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The Scole Experiment

Scole is a village in Norfolk, England. There a small group of people, Robin and Sandra Foy and physical mediums Alan and Diana Bennett, produced brilliant evidence for the afterlife. They also conducted other experiements in England, the United States, Ireland, Spain and Italy.

During the six years of the Scole experiments. the top afterlife scientists in the UK, Europe and America witnessed amazing physical mediumship.

In the wonderful documentary by Tim Coleman you briefly see a scene where Professor Arthur Ellison (pictured left) was asked to reach out and touch a solid crystal. Then when he tried to touch it again his hand went straight through it. All of the scientists who actually took part in the investigation and were convinced they were dealing with the afterlife. The video is available for purchase from Tim Coleman's website http://www.theafterlifeinvestigations.com/ where you can also see more extracts from the documentary.

The full video and interviews he filmed with the three Scole investigators have been uploaded onto Youtube without Tim Coleman's agreement.

In the United States sessions were also attended by a number of scientists including a number of senior scientists from the space agency NASA and others from the Institute of Noetic Sciences near San Francisco as well as representatives from Stanford University.

One critical thing that the reader is asked to consider is that during these experiments, the ‘spirit team’ working from the afterlife stated that it was they who were causing the phenomena.

The Scole Report

A scientific report from the (British) Society for Psychical Research is available which contains documents all of the following phenomena. According to Montague Keen speaking on behalf of three investigators who wrote the report: ‘None of our critics has been able to point to a single example of fraud or deception’ (Keen and Ellison 1999).

Voices, touch and materialization of objects

The group began with two mediums delivering messages from a non-physical group. Many of these messages contained personal information that nobody else could have known about.

Soon the messages came in the form of voices which could be heard by all in the room. Many of the experimenters experienced physical touch and the levitation of a table took place. Then came the actual materialization of the people and objects from the non-physical side.

More than fifty small objects were materialized including: a silver necklace; a Churchill coin; a small rose quartz crystal ball; a 1940 British penny; a 1928 one franc piece token; a Silver charm of the 'Grim Reaper'; an original copy of Daily Mail dated 1st April 1944; an original copy of Daily Express dated 28th May 1945 and many others.

Images imprinted on film and video

Interesting experiments were undertaken with photography. Images were imprinted on unopened rolls of film inside a locked box. These images included actual photos of people and places, sometimes from the past, and various obscure verses and drawings that took some effort to identify. There were also pictures of other dimensions and the beings that inhabit them. Eventually video cameras were able to record disincarnate images.

Psychic lights

One of the most spectacular phenomena of the Scole Experiment was the materialised psychic lights that whirled around the room performing various manoeuvres. Occasionally, these lights would throw out beams, as well as pass through solid objects. When they touched people, there was a definite sensation, and when they entered a person's body a healing.

The speed and the different configurations and other phenomena performed behind the lights were just overwhelming especially when all witnesses attested it was impossible that the lights could have been in any way fraudulently physically manipulated. All of these phenomena were accompanied by sudden and dramatic drops in temperature.

This is how Piers Eggett, one of the eye witnesses described the light:

This was a small ball of white light which moved around the room in all directions, sometimes at great speed, leaving a trail like a firework by persistence of vision... At times the light hovered in mid-air, and then touched some of the sitters, giving them a small electric shock.

According to other eye witnesses the normally single light point would:

• dart around at great speed and perform elaborately patterned dances...including perfect, sustained circles executed at high velocity and with a precision which appeared inconsistent with physical manipulation

• settle on outstretched hands and jump from one to the other

• enter a crystal and remain as a small point of light moving around within the crystal

• strike the top of the table with a sharp rap or the glass of the dome or dish with an appropriate ‘ping’ and do this repeatedly while remaining visible as a sharp pinpoint of light

• respond to requests, such as alighting on and irradiating parts of the witnesses' bodies

• move in time to tape-recorded music

• produce 'lightning flashes' in an area of a large room some three to three and a half meters distant from the group sitting round a table (in Spain)

• undertake several aerial 'bombing raids' on the table top, hitting it very audibly and visibly, and appearing to emerge from an area immediately below the table (USA Los Angeles)

• change shape from a pinpoint of light to a generalized irradiation

• move at very high speed describing at times perfect geometric shapes within a foot or two of visitors' faces, but without making any sound or creating any perceptible air movement.

who talks about his experiences with the paranormal and his experiences with the Scole experiments. He mentions that the Society for Psychical Research has had 12 Nobel Laureates as members.







A master magician’s testimony

Skeptics may argue that such effects could be produced by stage magicians using long hollow strands of fibreglass with laser lights projected through them. This option was certainly considered by James Webster, a professional stage-magician and former member of the Magic Circle, who has more than fifty years experience in psychic research. On three occasions he attended sittings with the Scole group and published reports.

His conclusion was clearly set out in a recent letter to the English newspaper, Psychic World (June 2001):

I discovered no signs of trickery, and in my opinion such conjuring tricks were not possible, for the type of phenomena witnessed, under the conditions applied….

On the Internet

The Scole Report is available from the Society for Psychical Research
See the Society’s web site

“What the Scole Experiment Meant to Me” by Robin Foy

“Reflections on the Scole Experiment” by Alan and Diana Bennett -

“The Scole Event” an eyewitness account by Montague Keen, a long time member of the Society for Psychical Research, http://www.scimednet.org/library/articlesN73+/N73Keen_Scoleevent.htm

“Witnessing physical phenomena with the Scole Group” by Nick Kyle of the Scottish Society for Psychical Research http://www.nick.kyle.btinternet.co.uk/new_page_10.htm.

Perspectives of eyewitness Dr Ernst Senkowski

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