Different Areas of Evidence for the Afterlife


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Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC)

Since about 1980 psychic researchers have claimed that contact with people who have died has also been made via radio, over telephones, on television, on answering and fax machines and computers.

This more extended and recent voice contact is called Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) or Extended ITC or even Trans-dimensional Communication.

The contact is repeatable, has occurred in laboratories throughout the world, and is being studied by scientists.

The current scientific experiments on ITC are outlined in the ITC journal.


ITC Report around 1999

Mark Macy and World ITC

According to Mark Macy, a leading researcher in this area, throughout the 1990's the research laboratories in Europe received extended, two-way communication with spirit colleagues almost daily through telephone answering machines, radios and computer printouts.

He writes "As a result, for the first time in history, we have been shown direct physical evidence of what life is really like after we shed the physical body."

In this video Mark Macy explains how he first got involved.

Paranormal phone calls

There have been many reports of people answering the telephone and hearing the voice of someone they know has died. Others have received calls from a dead person and found out later the caller had died before the call was made. Parapsychologist Scott Rogo and Raymond Bayliss spent two years investigating and wrote a book "Phone Calls from the Dead" about them in 1979.

During a period of several weeks in 1994 five American ITC researchers received phone calls from fellow researcher Konstantin Raudive who died in 1974. These were George Meek, Mark Macy, Sarah Estep, Dr Walter Uphoff and Hans Heckmann (a close friend and colleague of George Meek). In each case the phone call mentioned the previous phone calls.

Listen to the recording of the call to ITC experimenter George Meek.

A number of researchers began to question the phone contacts, suggesting that they might be a hoax. But then German ITC researcher, Adolf Homes, received a text file on his computer in Germany giving details of the phone calls. His computer was not connected to the internet and the message simply appeared on the screen. The message said other successful contacts had been made to China and Japan by telephone and fax. Read more on Mark Macy's World ITC website (click on Mark Macy and Konstantin Raudive in telephone.. on the right hand side of the page).

The calls have continued since then and one two-way taped conversation in 1996 between Dr Konstantin Raudive and Mark Macy lasted for thirteen minutes.

PROFESSOR ERNST SENKOWSKI has been investigating the field of Instrumental Transcommunication since 1974. A professional physicist, Dr Senkowski was a scientific research fellow at the Institute of Physics at the Mayence university and UNESCO expert for physics at the National Research Center of Cairo, Egypt. His book Instrumental Transcommunication ( on World ITC website under books) is a detailed scientific investigation of this exciting method of communicating with the afterlife without the need for mediums.

Here he talks about the danger of the 'chronovisor'.

Article: Dr. Ernst Senkowski speaks with Dr. Anabela Cardoso.

Videos of Dr. Senkowski (in German)

Download English translation of Dr. Senkowski's book - essential knowledge for ITC researchers

According to Mark Macy’s World ITC website http://www.worlditc.org scientists working for the International Network for Instrumental Transcommunication (INIT) received from the afterlife:

• pictures of people and places in the afterlife on television that either appeared clearly on the screen and remained for at least several frames, or which built up steadily into a reasonably clear picture over multiple frames

• text and/or picture files from people in the afterlife which appeared in computer memory or were planted on disk or similar recordable media

• text and/or images of people and places in the afterlife by way of fax messages.

Such contacts, which were received by European experimenters over a 10-year period and by researchers worldwide from 1995 through 1997, gave us a clear picture of life after death.

The Brazilian team

One of the leading researchers in this field today is Sonia Rinaldi who leads the biggest ITC-association in Brazil, with nearly 700 members. She recently announced new contacts received via computer, answering machine, telephone and video camera.

At public meetings in Brazil and in the United States large numbers of members and visitors were able to receive direct answers from loved ones in the spirit world.

Sonia has discussed these findings on a number of television programs in Brazil.

Up to date information on her research can be read on her website

Her work is based on scientific control and her site contains scientific declarations issued by the most respected University in Brazil, Universidade de São Paulo.

Marcello Bacci’s Voices

Marcello Bacci in Grosseto Italy is another leading researcher into Instrumental Transcommunication. For 35 years he has been receiving paranormal voices on a regular basis in his laboratory.

Bacci uses an old valve radio tuned to white noise in the short wave band. Clear voices can be heard which answer questions. For many years, he has been holding sessions on Friday nights with parents who have lost deceased sons or daughters who claim to be able to hear the voices of their deceased children. Many books have already been written about his work, and Bacci today continues his research using his old valve radio.

Many researchers have visited Bacci’s laboratory to test the phenomenon of the Bacci voices. Physicist Prof. Salvatore Mario Festa, worked with Bacci analyzing the voices every week for six years. Here is part of a report he wrote for world ITC:

"Professional independent researchers, such as Daniele Gullà, Dr. Marabini, Paolo Presi among others have investigated the voices and analyzed them using the most sophisticated electronic equipment."
You can read the full report here:

International Conferences on ITC

The First International Conference on "Current Research into Survival of Physical Death, with Special Reference to Instrumental Transcommunication", was held by the ITC Journal in Vigo, Spain in April 2004. The Proceedings are available in the form of a soft-covered book of 192 pages, and contain copies of all the 14 papers delivered at the Conference. The papers are in either English or Spanish (with one paper in French). Other international conferences have followed.

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