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Induced After Death Communication

For 20 years, Dr. Allan Botkin Had treated patients at a Veteran’s Administration Hospital in Chicago. He utilized EMDR--eye-movement desensitization and reprocessing--a widely used and proven method of treating PTSD.

One day, during the course of treatment he literally stumbled upon something peculiar. His patient, Sam, a Vietnam vet, revealed that he had seen and spoken to a child whose death he witnessed in a brutal gunfire attack. The child, who he had grown very close to, came to Sam and forgave him for not protecting her. She told him it wasn’t his fault. From that day forward, Sam found his way to mental health. Thus was the birth of IADC. That was in 1995. For his remaining 8 years at the Vet Hospital, Botkin continued using IADC therapy, in secret.

Dr. Botkin, moved into private practice and successfully treated over 3000 patients, many of whom reported that their intense grieving subsided in one or two sessions and the fear of death no longer existed. They could get on with their lives. Most clients felt they were in the presence of the person who had died and could talk directly to them. Some people saw they person, head their voice, felt their touch and or could smell them.

At first Allan Botkin thought that these experiences were all in the mind, but then he discovered that the psychologist who was watching could also see the meeting (Botkin 2005, pp.91-99).

The process is repeatable, teachable and promises to be an interesting new method of research. It also gives immediate help to people who feel a lot of grief or guilt about someone who has died.

It doed not seem to matter who long ago the death happened. The experience of reconnection usually occurs easily and quickly for most people, and the resulting healing seems to hold completely over time.

However, Botkin's work remains on the outskirts of the mental health community. He has trained psychotherapists around the world, written a book entitled “Induced After Death Communication: A New Therapy for Healing Grief & Trauma”, participated in speaking tours, created a comprehensive web site. set up an Institute for trained therapists. Yet, he has been unable to bring IADC into hospitals and treatment centers even though there are thousands people everyday who suffer the debilitating symptoms of PTSD, trauma, and grief.

In the video below :

* 1) an American soldier says that he could see the grass, smell the earth feel the sunlight on his face- it was so real that he felt he was really back in Vietnam. He could see a child that he had killed and asked the boy to forgive him. He cried uncontrollably and then he heard the boy forgive him.
* 2) a woman feels that she is back on the family farm. She sees her dead husband and his sister who died as a baby. Her husband tells her "she can ride ponies here."
* 3) Dr Botkin says that when he was treating patients for post-traumatic stress 15% said that they had real contacts with people who had died.
* 4) the soliders say that they hated themselves becuase they had killed people
* 5) A soldier says he spoke with his mother who tells him that she had forgiven him.
* 6) They all say that they feel the experiences are real and that they are healed in a way that has not been possible in any other therapy.


About this film

A full explanation of the discovery explained here is in the book, Induced After-Death Communication: A Miraculous Therapy for Grief and Loss. Purchase the book from Amazon.com.

Interview with Dr. Botkin

Dr. Botkin set up an Institute to train therapists in the techique. He now retired and his Institute's work is carried on by Cesar Valdez, MSW, an IADC therapist, certified IADC trainer, and serves as the liaison between the EMDR and IADC communities. Cesar is in Ann Arbor Michigan.
List of therapists trained in IADC



Alan Botkin's site http://induced-adc.com/
Interview with Alan Botkin Paranormal Podcast

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