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Public Physical Séance with David Thompson
Perth’s Northern Beaches, Western Australia

Report by Jane

On Sunday 29th July 2007, I attended a Séance with David Thompson and approx 20 other Sitters in a private house located in Perth, Western Australia. This was the second time I have attended a physical séance with David as the Medium.

The objective of my report is to demonstrate to you the improbability of fraud taking place during the séance. My background consists of having a strong interest in researching the “Paranormal” since childhood. I am also an open-minded sceptic who tries to view any spiritual experiences that I and others may have in an objective manner. I do not follow any organised religion nor do I believe that all Mediums are genuine. However, we only need one account of a genuine spirit contact out of the many experiences people have had, to prove how little orthodox science knows about life, the transition of death and an existence beyond that.

The evening of the séance began with each sitter being searched. David, his cardigan and silk mouth gag were all searched by a randomly chosen sitter. Two other sitters were asked to check the wooden chair that David would sit in. The arms, seat and chair legs were all solid and could not be taken apart. Another checked the electrical cable ties. The séance room was an average sized bedroom with carpeted floor and open wardrobe area. The windows had been blacked out. There were approximately 20 plastic garden chairs in the room for the sitters and Circle Leader.

David was immobilised in the chair (which was located in the open robe) by the Circle Leader whilst sitters were asked to carefully observe. David’s legs were strapped to the chair legs. His wrists were strapped to the arms of the chairs and cable ties added for extra security. Approximately 6 cable ties were placed through the button holes of the cardigan. Finally David was gagged and the gag secured with a cable tie. These could only be removed with pliers. The pliers were given to a sitter to place under his feet throughout the séance. (I noticed on the previous Friday night after a sitting had ended that the gag had left a noticeable red mark on the sides of David’s face indicating that it had been on for sometime and could not have been off for the duration of the séance whilst voices were produced.) Sitters were asked to pull David’s hands and legs out of the straps and ties but it was impossible. A red light was then turned on and the ceiling light was removed from its fitting. The red light was then turned off and we were in darkness.

After an opening prayer and some singing, the first spirit to arrive was William Charles Cadwell - David’s guide and friend. He spoke in a very clear and distinct voice which does not resemble the Medium’s. William and Chris then both spoke at the same time so it was easy to hear that the Circle Leader was not producing the voice of William. William then came straight over to me and called me by my name when he spoke to me. He then placed his hand on my face very gently and with precision. Before we went into the séance, I noted the size of David’s hands – I would describe them as being of average size for a man but certainly not large like William’s hand is. William’s hand was warm and smooth like that of someone who did not do manual work. He placed his hand on my face exactly – just as though he was able to see me. This was no latex rubber glove and he certainly didn’t fumble to do what he did. When William removed his hand, I could still feel the energy from it for sometime afterwards. It is important here that I mention the smoothness of William’s hand as my friend next to me had her Grandfather materialise and his hands were quite dry and rough. He was a manual worker in life. She was also touched by William and said the difference between the hands was quite distinct. She also noted that the feeling of William’s hand remained for sometime afterwards.

Timothy, who died as a child, materialised and showed us his small fingers against the luminous plaque. Jack also came through and placed his hand on the plaque. We could clearly see moving fingers and again, no latex gloves. Timothy performed the trumpet phenomena and tapped a few of us on our heads in time to the music and once again it was done with precision and no clumsy fumbling as you would expect if you or I tried to do this in darkness.

Various other spirits materialised which included spirits that identified themselves as Louis Armstrong (sang in guttural voice), Quentin Crisp, Silver Birch and Maurice Barbanell. Loved ones of sitters also materialised. I cannot verify if these spirits were who they said they were as no one materialised that I knew when they were alive. The thing I wish to emphasise here is that spirits of people that have died are materialising without a doubt, and I think that is the most important issue. However, sitters that did have people materialise - that they once knew - said they were the people they claimed to be. I noticed a change in the energy or “feeling” of the room after one sitter became a little emotional as his father spoke to him and apologised for something he did in life. One sitter was given an apported object – again how would you see in the dark to place the item in the sitter’s hand?

The voices of William, Timothy and Jack are all very strong and clear as they are practised at materialising. They are also very different to each other. The voices seem to be richer in tone to those of any living people in the room. They sounded like they were originating from various parts of the room and William’s voice came very close to my face when he spoke to me. Timothy would also make his voice emanate from high up and then a second later from down near the floor. When the spirits dematerialised, their voices seemed to retract quickly back towards the floor. It was quite a bizarre thing to hear and I am struggling to describe exactly what it
sounded like.

William answered further questions as the séance came to a close. Some closing songs were sung and during this I heard a loud thud. Chris prompted David to see if he had come out of trance and then the red light was switched on. David, still bound and gagged in the chair, had moved approximately 3 feet from where he was originally when the séance began. The cardigan had been reversed with all cable ties in tact. Sitters were then asked to come forward and check all the plastic ties and other straps that immobilised David. Everything was still intact.

I now challenge any hard core sceptic to replicate what David Thompson and the Circle of the Silver Cord produces each week. I want them to do this under the same conditions and have the same results. To say that David and his Home Circle are frauds or are deluded then I think it’s about time that we look to the hard core sceptics for that state of delusion.

Perth, WA 31 July 2007.

Red Jane's report on her first sitting.


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