Arthur Ellison was a distinguished voice in paranormal research and Emeritus Professor of engineering at the City University in London. He joined the Society for Psychical Research in 1955 and was twice president of the Society. For some years he was was Chairman of the Theosophical Research Centre and its Science Group. Once drawn towards a paranormal phenomenon, he had the engineer's skill to explore it with carefully designed experiments. He stressed the need for scientists not only to study psychic events in others, but to try to develop those experiences in themselves. He himself underwent OBE's, lucid dreaming and clairvoyant episodes. He ran a training course in parapsychology each summer at Loughborough University and published widely in engineering and in psychical research. He died in 2000. The book Science and the Paranormal- Altered States of Reality (sadly now out of print) gives scientific evidence for the existence of genuine paranormal abilities across a wide range of fields: near-death experience, lucid dreaming, daylight imagery, hypnotic trance state and paranormal healing. He also gives practical guidance on how anyone can begin to develop similar abilities. Read more....

At a seminar at Cardiff in 1997 Prof. Arthur Ellison spoke on "Some Experiences and Thoughts on Physical Mediumship of 40 years ago". The Professor started attending seances in the 1950's and experienced a variety of wonderful phenomena. Amongst the many things he witnessed were materialised figures (one of which melted into the floor on leaving), eight bunches of flowers apported at one seance and trumpets whirling around his hands in red light. Perhaps the most fascinating though was to see at one foot from his face and in red light the arrival of an apport.

Another aspect of his talk concerned reality as we see it. He explained how we all have our own "model of reality" of the world (how we make sense to ourselves of the world around us and our relationship to it). A model that we build upon right from birth when we first start to learn that we appear to be separate from what is out there. This is the dualistic concept of mainstream Western science as opposed to the Eastern originated spiritual teachings that we are all part of the one consciousness. The scientist or the philosopher have their models, and nearer to home, we can recognise that the Christians' model of reality is different to the Spiritualists' model. Arthur's enthusiasm for talking in terms of "models of reality" resulted in a good deal of playful leg-pulling by our spirit friends during the seances!

He is remembered for his excellent work as a member of the committee of the SPR which wrote The Scole Report.

Lawrence Dean medium claimes to have received messages stating that Arthur Ellison is one of a number of deceased scientists, mediums and researchers who are playing a role in his and Patricia Begley's work. Since 2002 the couple have asked for confirmation of this involvement via EVP and ITC and claim to have received this EVP voice saying "Ellison".
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