Different Areas of Evidence for the Afterlife

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A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife

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There is scientific evidence for the afterlife.

I am a former practicing lawyer, formally qualified in a number of university disciplines.My wife and co-researcher Wendy was a psychologist. Like many of you, we were thoroughly conditioned in materialist scientific method and logical thinking, and were what I call open-minded skeptics.

Like all people, we began to wonder what happens when we die. We did not believe in religion or in superstition or in wishful thinking. We wanted to find out for ourselves whether there is scientific evidence for the afterlife, and if there is an afterlife, what it is like.

As open-minded investigators, we set out in 1990 to investigate the existing evidence for survival after death and, with others, to test claims that communication with those who have died is possible.

We traveled the world. We talked to many people who had years of first hand experience. We read many thousands of rare books and scientific reports that, prior to the internet were then hidden away in libraries. And we developed our own psychic abilities.

Finally we had the amazing good fortune of being able to talk directly to people who had died many years ago who came back in fully materialized form through physical medium David Thompson. These included our loved ones - my sister and my wife’s father. We were able to hear and record their voices, touch them and shake their hands. We were able to talk to them about things that had happened while they were alive.

And we were present when more than 100 other people met and talked with their materialized loved ones.

This is our story of a serious investigation which has led us to the conclusion, based on the evidence, that there is an afterlife.

In this series on "The Evidence" we have tried to provide a basic introduction to some of the areas of evidence for the afterlife in simple language with videos to illustrate the main points.

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