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Exceptional Human Functioning

It has long been claimed that spiritual masters who practice yoga or buddhist meditation or Qigong and other martial arts develop powers that Western science says do not exist. Yogis call these 'siddhic powers' which they say are the result of meditation or powers passed on by a master.
Westerners can find a good introduction to these claimed powers in Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda.

These powers include:
* telepathy
* clairvoyance
* not feeling cold temperatures
* being able to live without food
* being able to be in two places at once
* being able to travel out of the body
* being able to see past lives
* being able to chose the time to die
* being able to heal others.

The people who have these exceptional human powers also claim to be in contact with the afterlife.

Although these claims have been around for centuries, scientific investigation is only just beginning. At the moment many of the claims have not been scientifically tested by independent international observers.

It is also important to understand that yogis do not seek to encourage the development or proof of these powers which they see as a unimportant and somewhat annoying by-product of spiritual development. They expressly forbid their students from demonstrating their powers and warn that if taken out of context they can lead to ego and loss of spirituality.

However they have been reported by trained observers and many of them relate to psychic abilitites which have been studied scientifically.
In Supernormal Dr. Dean Radin examines the claims made in Patanjali's Yoga Sutras - a 2,000 year-old manuscript on meditation practices which are believed to release our extraordinary powers. He compares these to modern experiments on the paranomal. Listen to interview with Dr Radin.

Below are just some examples

Prahlad Jani (Mataji) has been investigated by a team of doctors to confirm his claims that he survives without eating or drinking.

Chinese researchers claim that some people who studied qi gong develop exceptional human functioning.


Ven. Lama Dondrup Dorje claims to be able to move his students using their own energy.


Javanese healer "John Chang" demonstrates chi.



Paranormal powers in Chinese Children

According to Paul Dong and Thomas E. Raffill the Chinese Government conducts nationwide searches for exceptional human functioning (EHF) children, that is, those who have demonstrated extraordinary psychic talent.

They claim that thirty children have been found who have unusual psychic talent. These children were given training to improve their abilities while scientists tried to study how their powers worked.

EHF Children

Paul Dong and Thomas E. Raffill claim that:

  • one three-year-old boy was able to read and perceive color with his ear
  • another thirteen-year-old girl was good at remote viewing.
  • a twelve-year-old was able to move objects with her mind making flower from the garden fly into a covered tea pot.
  • another girl could change the time on a watch from a distance.
  • other children were able to make flowers bloom instantly through thought and concentration.
  • a girl named Yu Rui Ha could tell which person in the audience had a gun and could read what was written on a piece of paper in a sealed object under water.
  • an eleven-year-old boy was able to locate buried pipelines under the ground.

Zhu Bao Sheng
They also claim that a superstar among Chinese EHF children, Zhang Bao Sheng, was able to remove pills from a sealed bottle and move shoes, keys and various objects through wooden boards and walls. On one occasion in front of several witnesses, he moved a 100 pound sack of sugar through the wall of a storehouse.

We will need to wait for well documented studies from independent scientists before accepting these claims but something is clearly happening for the Chinese government to be spending so much money on this program.

Online: Thomas Rafill- China's Super Psychics Revisited

American psychic Ingo Swann reviewed the book and wrote:

"when a person has reached a high stage of chi gong practice, the internal body [systems] produce a strong chi energy flow. This energy can be released through the eyes, palms, or fingers. In the terminology of chi gong, this is called energy healing. While the power can be used for healing, it can also be used to harm the body. This is the 'empty force' used in chi gong for martial arts.

The helpful or harmful direction of the power is determined by the mind and the strength of the 'chi' energy developed through practice. We know that the 'chi' of chi gong is closely related to the chi or energy of exceptional human functions."


In this interview at 10.00 minutes the remote viewers "Oliver and Slavka" claim that Chinese and North Korea are using powerful psychics.

Part 2 Part 3


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