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Precautions against fraud taken at every sitting




Audio Files of Materialization Seances with David Thompson.

David Thompson is one of the World’s Foremost Direct Voice & Materialisation Mediums currently based in Auckland Australia but occasionally working internationally.

What is a materialization medium?
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Precautions against fraud taken at every sitting

Answering the critics

Sunday 10th June 2007

William told us tonight that the Circle of the Silver Cord needs to consolidate its energies in order to move into the next phase of the work. For this reason we will not be having guests at the home circle sittings in the immediate future and will no longer be releasing tapes. We will however be having occasional circles to which guests will be invited and public seances and tapes from these will be made available.Rest assured that the work is continuing to unfold under William's careful direction and we will be releasing more details as developments occur.

Below you can read a selection of the best seance reports and listen to audio tapes recorded between 30th June 2006 and 12th June 2007.

May 6th 2007
David sat in trance and William gave mostly personal messages to the sitters.
After the session we received an email from New Zealand with an eye-witness report from a sitter who had been reunited with two friends at the recent sittings in Auckland. Read report.

April 29th 2007
The session was taken up mostly with personal messages to the sitters and visitors. The grandfather of one visitor came through and thanked her for speaking at his funeral two weeks before. The father of one of the circle members came through and Doris Stokes came through with a personal message for a visitor.

April 22nd 2007

* Timothy brings through the father of Chris Howarth, a visiting medium, who shakes hands with him some eight feet from where the medium sits strapped into his chair talking. At the beginning of the materialisation there is a violent shaking of the cabinet where the medium is sitting.Listen to Mp3file.
* Chris Howarth thanks Jack from bringing through a close female friend in a seance with David Thompson four years previously. Listen to Mp3file.
* Post-seance interview with Chris Howarth who claims he absolutely recognised his father. Listen to Mp3 file.

March 18th 2007
Leslie Flint came through to talk to a sitter (Listen to MP3 file) (transcript) William answered a question on what happens to pets when they die (listen to Mp3 file) (transcript) and answered a question on how to define spirituality (Listen to Mp3 file). Louis Amstrong materialised to say hello to our three guests.

March 11th 2007
William spoke a lot about the importance of birth and how death should be celebrated as much as birth (Listen to MP3 file) and answered a question about funerals (Listen to MP3 file).

January 28th 2007

The highlight of the sitting was two moving personal reunions between guests and loved ones who had passed over recently. In both cases excellent verification was given. Listen to Sarah's reunion with Nick (Mp3 file).. read transcript and Sarah's statement.
As well William answered a question on a much publicised case of euthanasia (Mp3 file) and a question about how he gets into the ectoplasm (Mp3). [Read transcript]

January 21st 2007

The seance room was exceptionally hot as it it midsummer in Australia and electrical applicances cannot be used in the seance room. The sitters were surprised when Willian bounded out of the "cabinet" set up in the corner of the room in a fraction of the usual starting time to greet Keith, a guest sitter and long-time friend of David visiting from the UK.(MP3 file) [read transcript]. William then discusses the temporary cabinet and the effect of heat on ectoplasm (MP3 file). [read transcript]

January 14th 2007

William answered concerns that the voices heard in the Circle are not who they claim to be. He says clearly that mental mediumship is sometimes clouded by the mind of the medium (Mp3) [read transcript] and claims the voices are genuine (Mp3) [read transcript] and confirms that those who comunicate through the Circle are who they claim to be (Mp3).[read transcript] William speaks on the diffulties of comunicating through ectoplasm (Mp3) [read transcript] especially in conveying gender and accent (Mp3). [read transcript] He makes the anaology that speaking through ectoplasm is like speaking while coming out of an anaesthetic (Mp3).[read transcript] He points out that although David has done thousands of sittings over ten years no-one has claimed fraud (Mp3).[read transcript] He speaks of the closed minded skeptics for whom the afterlife is unprovable (Mp3). [read transcript] Finally the circle has a discussion of how to gather fingerprint evidence (Mp3).[read transcript]

December 23rd 2006

William answers a young couple's question about soulmates (MP3 file) read transcript an internet question about orbs (MP3 file) read transcript. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle responds to Victor's open letter and continues to urge him to get the book mainstream (MP3file) read transcript. Then a spirit doctor materialised and gave healing to two members of the circle. As a Christmas bonus three fathers of Circle members came through with Christmas greetings.

December 17th 2006

Sir Arthur advises Victor to ignore the skeptics (MP3 file) read transcript
A touching Christmas reunion between a sister and her deceased older brother.

December 3rd 2006

William answers Mitch's questions about the afterlife (MP3file) and the definition of God (MP3 file)

The circle witnessed a very emotional reunion between the mother of a circle member and her deceased husband. He was only able to stay a short time. Immediately following this Louis Armstrong came through and passed on a message from the man to his wife in song. (MP3 file)

November 19th 2006

William on the need to "shout loudly"(MP3 file) read transcript

November 12th 2006

William on the importance of the environment (MP3 file) read transcript
William answers question on EVP for Artem (MP3 file) read transcript
Jane (visitor) meets William (MP3 file) read transcript
Jane meets Louis Armstrong. (MP3 file)
Interview with Jane (MP3 file) read transcript
Jane's report on the experiment (doc.)

October 25, 27 and 29th 2006

David Thompson conducted three materialization experiments in a specially constructed light-proof room in Aukland, New Zealand at the invitation of Ken and Elizabeth Pretty and the Auckland Spiritualist Alliance. The results were stunning and included materializations by:

* Gordon Higginson former President of the Spiritualists National Union (UK) and a gifted materialization medium himself , (Listen to audio- Read transcript ). Read more about Gordon.

* Coral Polge world famous psychic artist (listen to audio- Read trasnscript). Read more about Coral.

* Maurice Barbanell, founding editor of the Psychic News (UK);
(Listen to audio- Read transcript). Read more about Maurice.

Silver Birch, a spiritual genius on afterlife matters;( listen to audio; read the transcript ) Read more about Silver Birch.

The last three were well known in life to Ken Pretty, the host and organizer of these miraculous New Zealand materialization meetings. He recognized them unequivocally and spoke with them about old times. That was most impressive and convincing.

Another nine people had loved deceased relatives materialize and speak with them about personal relationships, embrace them and kiss them. These were very personal and different communications. Below is an example:
* Reunion- Dennis Cunliffe with Wife Elaine and son Shane
Listen to audio Read transcript
(more files being processed)

Interview with eyewitness Ken Pretty (12 mins 3 MG).
Interview with eyewitness Elizabeth Pretty (9 mins 2MG)
Interview with Gaylene (2 mins)

For a sepecial report from Victor Zammit

22nd October 2006-

sitting in Sydney with guest Camilla Persson- files still being processed. Timothy announced that he had Camilla's brother who had been very close to Camilla with him. He then materilialized a pencil and paper so that the brother was able to write a note to Camilla - in Swedish.

15th October 2006

* William materializes and touches sitters (7 min Mp3 file) with transcript

* Timothy's light show (7 mins MP3 file) Timothy uses ectoplasm to spin the cardboard trumpet marked with luminous paint so it becomes a light show.
Warning: Lots of sudden loud noises!!

* Mahatma Gandi speaks through a trumpet (3 mins MP3 file) with transcript

* Sir Arthur Conan Doyle- working with Lodge and Keen (3 min MP3 file) with transcript

* Louis Armstrong sings Wonderful World (3 mins MP3 file) with transcript

* Jack materializes; talks about ectoplasm (10 mins MP3 file) with transcript

* Jack's important message for the world (8 mins MP3 file) with transcript

Swedish Guest Camilla Persson's response on the sitting. (5 mins MP3 file)

8th October 2006- David in Trance.

* Gandhi materialised- still having difficulties with ectoplasm.Told one of the sitters he had been at a peace meeting with her.
(2 mins MP3 file)

29th September 2006

* William claims the group is being taught and strengthened for the manifestions that are coming. Emphasises over and over the need for harmony. 7 mins MP3 file (1.5 MG) with transcript

*William on suicide (2 mins MP3 file) with transcript

15th September 2006

William on how the environmental crisis is affecting communication with the spirit world. 6 mins MP3 file (5 mG) with transcript

William on Why Silver Birch has chosen to return 5 mins MP3 file
with transcript

William on how psychics can predict the future 3 mins MP3 file with transcript

William on reincarnation 3 mins MP3 file with transcript

August 18th 2006

* Sir Arthur Conan Doyle sends a personal message to a psychic rsearcher{name withheld}about the need to stand up and be counted. Also shows difficulty of speaking through ectoplasm.
(3 mins MP3- 1MG)- with transcript.

* Some light relief from Jack the gardener (10 mins MP3- 2.3MG) with transcript

August 11th 2006

William jokes about going on holiday (1.45mins MP3- 1.2MG) with transcript

* William gives a personal endrosement to the 4th edition of Victor's book
(6 mins MP3- 6 MG) with transcript.

August 6th 2006

* William announces visit by a "being of light" - (2 mins MP3- 2MG) with transcript

* Maurice Barbanell introduces Silver Birch- his first time materialising in the circle- still speaking with difficulty (5 mins MP3- 4.5Mb) with transcript

July 28th 2006

* William on difficulties of communicating through ectoplasm ( 1min- Mp3- 1Mg)

* William on the importance of positive emotions (2 mins- MP3 42Mg)

* William on the driving force behind the project (1min- MP3- 1.2Mg) with transcript

July 23rd 2006

* William, the control, answers questions on the afterlife

* Mahatma Gandhi's first materialisation (4 mins-) with transcript.

July 7th 2006

* William, the control, on the need to prove the afterlife- 3 mins with transcript

* William guarantees the authenticity of those materializing and emphasises the need for harmony in the circle 5mins with transcript

* Louis Armstrong sings "Hello Dolly"- 3 mins

* Louis Armstrong gives permisson to "Match my voice" 30 secs with transcript

30th June 2006
* William, the control, introduces the session 5 mins with transcript

* William promises light in the group and emphasises the need for harmony 3 mins with transcript

* Arthur Conan Doyle-"There is no Death" 10 mins( 3 mg) with transcript

* Louis Armstrong sings along with recording of "It's a Wonderful World" 3 mins

* Whoosh sound as spirits materialize 15 secs

* Sound of dematerialization 5 secs


All sound files are the property of David Edward Thompson and are copyright as of the date of production. Copying, reproduction or broadcasting for any purposes without the express written premission of the owner is forbidden.