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Sunday 12th November 2006 Sydney – Physical Circle with David Thompson and Circle of the Silver Cord

By Jane

This evening at approx 8pm I sat with David Thompson and Circle of the Silver Cord for a demonstration of Physical Mediumship.

Firstly I was checked (just like at an airport) for anything I shouldn't be taking into the Sitting eg torch, metal objects, mobile phone etc. In turn I watched the other Circle Members being checked.

I was then asked to check David's Cardigan, material gag and the cable ties that are used to secure him throughout the Sitting. I checked the chair he sits on - it was heavy, wooden and solid. The arms did not move and neither did the legs, the seat or the back of the chair.

I also checked the room. The room was a spare bedroom with the windows covered in cardboard and the curtains closed, rather like a photographic darkroom set up. I could find no trapdoors and no hidden speakers. The light bulb had been removed from the fitting in the ceiling. Six chairs for the sitters were placed in the room. There was also a box containing a red light globe, a wooden plaque coated in luminous paint and a cone shaped trumpet with luminous tape on each end.

I watched as one of the Sitters secured David to the chair. He was strapped at the wrists and cable ties were placed through these and cut off short. I tried to pull his hands through but it was impossible. His legs were also strapped against the chair legs. Cable ties were fed through the cardigan material next to each button on David's cardigan - Approx 6 cable ties were used on the front of his cardigan from the bottom to the top. Finally the gag was placed in his mouth and tied at the back of his head. A cable tie also secured this. The pliers needed to cut the cable ties were given to me and I placed them under my feet so I could feel them at all times. I was totally satisfied that David Thompson could not move the chair and he certainly could not move out of it - he was totally immobilised.

We all took our places on the chairs provided and the door was then sealed shut with dark-proofing material. There was no light in the room – light is very dangerous to a Physical Medium. One of the Sitters turned on the music. We sang to several songs and at the end of one song, I noticed a distinct change in the atmosphere and knew immediately that an Etherian had entered the room. I can liken this sensation to when someone has come up behind you and you sense they are there but you cannot see them. William then spoke to us all including me – he wanted to know my name. We all held hands and he materialised. William walked over to me and spoke very close to my face and then placed his large hand on the left side of my head very gently. If this had been one of the Sitters pretending to be William then how would they see me in the dark to do this? It was done with precision.

Timothy was next to come through. He greeted me and asked my name. He then asked me if I had spoken to “dead” people before to which I replied no! We were then asked to put some music on. “Georgie Girl” was the first track. To my total delight and amusement Timothy picked up the trumpet and banged it on our heads in time to the music. He tapped it my knees, on my head and then very precisely and gently flicked it on my right nostril. You would need to be able to see in the dark in order to do this. We were all holding hands so we knew where each other were. The trumpet moved around the room at a very fast rate – up to the ceiling, back down to the floor and all around the room and then up and down to the music. We put on an Irish jig and the trumpet moved even quicker to music. I have to say this was so comical – we all roared with laughter.

Next, Timothy picked up the luminous plaque and brought it over to me. I could see his fingers wiggling on the plaque. They were real fingers and fairly small. All Sitters were holding hands. Timothy then felt my fingers of my left hand with his fingers. His fingers were just like feeling anyone’s fingers – they felt and moved as if he was still alive. They were not cold or spooky – just normal.

Louis Armstrong came through and greeted me. I could hear him coming towards me – his voice moved from the other side of the room and kept coming closer. I was asked to keep speaking to him to help him come towards me. He took my hand and shook it. So, I have shaken the hand of Louis Armstrong – or at least of an Etherian that claims to be Louis Armstrong! He sang Wonderful World in his deep guttural voice.

William spoke throughout the Sitting on the Environment and on AIDS and Cancer with some very interesting comments.

The Sitting came to an end after 1.5 hours. After the Closing and the music had stopped, the red light was put on. We all gasped when we saw David Thompson in his chair. The chair had been facing us when the lights were put out. He was now with his back to us with his cardigan turned round so that the buttons complete with the cable ties were up his back. This meant that the cardigan had somehow been taken off David and been placed back on him, still intact.

David was then given water and some time to recover.

My conclusions to what I had witnessed are as follows:

1. I could not detect any fraud.
2. I am satisfied that all the voices, which were very clear, were different from each other and that no one in the group was responsible for them, least of all David who was gagged throughout the duration.
3. I witnessed conclusive proof of materialised beings that once lived on earth. I sensed them, spoke to them, touched them and laughed with them.
4. It would be impossible, unless you had night vision goggles on, to touch the Sitters with a cardboard trumpet in the precise and gentle way that Timothy did. I saw no such equipment brought into the room.
5. It would have been impossible for David to get out of the chair and turn it around and then tie himself up again. He could not have got the ties undone without retrieving the pliers from under my feet. He certainly could not have got them undone in the first place.

If you are reading this and think that it was all a big con and that you think that I, along with 6 other sane individuals are either deluded, making it up or gullible then consider this; I would like you or someone else you know to replicate this exact same phenomena under the same conditions. Also, ask yourself why would David and the six regular Sitters bother spending their Sunday evenings stuck in a small, stuffy room for no payment. If it were fraud, why would David Thompson bother to sit in a chair and be bound and gagged for 1.5 hours for the last 10 years? Frankly, I would rather be watching TV or enjoying a nice glass of wine in the garden! Unless, of course, it is real… unless people, that have died some time ago, are actually materialising and speaking to us to show us all living things survival “death”. I think I too would give up my Sunday evenings to experience that. Wouldn’t you?

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