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- from television episode ‘Last Orders’

Spectacular evidence about communicating with those in the afterlife dimension

The most spectacular, brilliant ‘reading’ ever about an unsolved case – mediums shocking the viewers – and the police – revealing for the first time the NAME of the victim, WHERE the crime was committed, HOW the victim was killed, WHAT weapon was used, WHO the killers were and the MOTIVATION for the killing of the victim.

One of the most spectacular demonstrations of mental mediumship ever given on television to demonstrate communication with the afterlife was in the episode ‘Last Orders’ of Sensing Murder (in NZ).

Two brilliant mediums, Australian Deb Webber (pictured, left) and New Zealander Kelvin Cruickshank (pictured, right) independently gave highly accurate information about an unsolved murder which happened in 1993.

Deb Webber was in the top 5% of the mediums who applied to do the mediumship for Sensing Murder in Australia and Kelvin was in the top 3% who applied in New Zealand.

The Sensing Murder organizers took each medium to Auckland on a different day– so that they could not communicate with each other.

The mediums were told the case was about an unsolved murder but were not given any details about the case or location. Each was filmed in one day. Only a photo of the victim was given, but both mediums would not look at the picture of the victim in the initial stages.

Here is some of the identical spectacular information the mediums – independently – were able to receive directly from the afterlife from the murdered victim, Kevin O’Loughlin.


1. “victim male”,
2. “30 year old”.
3. ‘wore a mo” ( mustache )
4. “musclely”,
5. “strong arms” (needed strong arms for his work),
6. “there was tension in the family”
7. “left his wife …”
8. “her name was Leanne”
9. “his name is Kevin”
10. “worked in the outdoors,”
11. “was a builder …”
12. “wanted to be mechanic but became a builder to please his mother”
13. “came from the South …”
14.” his closest friend was born on the same day and died on the same day Kevin died”
15. “grew up together …”
16. got the name of his friend- Trevor.

17. “This Kevin was a bit ‘naughty’”
18. “He had several one-night stands after leaving partner”
19 . “ went to a nightclub …”
20 . “left the nightclub early in the morning around 3am.”
21. “He went towards a store … Dick Smith store.”
22. "was ambushed by young guys in their mid twenties …”
23. “near the car-park.”
24. “…was hit first from behind …”
25. “… was stabbed with a sharp knife.”
26. “Kevin had enemies …”
27. ‘… he tended to provoke people”.
28. “… victim died from multiple stab wounds.”
29. “police knew the killer.”
30 . Both mediums came up with the same full name of the killer – first name "Brian" for legal reasons full name cannot be published but was confirmed by the police at the end of the show.
31. “Kevin had a problem with the brother of a female he was taking out”.
32. The mediums identified on a map exactly where the murder took place.
33. Mediums (on alternate times) pointed out exactly where the body fell.
34. … “opposite the doorway of Dick Smith electronic shop”.
35. Kelvin Qruickshank points to an area on the wall where the victim left blood – the killers pushed his face against the wall.
36. Deb Webber says there was “a utility (motor-vehicle) involved. It had the letter “C’ on the side of the driver’s door.” (Such an auto with ‘C’ was seen in an area Deb Webber took the crew to search for the murder weapon).
37. “Kevin had enemies – pushed people around …”
38. “ … had fights with different people …”
39. “ … was promiscuous …”
40. “ … his female companion’s brother directly involved …”
41. “…fishing boats … fish everywhere …” (the brother was a fisherman)
42. “killers had very short hair …”

Petone Police of New Zealand confirmed ALL of the information they had on the incident and the suspects killers of Kevin O’Loughlin- saying among other things, “The psychics accurately described the circumstances. Deb Webber came up with the full names of the (two) killers …” The police officer on the show who made the statements about the case would not identify himself by name.

Discussion: Why is Sensing Murder Evidence for the Afterlife?

The mediums working say that they are contacting the victim from the afterlife dimension. The victim is the one transmitting the correct information from the afterlife dimension about WHERE he lived, WHAT he did for a living, WHERE he was at the time of the murder, WHO the people were around him, WHO actually killed him.

In absence of a credible alternative explanation of how the mediums are obtaining the accurate information about the victim’s circumstances, the logical thing is to accept what the mediums are telling us – that they are obtaining the information directly from the victim himself. The situation is exactly as if the victim somehow came back to life and accompanied the mediums individually telling them what happened.

Alternative explanations which cannot be accepted:

1. GUESSING? The mediums are guessing the information. This is not acceptable because there was simply too many things that were deadly accurate. When I approached a skeptic about the matter, he admitted that no skeptic would be able to match these mediums’ accuracy about the detailed circumstances.

2. FRAUD? That the organizers of Sensing Murder gave the information to the mediums. That also cannot be accepted. Systematic fraud like that would be criminal, which means those involved would very likely be sent to jail. Deb Webber has done more than twenty episodes of Sensing Murder of the same quality. No, there was NO fraud at all. Further, the mediums were able to produce information amounting to admissible evidence the police did not have about the murder circumstances.

3. INFORMATION RELATED TO THE MEDIUMS BY OTHERS? That is also NOT possible. In all circumstances the ex-partner and the friends did not know who the mediums were going to be on the show Sensing Murder.

4. COLD READING? It cannot be cold-reading because the mediums are not asking any questions to anyone. Information is received directly from the afterlife given by the victim.

5. ‘SUPER- ESP.’ This refers to the theory that everything stated or thought of in this world finds itself in a super-memory-bank-in-the-sky somewhere called the Akashic Records which mediums can access at call. Why this is not Super-ESP is because there are questions-answers going on between the medium and the victim in the afterlife. The victim is talking in his own voice to the forensic medium, is repeatedly answering questions by the mediums giving the mediums names, dates and the details of the circumstances.

Sensing Murder confirms the evidence provided in relation to Psychic Detectives where the highly credible and usually highly skeptical police officers in the United States all stated that the professional forensic psychics and mediums they worked with were impressively genuine and deadly accurate. They all stated they would work with the gifted forensic psychics and mediums in the future.

No doubt, Sensing Murder is a demonstration of communication between gifted mediums and those from the afterlife dimension.

Many people have no idea how sensitive good mediums are and the challenges that come with their gift. In this program DebWebber, Kelvin Cruikshank and other mediums who were were part of the top 5% of applicants chosen for the New Zealand program Sensing Murder talk frankly about their mediumship.


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