Graduated Doctor of Dentistry (MDD)

Activity in the field of parapsychology and EVP/ITC:

Permanently increasing interest in parapsychology since youth, especially in the topic of personality survival after physical death.

Personal involvement in EVP/ITC theory and practice since 1965 (the year of the first reports on the pioneering works done in the field in Sweden & Germany reaching Romania) - afterwards intensive and most successful experimentation after loss of father 1978 - and especially after transition of mother, 1995.

In-depth extensive documentation in the field during the period 1978-1996.

First personal contact with the international leaders of the field at the Buddingen ITC Conference 1996.

Elected into the General Coordination Panel of the International Network for Instrumental Transcomunication (INIT) at the third INIT World-conference, Terrytown, NY, USA - 1997.

In the period 1996 - 1999 - attending ITC world-events in Trier (Germany), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Schweich (Germany), Toluca (Mexico), Luxembourg etc.

Elected as INIT coordinator in Schweich, Germany, 1998 (over 20 Countries represented in INIT at this time).

2000 - founding initiator of the ITC Platform (ITCP) - having as its main goal the interdisciplinary scientific integration of ITC while reuniting the best known ITC authorities from Germany, Italy, Portugal, France, the USA, Brazil and Israel.

Presently coordinating the activity of the ITCP, with a particular emphasis upon information exchange with outstanding representatives of the conventional and borderline scientific community, academic bodies and personalities from various Countries and fields of specific concern as well as International research projects in ITC.

Aug. 2004 - member of the Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Biopsychocybernetics Research, Bologna, Italy (Director: Dr. E.Marabini). At its Dec.4 2004 Convention, the results of expert analysis performed upon a well-documented case of spot-bound haunting I've forwarded to the Bologna Lab was publicly presented and subsequently insert in the Lab's Proceedings.

Challenging a wide public disclosure of ITC-supported epipsychologic evidence, we are currently aiming to finalize the project of a TV documentary program by the cooperation of "Gateway Production Ltd.", Finland and of a Croatian TV producer, Zagreb.

Apr. 2005 - elected International Scientific Coordinator ISARTOP.

We challenge the set-up of a Centralized International Research Institute for ultra-weak interference inside an established academic framework, as well as an experimental ITC research Unit in South-America that will work under the personal coordination of Mrs. Sonia Rinaldi, Sao-Paolo, top-ITC researcher, author of a comprehensive ITC-related literature in books and journals, leader of the Brazilian ANT (more then 3500 members). These goals are dependent upon future possible sponsoring channels.


Most of the writings run outside the publicity & editorial range (correspondence, debates etc.).

Papers published and lectures:

"The Subquantum Foundations for the Informational essence of all consciousness-related Phenomena" - "TSC" Conference, Tucson - Arizona, 2008

"Toward a new subquantum integration approach to sentient reality" - "Quantum Mind" Conference, Salzburg, 2007

Ibid "TSC" Conference, Budapest, 2007

"The ITC Platform" - Cuadernos de TCI 4/2000

"ITC - An acceptable proof for afterlife?" - Lecture ITC worldconference, Toluca, Mexico 1997 published in "Cuadernos de TCI" 2/2000

"Pioneers of EVP: Dr. Konstantin Raudive" - Cuadernos de TCI 5/2001

"Interdisciplinary structures of ITC" - Toluca worldconference, Mexico, 1997

"EEG/MEG particularities in holistically extended informatic supply" - common INIT/Nathal Institute research project, 1998

"Personal Evidence - an open letter to all the NAS Journal readers" - NAS Newsletter 5/89, 1997

" The hyperdimensional Holistic Paradigm" - original Romanian language version not translated as yet - 1993.

Several lectures and workshops in Israel (Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa) - 1996 - 1999

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