A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife


James Randi Attacks Lawyer Victor Zammit - Victor's Rebuttal

Someone sent me email that James Zwinge Randi, (hereinafter JZR) had some fifteen articles attacking me. Why is JZR wrong and most unfair and unjust in his attempt to maliciously attack me? Why is he so hugely frustrated? Why is he fuming with anger? Why is he so venomously aggressive against me and psi experts and gifted mediums?

1. Failure to beat my challenge. More than seven years ago JZR implied he was going to take me on regarding the ONE MILLION DOLLARS for anyone to show that my objective empirical evidence has no validity. That was over seven years ago, I AM STILL WAITING!! And anything which has not been rebutted will stay valid until it is rebutted. If empirical afterlife evidence cannot be rebutted it will stay valid – permanently. His refusal to even try on his claimed basis that, “You can’t prove the negative” is invalid, illegitimate, unacceptable and worthless – not consistent with the professional rules of debate - see below.

2. JZR is allegedly a stage magician – JZR is NOT a scientist, he is not an empiricist, he is not a scholar or an intellectual or a researcher. He has NO formalized learning regarding experimentation. He never had any of his writings referred to by academic scientists or scholars. In fact his conduct shows him to be a conman, a mind-manipulator and someone who himself admits - and this is a matter of public record - to being highly skilled in deception, trickery and conning.

3. Critical thinking? I nearly fell off my chair laughing when he states that he is into 'critical thinking' – and his foundation is based on critical thinking! How can anyone be a critical thinker when he already has made up his mind that the paranormal does not exist, the afterlife does not exist, afterlife physics does not exist, non-physical energy does not exist – even though there is a great deal of irrefutable empirical evidence to the contrary? True critical thinking requires the strictest objectivity. There cannot be genuine critical thinking when someone is deeply negatively entrenched in crusading against the afterlife, against the paranormal with an apriori negative conclusions deeply entrencehd!

4. Silly propaganda: JZR plays dirty to willfuly deceive the public when he repeatedly comes up with the usual rubbish that he can’t refute my objective empirical evidence because you, “cannot prove the negative.” Why is JZR absolutely wrong and is misleading the gullible? See 6) below.

5. “Zammit has been *ridiculed for the very fact that he offers zero proof of what he preaches, but only scolds us for not proving him wrong — when he offers no evidence!” Ridiculed by whom? NO scientist ever rebutted my objective twenty two areas of afterlife evidence or made denigrating comments about my afterlife research. No professional empiricist, no professional of any sort has ever shown why my evidence is not valid or expressed anything negatively about my afterlife research. As a matter of fact, NOT one person on earth has ever rebutted the admissibility of my objective afterlife evidence in the seven years that I had the evidence on my website. Not one professional litigation lawyer ever showed that why my evidence cannot be admitted as empirical evidence. This is when level headed people start to ask whether JZR is fully with us on this planet earth. Some non-entity, a nobody, an insignificant, uninformed skeptic, a loser and a defeatist and a personal friend of JZR - A.S. This nobody A.S. tried to 'mock' my evidence and my website, tried to be cynical and sarcastic AND by using my name - to illegitimately get hits on the Net because he's a nobody - he's just a cheat scurrilously stealing the name of those who have a good name. He's as popular as a worm in a bird's nest. Notice very carefully, his mentor JZR gave up trying to to take me on, trying to brief informed empiricists to deal with my irrefutable and substantive evidence. What a bunch of no hopers!

For the record, no one has been able to rebut my afterlife evidence. Period!

6. ADMISSIBILITY OF EVIDENCE: JZR, “You can't prove the negative ... I have never claimed that I could prove there isn’t an afterlife. That’s like trying to prove that there isn’t a Barbie doll on the moon” (Sic). This is JZR's big gun against me - mistakenly stating, "You can't prove the negative."

JZR here shows he has more enthusiasm to be cynical, sarcastic and denigrating than being knowledgeable about admissibility of evidence. His statement also reveals how embarrassingly wrong he is, how ignorant he is of the rules of professional debate and how invalid his analogy is. Not any of the negatively entrenched empiricists has ever support him on this one.

Read this very carefully. In professional debate, the asserter has to positively expressly state his evidence, as I have done with my 22 different areas of evidence . Here I just identify a few if these areas: EVP, ITC, MEDIUMSHIP of all kinds, XENOGLOSSY, PSYCHIC LABORATORY EXPERIMENTS, POLTERGEISTS - (in all some twenty two different areas of afterlife evidence). The opposition then has to rebut the evidence in each area - has to show that what has been expressly stated cannot be valid – giving technically admissible reasons – where, when, why and how the evidence cannot be admitted or to completely discredit the objective evidence. JZR failed to do that. I strongly advise JZR to go to an experienced professional litigation lawyer to take over the debate with me because only a litigation lawyer would know the procedure on how to properly rebut expressly stated admissible evidence.

Also JZR appears to have the cunning but not the intelligence or the empirical skills or the expertise or the essential knowledge of scientific method to negate the expressly stated evidence. Even expert negative empiricists, senior litigation lawyers, District and Supreme Court judges and senior scientists failed to rebut my strong afterlife evidence. As well, debunkers of all kinds failed to do that too. The evidence accordingly remains valid and will continue to be valid. Why? Because the evidence is empirical evidence which means it can NEVER be refuted or rebutted or be invalidated in any way. Senior lawyers and scientists know that very well, otherwise they would have taken me on years ago.

7. Failure to duplicate psychic phenomena: JZR had stated words to the effect that he can duplicate anything psychics can produce – but in practice he has shown he can’t.

In The Fulcrum television show in 2003 in England JZR tried to show that ‘cold reading’ accounts for mental mediumship of psychics such as John Edward, James Van Praagh, Sylvia Browne and others. The producers of this television show were fooled, misled and misinformed by JZR into thinking that what mediums do is all ‘cold reading’ and invited him onto the TV show. With cameras on, JZR came out in front of the studio audience trying to do a John Edward psychic performance. He was so bad - so embarrassingly bad, so incompetent, so hugely ridiculous when he tried to emulate gifted mental medium John Edeard, that most of the audience booed him and told him to get out of the studio. The highly embarrassed producers had no alternative but to stop the cameras. This item was unfortunately edited out of the show – an item which is pure gold showing one of the greatest frauds in history on screen trying to commit fraud. See

I have challenged debunkers (including JZR) – and others from around the world to duplicate the results David Thompson is getting in his materialization experiments where spirit people fully materialize, have conversations with us and answer questions intelligently. For HALF A MILLION dollars to put up or shut up! But if and when they fail, JZR has to hand over our medium the said sum of half a million dollars. The debunkers, including JZR very wisely chose to stay as quiet as a mouse- because JZR CANNOT duplicate our sensational psychic results. Is JZR too cowardly to take us on?!”

8. My published research: JZR stated when he was attacking gifted medium Allison Dubois, “Oh yes, he's a published author" — self-published. He paid for the printing of his ONE book, himself, and he's the only one who sells copies, right out of his home! (Actually I wrote more than three books) The fact is that my afterlife 256 page book goes to more than 100 countries every day of the week. I allow it to be downloaded for free because of feedback that the information is so urgent and important to so many people. In many countries where the book is being read people are not able to drop into their local bookshop or buy on the internet with a credit card. It has been translated into a number of languages, included Spanish, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch (p.c.), French (p.c.) and later on it is going to be translated into Chinese and German. Up until now I have resisted numerous offers to publish the book mainstream because in doing so I would have to cease making it available for free download. However the book has already been published in Russia and is now in bookshops all over Russia and soon it will be published mainstream throughout the rest of the world. I gave myself a number of years to continue to refine my presentation and sent my afterlife research to hard core skeptical debunkers to rebut – including JZR. After waiting for a number of years, no one has been able to rebut the evidence, no one has been able to show that my evidence is not valid or that it is inadmissible. So my next stage for the book is to go mainstream knowing that no scientist, no debunker, no skeptic, no stage entertainer had the skills, the ability, the knowledge and the substance to rebut the afterlife evidence.

9. Further, why has this JZR not rebutted a mainstream highly academic book IS THERE AN AFTERLIFE, modelled on my book by Prof David Fontana? Or why has not this sarcastic attacker JZR rebutted that brilliant book on the paranormal by Dr Dean Radin, THE CONSCIOUS UNIVERSE (translated into fourteen languages)? The answer is obvious: this JZR lacks the information, lacks the depth, lacks the skills, lacks the knowledge - he is ignorant of the technicalities of scientific method. For heaven’s sake, what do you expect from an alleged kids’ stage entertainer who trained in ‘verbal sleight of hand’ to try to fool the public?

10. BY WHAT AUTHORITY? JZR implies that I do not have authority to write about the afterlife. My academic qualifications are in Ancient and Modern History, Major in Psychology, Major in Scientific Method as an adjunct to Psychology, Law with particular expertise in the admissibility of evidence. Further, my intensive research led me to communicate with intelligences from the afterlife in the same way as did some of our greatest scientists who walked this planet earth including Sir William Crookes – the greatest scientist of his time, Sir Oliver Lodge – the greatest physicist of his time, Sir William Barrett – a leading Professor of Physics in his time, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle brilliant writer - and many others. I am personally involved in the David Thompson materializations experiments – where I regularly have conversations with afterlife intelligences – people who lived on this planet earth and now walk and talk with us and answer intelligent questions. We are doing voice correlations and the results so far are just stunningly impressive.

11. JZR’s racism – his racial hatred for American Indian comes about when he tries by imputation to attack the spirituality of Silver Birch and White Eagle. Any intelligent, non-aligned person will see that these said personalities made a huge contribution towards understanding the purpose of life on our planet earth. No one on earth in fifty years has ever shown that what these two afterlife intelligences stated was wrong, invalid, irrelevant or unnecessary. The contrary is that we see a great deal of supreme spiritual inspirational eloquence unmatched by any other spiritual literature we have on earth. But note very interestingly, this racist JZR does not identify any wrongful or irrational or illogical aspect of these two spirit entities from some twenty books of information which were transmitted from them. Why not? The level headed reasonable person does not care what race high spirituality comes from. Absolutely, this JZR will one day, guaranteed, swallow his own racial venom.

12. JZR’s attempt to attack Victor’s credibility: “Victor said that their "… energy is rotating much faster than the atoms on earth"? Folks, this is a lawyer registered to practice at the bar in Australia. Professionally, he gives advice to clients. The mind boggles."

Victor: Here JZR shows classic Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) in action regarding ‘deletions’ when JZR receives information fundamentally inconsistent with his own cherished materialist beliefs which gives him a lot of anxiety. This materialist JZR’s own belief is that there is no afterlife; there is no paranormal. Modern physicists are stating, that the paranormal can be explained by the afterlife energy swirling faster that the physical energy. I was referring to Chapter 9 of my book about the atomic vortices swirling faster than physical atoms - see Einstein’s E=mc2 (squared) and to my chapter on QUANTUM PHYSICS AND THE AFTERLIFE see chapter 25. But of course, JZR being an alleged kids’ magician, one can understand his colossal cynicism and ignorance about these highly advanced scientific conceptualizations. I do strongly suggest the reader to read these two critical chapters. And when you do, you will understand how ridiculous, how uninformed and preposterous JZR’s comments are.

13. JZR implies Zammit is a ‘believer’. What absolute nonsense! I am a lawyer empiricist and do not have the luxury of beliefs. I study cause-effect relationship. But JZR is himself a believer in materialism–a BELIEF that nothing exists outside the five senses. And ANY personal belief – as JZR has, is itself subject to complete invalidation. So, JZR is launching his venom from a position of extreme weakness – subjective beliefs not supported by empiricism or science or objectivity.

14. JZR states: “Strange Mr. Zammit, mentioned last week, complained for years that no one — particularly I — would test "psychic" Chris Robinson of the UK. "Well, Susan Blackmore tested him, and he failed, but Zammit carried on bitching…” The fact is that according to Chris Robinson, Susan Blackmore NEVER really tested him. This JZR got his marbles all mixed up - as usual. Richard Wiseman “tested” Chris. But the problem is that Wiseman is deeply entrenched as an anti-psychic debunker. He is on record for unilaterally changing the agreed protocol with Chris without notice to willfully fundamentally try to bring about negative results. This was done because it was obvious Chris Robinson was a gifted pre-cognitive and he was obtaining positive results. This gave Wiseman a great deal of anxiety, stress and he went into a panic – so he cheated and started testing him on psychometry and then cheated to produce a negative result! And this Wiseman, a member of the most notorious anti-paranormal group in the United States, had the audacity to say he had tested a gifted psychic? How silly! How ridiculous! What a waste of time and money! It’s like going to the Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan asking him if some African American is as intelligent as a white boy. Any dumb dumb, as with this Richard Wiseman/Chris Robinson case, would know the answer before the experiment takes place!

15. “Why don’t you take up JZR’s one million dollars challenge Victor?” an emailer asked me. My standard answer is that JZR does NOT have a genuine offer. He is on record for telling Prof Dennis Rawlings regarding the alleged million dollars offer, “I will always have a way out (of paying …)” Need we say more? JZR’s offer is the biggest hoax in paranormal history. Why has no applicant EVER reached the second stage of his challenge? Because he fails them ALL in his own subjective first test of his challenge! He is a judge in his own cause because he is the sole arbiter as to what technically constitutes psychic phenomena. No amount of legitimate, genuine and valid paranormal objective evidence will be sufficient to a closed minded skeptic if he does not want to accept it. His million dollar challenge is a farce - and JZR knows that! The psychics and mediums know that. The psi empiricists know that. I know that. And too many people know that too! I have been advising gifted psychics and other potential applicants KEEP AWAY FROM THIS HOAXER, from this CHARLATAN– he’s wasting your precious time and money. GET IT?

16. From an emailer: why do you think JZR attacked you when you say you did not attack him first? That’s an easy one to answer. The substantive objective evidence for the paranormal and the afterlife give JZR huge anxiety, stress and nervous tension. Why? Because the evidence shows that he’s wasted his lifetime being a debunker, a believer in nothing. He’s got no evidence, no substance, no empiricism at all that he is right, that his skeptical beliefs are correct. We both CANNOT be right. One of us is wrong. As I have shown, I have science and empiricism on my side and in any inconsistency with skeptical beliefs empiricism prevails over skeptical beliefs. Without his debunking, JZR will be a non-entity, a nothing, a nobody, he’s no longer a celebrity. All the skeptical work he did in his life, all his skeptical debunking, all his tricks, all his anti-paranormal, anti-afterlife propaganda will become absolutely and totally irrelevant. All will ignore him. To offset this anxiety, he’s caught in a trap of being negatively motivated into keeping on being an extremely skeptical, anti-paranormal, anti-afterlife crusader.

17. JZR gives the impression he is 'harmless' in his denigrating the afterlife and the paranormal evidence. Harmless? Anyone who is willfully disseminating darkness - telling people directly or indirectly not investigate the afterlife, that there is no afterlife, that there are no consequences to one's conduct one earth, that the Law of Cause and Effect does not exist - and implies that people can cheat, lie, negatively manipulate, be most vindictive, push cruelty to its extreme to get their way - this kind of 'darkness' will inexorably elicit huge negative effects. Further, the record shows for decades he has vindictively and unconscionably attacked many decent gifted mediums, scientists, empiricists and others who stated that the afterlife exists and has huge consequences. You call that harmless?

People regularly ask me, “What is likely to happen to this JZR on crossing over?” Well, that is an easy one to answer. He is on record for:

• consistently disseminating darkness on a global level,
• consistently being aggressively dirty with people who do not have the same beliefs he has,
• negative manipulation to hurt, harm and injure people,
• instigating psychological violence against pro-psi professors of whose success he is very much jealous,
• consistent cheating, lying and misinforming people about the afterlife,
• refusing to examine the hard core empirical evidence for the afterlife,
• consistently being cruel and selfish,
• misleading a great number of people about the validity of communicating with the afterlife.

We are credibly informed, by empirically elicited information, that for every effect there is a cause and for every negative action there is a negative reaction. We are also informed that we have a duplicate etheric body of our physical body. Even the Russians accept that and call it the bioplasmic body.

We accordingly directly affect the level of vibration of that etheric body by the deeds and omissions in our lifetime. ‘Bad’ deeds (e.g. cruelty, selfishness) lower the vibrational energy of the etheric body and ‘good’ deeds increase the vibrations of the etheric body – that is classic afterlife physics.

On crossing over, we take with us the accumulated vibrations we gain or lose throughout our lifetime. Now it would appear in context of his conduct, and his refusal to accept there is an afterlife, someone like JZR is likely to cross over with low vibrations. This means, given the highly credible afterlife information, he will automatically be pulled down to an afterlife low vibrating dark realm to accommodate his level of vibrations.

The afterlife physics is that no low vibrating entity can ever go to a realm which is vibrating at a higher level than the entity’s vibrations – the law is ‘like inexorably attracts like’.

Further, since JZR does not accept that there is an afterlife, on crossing over he may continue to think he is still alive on earth. He will know that something is different, like people NOT answering him when he tries to talk to them. But if he refuses to admit he’s dead, mental confusion could set in – in his realm of darkness.

We are informed from highly credible sources that this terrible mental confusion could last for “thousands of years”. But this is not the worst case scenario.

If his vibrations are very low, he would automatically be pulled down to the lowest, darkest realm where he would find himself in the company of some of the worst human beings this world has ever seen – where there will be violence, despair and terror– and that could last for thousands of years. Ughh!!!

A universal law is that for every effect there’s a cause - for every action there’s a reaction – which means nobody gets away with negative karmic conditions – nobody!

Victor Zammit, January 2007

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