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Voices on Tape (EVP or electronic voice phenomena)

For more than 50 years experimenters all over the world have been tape-recording 'paranormal voices'—voices which cannot be heard when a tape-recorder is playing but which can be heard when the tape is played back.

The experimenter turns on the tape recorder and asks a question, leaving a space for an answer. When the tape is played back an answer is sometimes heard.

Many of the very short messages claim to be from loved ones who have died. These voices sometimes use the experimenter's name and answer specific questions.

The Association Transcommunication insist that the voices must be studied scientifically and not treated as a form or amusement or sensationalism. Led by Tom and Lisa Butler they have undertaken a number of scientific studies on EVP.

A number of ATransC members have written moving detailed accounts of their evidential transcommunication with transitioned loved ones for the quarterly ATransC NewsJournal and website. Highly recommended is Martha Copeland's I'm Still Here. The book tells the story of how Martha continues to work with her daughter, Cathy, who is on the other side. Martha is one of the founders of a group within ATransC known as the ‘Big Circle’. Cathy has come through with children who are on the other side to connect with their loved ones who are participating in the recording circle.


Class A sample voice: George Wynne- I can be of help.
(recorded by Martha Copeland)

There are thousands of researchers around the world who have been researching this most fascinating psychic phenomenon. Two of our subscibers claims that they been able to use evp to establish long term meaningful communication with a crossed over spouse.

It is particularly relevant since it can be studied under strict scientific procedures and experiments have been duplicated under laboratory conditions by all kinds of researchers in many different countries.

This is a trailer for a commercial movie about EVP.



Pioneers of EVP

The scientists who developed radio and television, Marconi, Edison, Sir Oliver Lodge, Sir William Crookes, John Logie Baird, were all convinced of the reality of spirit communication and were using their professional skills to demonstrate it. Marconi, one of the developers of wireless radio was reportedly working on a system to communicate electronically with the afterlife at the time of his death. Work on the Voice Phenomena had actually started in the 1920s with Thomas Edison who believed that there could be a radio frequency between the long and short waves which would make possible some form of telepathic contact with the other world (Stemman 1975:98).

Friedrich Jurgenson began finding voices on his tapes by chance in 1959 .

Dr Konstantin Raudive worked in Germany to explore the voices. He published a book Breakthrough (1971) which was based on 72,000 voices he recorded.

Pye experiments

On one occasion EVP experiments were conducted in soundproof studios to filter out stray broadcasts. In the space of 27 minutes some 200 voices were received.

The Association Transcommunication

ATransC is a teaching/learning organization and offers support to those interested in working with EVP and learning to be more objective in understanding the paranormal voices. Tom and Lisa Butler's book, There Is No Death and There Are No Dead (2003), is a wonderful introduction to scientific investigation of the afterlife. It was written to teach people about these phenomena and to help them learn how to record paranormal voices. It is available for purchase on the Association TransCommunication website.

The Association's website, atransc.org, also includes personal experiences, research reports, examples and techniques. For more direct help, the Idea Exchange is an online discussion board. It is reserved for members only as a safe place to ask for help, discuss concepts and share examples.

"Ghost box"

They also do not recommend radio-sweep technology. Units called a ‘ghost box’ or ‘spirit box’ are being sold for more than $1,200 US. Even though they are easy to work with and there is always an output, there are no reliable studies showing that radio-sweep actually produces EVP. An exception is when noise from very rapid radio-sweep, without recognizable live voices, is used as background noise for transform EVP.

Sandra Champlain’s highly recommended new book We Don’t Die—A Skeptic’s Discovery of Life After Death (2013) traces how she learned how to record EVPs after attending a workshop with Tom and Lisa Butler. She was successful using the noise of rain on the roof and the noise of a running shower as background noise.

Tom and Lisa Butler warn new practitioners about the human tendency to try to find meaning in random sounds. It suggests that experimenters always get honest feedback from friends or the online community without telling them what they think is being said. The organization's Ideas Exchange can be of considerable help in this regard.

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