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A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife


David Kennedy was a successful consulting engineer before he gave up his career and went back to university to study to become a minister in the Church of Scotland. Once he was ordained, his scientific background and logical mind, his deep sincerity and outstanding gift of oratory ensured that he became one of Scotland’s most widely known ministers. However he did not believe in communication through mediums.

The following account is
from Gordon Smith's excellent book The Unbelievable Truth and from David Kennedy's book A Venture into Immortality.

" The death of his wife Ann hit David very hard. He found life becoming increasingly difficult without her and his faith in God was being tested to its very limits. Remembering her vow to give him a sign that her spirit lived on, he went to visit a Spiritualist medium called Lexie Findletter. She gave him a message from a woman called Ann who claimed to be his wife, but David’s skepticism and religious conditioning didn’t allow him to accept it. However, as he got up to leave the room, Mrs Findletter said:

'Your wife is determined to communicate with you and she’ll find a way.'

A week after his meeting with the medium, David felt even worse. Had his wife really been trying to get a message through to him? What if he hadn't given her a proper chance? In despair he said out loud to the empty room:

“Come on, Ann, give me a sign, something that no one could possibly know, please”.

He lay down on the sofa, feeling exhausted at the thought of the sermon he would have to prepare for his service later that day. The next thing he knew, he was being woken by the sound of the phone ringing loudly. Lifting his head from the arm of the sofa, he looked at the clock on the wall and started to panic as he realized he only had five minutes to prepare his sermon and find a clean minister's collar. Ignoring the phone, he fumbled round the room looking for old notes and trying to remember where his clean collars were. Still the phone rang. Eventually he grabbed the receiver and shouted angrily, 'Can I help you?'

‘Your wife Ann is with me’, says a voice. ‘She tells me that your clean collars are in the bottom drawer of your wardrobe and the speech you prepared last year for this service is in the top drawer of your desk. Incidentally, my name is Albert Best. Goodbye.’


In the weeks that followed he (David) set about finding Albert and putting his powers to the test. He found out that Ann had appeared to Albert in spirit form and had provided the information about the collars, the sermon and the phone number.

As time passed David learned that if he sent out a thought to his wife when he was alone in the house, within a short time Albert would be on the phone with the answer.

After much thought and investigation into his experiences, David decided to write his story, which later became a book called A Venture in Immortality." It includes data from visits to 11 different mediums.

One spectacular example of the detailed accuracy of medium Albert Best occurred after David had spent the afternoon taking out his wife's mother. That night he received a phone call from the medium who said that David's wife Ann was with him. He proceeded to outline everything David had done that afternoon.
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