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"R Wiseman started his career as a conjurer, and ... he tirelessly promotes the Skeptical cause through public lectures." Dr Rupert Sheldrake, professional scientist.

"Expecting R Wiseman to be impartial with psychics is like asking a
Ku Klux Klan Wizard to be impartial about African Americans." Victor Zammit

Regarding the attempt to unconscionably and cruelly 'AMBUSH' gifted 'medical intuitive' 17 year old Russian Natasha Demkina by US nationally recognized debunking, negative group CSICOP's Messrs. Profs. Hyman and Wiseman - there were a number of most questionable, irregular and unethical conditions, which have made the experiment one of the most profoundly despicable in the history of psychic investigation in the United States.

Conclusion: is the test conducted by Hyman & Wiseman on Natasha technically INVALID?

To all bona fides psychics, psi empiricists, members of the Society for Psychical Research UK and the US - and those who have genuine intuitive gifts such as 'medical intuitives'.


Accordingly in the public's interest, there are certain critical issues to raise:

i) CRITICAL : why didn't these debunkers Hyman and Wiseman and CSICOP inform Natasha Demkina when she was still in Russia that these mentioned:

a) are deeply entrenched closed-minded skeptical debunkers,
b) have a longstanding consistent reputation for being negative, for being actively anti-psychic,
c) have a history in the US and UK and elsewhere of NOT finding anything in favor of psychic phenomena,
d) unconscionably attack and denigrate psi scientists who obtain positive psi results and
e) that gifted British psychics - such as Chris Robinson- bitterly complained that Wiseman 'tricked' them, 'fooled' them by changing the procedure in the experiment at the very last moment without due notice - exactly what these two closed minded debunkers did to Natasha.
f) did not inform Natasha that Wiseman obtained negative results whereas brilliant American empiricist Dr. Marilyn Schlitz doing the SAME psychic experiment obtained positive results illustrating 'Experimenter Effect' - that deeply a entrenched negative experimenter ALWAYS obtains negative results.

ii) When the issues are so critical and fundamental for Natasha - traveling from Russia to the US, etc… why didn't the organizers show the mandatory 'due diligence?" Why did they willfully neglect their duty to make FULL disclosures about who they are and the reputations of themselves and of those who financed the project?

iii) Why didn't the debunking experimenters allow for an INDEPENDENT empiricist to oversee the experimental procedure to ensure that there would be no cheating, no 'empirical sleight of hand' by anyone and that there would be true equanimity in the empirical testing?

iv) Why wasn't the selection of the subjects to be medically assessed independently confirmed as legitimate and bona fides?

v) Why weren't the medical records of each subject available for any inspection?

vi) Why was there no evidence presented that the subjects had no connection with the experimenters, with CSICOP or with any other skeptical or anti-psychic groups?

vii) On the day of the experiment, why was Natasha's usual interpreter replaced by one chosen by the negative CSICOP?

CRITICAL: Why did Hyman and Wiseman CHANGE Natalia's METHODOLOGY with which she was consistently obtaining successful results?

COMMENT: my opinion is that the negative experimenters willfully changed the methodology - a MOST FUNDAMENTAL VIOLATION in scientific method - so that they themselves could use 'empirical sleight of hand' on Natasha to prevent her from obtaining favorable results.

Instead of maintaining the established correct repeatable protocol Natasha established, the experimenters Hyman & Wiseman introduced new extraneous variables: the matching of the cards with the patients' alleged known medical problem.

Secondly, instead of allowing Natasha to examine them individually, the experimenters to confuse Natasha, allowed the group to stand up and be close to each other.

We are informed by the experimenter among other things words to the effect - "we had to change the procedure to prevent cheating." Why should the presumption of fraud be on psychics and not also on the experimenters Hyman & Wiseman - with a notorious reputation for negativity and debunking? Why is it that we ought to believe the experimenters ( who in my opinion do not have credibility in conducting psi experiments) that Natasha could cheat and not assume that the experimenters themselves could cheat to prevent Natasha from obtaining best results?

If Natasha consistently obtained positive results, the experimenters would have had their decades of professional reputation DESTROYED. The imputation would be that they were WRONG and that for more than twenty years or so had not been competent in conducting psi methodology - as other professionals from the United States and the UK imputed in their assessment of negative psi empiricists.

For these closed minded debunking experimenters Hyman & Wiseman this would lead to the most fundamentally serious consequence of not obtaining any funding and of irrevocably losing their professional credibility as experimenters.

I submit that all of this would be a strong motivation for Hyman & Wiseman and anybody else in their position to lie, cheat and be dishonest not only to Natasha, but to the DISCOVERY television network and to the public generally.

The anti-psychic experimenters made it very easy for themselves to cheat, lie and deceive: just get THREE dummies from the skeptical movement to contradict Natasha's reading.

CRITICAL: Why was Natalia's vital support- emotional, psychological and linguistic removed?

Professional empiricists KNOW that to duplicate an experiment, ALL relevant variables have to be maintained constant - to be IDENTICAL. This vital and most imperative procedure was blatantly violated by the skeptical experimenters.

Long experience in the US remote viewing program showed for good results in psi experiments it is essential to have a relaxed and positive environment. Negative expectations by the experimenter have been shown to effect results.

Hyman & Wiseman knowingly subjected Natasha to a highly stressful situation by changing the protocol and refusing to allow her mother to stay with Natasha during the experiment. Further, a different interpreter was chosen by the negative skeptical debunkers CSICOP would add to the disruption of obtaining positive results. Natasha herself was still in strange surroundings (her first trip to the US) and suffering from jetlag.

CRITICAL: Why did Hyman & Wiseman NOT keep ALL variables constant when Natasha initially obtained 100% successful results? (see vii above)

CRITICAL: Whereas Natasha when relaxed under normal circumstances takes a relatively short time to assess a patient's health condition, during the final test she took more than four hours. There was pressure for her to "hurry up" in her assessment. This was another intruding negative variable to willfully skew any possible positive results. And on balance of probabilities, this also raises the very serious charge that there could have been subjects from the skeptical movement to guarantee negative results.

CRITICAL: It is mandatory by law if the contract and the tests are to be validated in any way that Natasha be informed she had a technical RIGHT to obtain independent expert advice from lawyers who are also experts in psi. Not only that, it will be essential to show that she was informed of her rights in Russian and that she understood her rights and all the essential information pursuant to the 'due diligence' was conveyed to her.

Conduct of the matter shows there was no equality in the bargaining powers of the parties in the contract. No sane lawyer would have advised Natasha to go through the experiment with the closed minded American skeptics. Clearly, Wiseman & Hyman exploited her and most unconscionably took advantage of Natasha's immaturity and her definitively weak bargaining power. That alone would be sufficient to make nugatory all negative results.

The immediate conclusion to the reasonable open-minded person inevitably would be that Natasha Demkina would NOT have accepted the invitation to go to New York to be negatively manipulated, to be tricked, to be unconscionably exploited - to save the reputation of those notorious closed minded negative debunkers who were made to look stupid and totally irrelevant by the brilliant psychic results produced by Natasha Deminka elsewhere for over five years.

But even with the odds hugely against her repeating her successes because of the enormous obstacles placed against her, Natasha still scored an amazing four out of seven - which is SIGNIFICANTLY far better than chance. I reiterate, that it is a very real possibility that one or more of the seven "subjects" could have been primed to make it IMPOSSIBLE for Natasha to get perfect or positive results.

I constantly advise gifted psychics, psychic celebrities and anyone connected with psychic phenomena (psi) and the afterlife to keep away from these above-mentioned 'negatives.' Do NOT participate in any experiments conducted by the consistently negatively-minded Messrs. Ray Hyman & Richard Wiseman - and CSICOP. They are actively using 'empirical sleight of hand' to try to discredit genuine psychics. In this group I also include the other deeply negative Zwinge James Randi.

WARN others to keep away from this aforementioned irretrievably negatively entrenched anti-psi, anti-afterlife evidence quartet.

I submit that what anti-psychic traditional psychologists have done is to create a legacy of unfairness, negative manipulation, exploitation of innocent subjects and dishonesty in experimentation that will do down in history as the greatest betrayal in the investigation of medical intuition.

Victor Zammit October 2004

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