Lisa Williams' shows on television which demonstrates how gifted she is as a medium! First she stopped two girls on Santa Monica Blvde. She had seven correct hits in a row! No cold reading, no guessing, no luck – just sheer mediumship skills. Then in a reading with Rosemary – whom Lisa NEVER met before, Lisa had hit after hit - ALL of them correct.: Briefly:
- you were married to this guy,
- didn’t say his goodbyes before crossing,
- shows me a picture of himself … blue football shirt? (Rosemary: that’s the picture I have on the wall in my room)
- there’s a strong ‘J’ sound … (yes, Jonathan ….)
- crossing over happened suddenly …
- you walk around the house talking to him …
- he had lots of medication in a short time,
- he had serious stomach problems …
- he had extremely weak, very bad eyes before his crossing over …
- … there were also liver problems …
- … yes he’s saying … you did the right thing ( switching off the life support system.

Rosemary was absolutely certain she communicated with her dead husband through the brilliant mediumship of the Lisa Williams.

Lisa writes: " I am so excited - I coming to Australia!!! I am sure many of you are already aware that I have four live dates in Australia during March and April which are already fully booked. So I wanted to also let you know plans are being made for me to return later in the year for an extended tour - as soon as I have more details I will share this with you! Whilst I am very excited about this trip I have been very conscious of the sadness and devastation surrounding the recent bush fires and the timing of my pre-planned visit - I didn't want people to think I was doing the these shows in bad taste, so we have decided to donate my fee for the 4 shows in Melbourne and Sydney to the bush fire victims, to help rebuild homes and and their communities."

We know that on earth our thoughts belong to us – and normally no one can read our thoughts, they are private. But what happens in the afterlife? Are our thoughts still private? “No, you cannot conceal anything in our world, for all is known. In that, there is nothing to be ashamed. In your world you can cheat, lie and deceive. You can change your name legally if you like, but you cannot change your individuality.”

“There is something fishy about having loud music in physical mediumship séances ..." That raises suspicions of someone could be moving around not to be heard. Comment?

Victor: First, one has to thoroughly investigate the laws regarding physical mediumship. We cannot superimpose our rationalizations onto the afterlife dimensional laws because in the afterlife there are no ‘physical’ atoms – the atoms in the afterlife are spinning at a much faster rate. A definitive law is that certain spiritually evocative music helps to increase the ‘vibrations’ in the séance room to make it easier for the afterlife entities to make contact. Another law is that there has to be complete harmony among members of the Circle during materializations for the materializations to be successful, because the afterlife law is that negativity lowers and disrupts the vibrations of the séance room.

The Rainbow Circle takes its names from fascinating light patterns in rainbow-like colors that surround photos taken of group members. Many see faces in these always differently emerging visual structures. Thanks to Kai Mugge of the German physical mediumship group The FELIX CIRCLE for this report on a physical mediumship circle whose members have been sitting together regularly for twelve years. Read Kai's report dated 27th February 2009. Members of the Circle will be demonstrating at the Zerdin weekend for physical mediumship in France in May (see next item) along with two other physical circles.

1st- 4th May 2009

Join Zerdin at the spiritual retreat ‘Montcabirol’ in the foothills of the Pyrenees, offering excellent traditional accommodation with opportunities to relax around a beautiful swimming pool.
Arriving Friday 1st May 2009 and departing Monday 4th May 2009

• The Bill Meadows circle • The Rainbow Circle • Yellow Cloud Circle of Eternal Illumination •
• Also an opportunity to receive one to one healing with Internationally renowned
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• One to one private readings (there will be a charge of £20) •
Demonstration of Mental mediumship
• A visual presentation on the ‘History and pioneers of Physical mediumship’ with numerous slides •
More information...

This event is on a first come first served basis due to limited places and as usual is for Zerdin members only. If you are interested Join Zerdin Phenomenal now.

QUESTION: “You mention the works of Silver Birch - an intelligence from the afterlife – and you say he’s highly credible. Why do you think he would want to come to Earth again?

Victor: There are of many highly credible afterlife teachers who come to help us understand more about the afterlife. I often quote Silver Birch becuase he has passed the test of time and has an excellent reputation for transmitting wonderful, very useful information. In this passage he explains why he makes this effort:
“Like many others, I have come nearer to the earth vibrations to help push forward that great new world which waits just round the corner. I come to teach you the laws of the Great Power and to show you how, if you live according to them, the bounty of the Great Power can be poured into your hearts and minds.
… I come from a realm where all is light and color where hearts sing with the sheer, joy of living, where all are busily engaged in congenial pursuits, where all the arts flourish, where each is imbued with the idea of service, with sharing what he has with those who have it not, where there is an intensity and vitality, a joy and radiance in well doing …”

‘PROXY SITTING’: Another argument that was raised in the early days of psychic research was that the mediums were getting the information by telepathy from the unconscious minds of the people who came to sit with them. The early psychic investigators overcame this objection through what they called 'proxy sittings' — where one person who knew nothing about a certain person took that person's place and went to see the medium on behalf of that other person. Read more...

Sunday March 8th, 2009 5-6pm Pacific Time.
Terri, author of A Swan in Heaven is offering a telephone seminar that will take place approximately once each month. In this seminar (also called a "teleclass") participants will have a chance to ask questions of my guides about the afterlife, the dying & grieving process, reincarnation, soul contracts and other relevant topics. Each class will include a guided meditation to help participants open a conduit to the Other Side and/or to guides in the higher realms. The first class is free of charge. To register, send an email to terri@danieldirect.net and include your name and city. If you'd like to ask a particular question, please include it in the email. You will receive a confirmation email with dial-in instructions (long distance charges apply).


1) No theologian, no Catholic scholar or intellectual responded to the critical four questions I raised in my Friday Report last week. I received other emails supporting the argument that Catholic theology and the Catholic leadership are centuries out of date. Catholic intellectuals are keeping disturbingly quiet – some of them are: Fr. Joe Parkinson STL Ph.D., Fr Brian Limbourn JCD Ph.D and Fr Kevin Long Ph.D.The critical issue is that there are millions of Catholic women who divorce and remarry – and millions of others are on the ‘pill’ - and according to the Catholic Church – without any substantive or objective authority, they are going to burn in hell for eternity because they are using contraceptives! No wonder millions of people are voting with their feet – perhaps permanently - and the Church is in great crisis!

2 ) Last week's video by Michael Newton brought a number of replies, both supportive and hostile to the idea of reincarnation. One reader felt that reincarnation is an "inhumane" doctrine since it suggests that when we die our loved one will not be waiting for us. The guide Silver Birch answered this question many years ago:
A.”It does not present a proper picture of what is involved in reincarnation. It is not a calamity, because all human earthly relationships do not necessarily endure. When the Nazarene was in your world and they told him about about his mother being present, he asked: "Who is my mother? Who is my father?" The larger soul never incarnates in its entirety in matter. That portion of which you are aware in an earthly body is only a splinter and not the whole. Other splinters may incarnate at different periods and in different nationalities. The splinters may have earthly and even astral relationships, but these need not be a spiritual relationship. What will always endure is the love, not the blood tie. If there are love and the blood tie, then the bond, because it is a willing bond, will continue in the worlds beyond yours.” (according to S. Birch. But note very carefully, reincarnation is very complex and one needs to study a great deal more about it from S Birch).

3) And finally this lovely tribute from Mahan: "Victor, your weekly Friday report is truly ever inspiring to my spiritual development. We don't have to travel far and wide to satisfy our thirst for spirituality. You have brought the spiritual path right to my doorstep through an online medium."

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'SERVICE TO MY REGULAR READERS AND TO THE COMMUNITY': whilst this has nothing to do with afterlife matters, over the many years of doing afterlife research, I received many questions from my regular readers who needed legal advice but did not have the money to go to a lawyer. Accordingly, I have put on the website a special section for the many legal questions/answers (eg. negligence, defamation, police matters, murder, assault, divorce, Wills, probate, property, claims against insurance co's., leases, marriage rights, medical assault, police radars - and for other, click on archives on the blog) for for my regular readers - and for general readership and information.
Read more ...

Now more than ever before professional accredited and registered afterlife researchers are struggling for funding so that they can help the world understand that there is an afterlife. After you have provided for your family in your will consider making a bequest which will bring about ‘LIGHT’ on a global level after you’ve gone. So far, we can highly recommend the following legally registered organizations who will use your funding to benefit humanity:

* Zerdin Phenomenal
* The American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena

* The Forever Family Foundation
* Mark Macy's World ITC- American based research on ITC
* Rhine Research Centre- Institute for Parapsychology
* Sonia Rinaldi's IPATI- Brazilian based research on ITC
* The Windbridge Institute for applied research
In the future we will include other registered organizations which are doing afterlife research. Please email for details.

Some nostalgia as we review the innocence of George Harrison's "My Sweet Lord". Watch the pictures of George Harrison or just close you eyes and let your heart, mind and soul absorb this powerful - and highly inspirational music.

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Disclaimer: Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee what is published is to be the absolute truth. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith.