Different Areas of Evidence for the Afterlife


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Writing mediums

A writing medium is able to go into a trance and allow their hand to be taken over by a spirit person, sometimes writing at a supernormal speed, in languages unknown to the medium about subjects totally outside their knowledge. This is called "automatic writing" or "psychography". Sometimes the writing is exceptionally small and sometimes it can only be read in a mirror but usually it comes through complete without the need for editing.

While much so-called automatic writing comes from the unconscious mind of the writer and provides no evidence of being "supernormal," there are some cases which are taken seriously by investigators.
These involve people who are already genuine mediums who can produce evidence that they are communicating with a known spirit.

William Stainton Moses (1839–92) was an Anglican clergyman. On March 30, 1873, spirit messages started coming through Moses’ hand by means of “automatic writing.” This method was adopted, Moses was informed, for convenience purposes and so that he could preserve a connected body of teaching. Those teachings were compiled in two books, Spirit Teachings, published by Moses in 1883, and More Spirit Teachings, collected and published after his death in 1892. Both books are regarded as Spiritualism's greatest classic containing the religious, philosophical and ethical implications of Spiritualism, as viewed by the spirit world. The communicators, by their logic, compelled their medium to abandon, stage by stage, his orthodox religious beliefs. They gave clear evidence of their high purpose and furnished him with irrefutable proofs of Survival.

Stainton Moses wrote that sometimes when he was receiving "automatic writing" he would find himself outside his body
" standing in spirit near to my body, which was seated holding the pen before the table on which this book was placed. I looked at it and the arrangements of the room with great interest. I saw that my body was there, and that I was joined to it by a thin line of light. Everything material in the room looked shadowy, and everything spiritual seemed solid and real." He claimed that in this state he could see the spirits who were influencing his writing and that the pen moved " by directing on to the pen a ray which looked like blue light." Read more..

Carlos Mirabelli

"In 1919 the Academia de Estudos Psychicos "Cesar Lombroso" was founded. Mirabelli submitted himself for experiments in trance speaking, automatic writing and physical phenomena. The report was published in 1926. It speaks of 392 sittings in broad daylight or in a room illuminated by powerful electric light, in 349 cases in the rooms of the Academy, attended by 555 people and the summary is as follows:

'The committee carried out with the first group (medical speaking) 189 positive experiments; with the second group (automatic writing) 85 positive and 8 negative; with the third group (physical phenomena) 63 positive and 47 negative experiments. The medium spoke 26 languages including 7 dialects, wrote in 28 languages, among them 3 dead languages, namely Latin, Chaldaic and Hieroglyphics. Of the 63 physical experiments 40 were made in daylight, 23 in bright artificial light.'

Many of the people who were writing through Mirabelli were well known international figures. Johan Huss impressed Mirabelli to write a treatise of 9 pages on the independence of Czechoslovakia in 20 minutes, Camille Flammarion inspired him to write about the inhabited planets, 14 pages in 19 minutes in French, Muri Ka Ksi delivered five pages in 12 minutes on the Russo-Japanese war in Japanese, Moses wrote in Hebrew on slandering, Harun el Raschid made him write 15 pages in Syrian and an untranslatable writing of three pages came in hieroglyphics in 32 minutes."

Geraldine Cummins-The Willett Scripts

After her death in 1956 at the age of 81, Mrs. Coombe-Tennant, a well-known English medium began to communicate through another medium, Geraldine Cummins. She used the pen-name Mrs. Willett and transmitted a long and detailed book of personal memories which was published under the title Swan on a Black Sea. The book contains a huge amount of personal details about her own life and about her relationships with her children; but the medium had never met her or her children. Many afterlife investigators, including Colin Wilson, consider them to be:

"The most convincing proof of the reality of life after death ever set down on paper (Wilson 1987:183).:


Chico Xavier

Born in Brazil, Chico Xavier had very poor eye-sight and only a very basic primary education. However he was a natural medium from the earliest age being able to see and hear the spirit of his mother who had died when he was only five. This brought him into conflict with his family and the Catholic Church.

He came in contact with some Spiritist mediums who helped to heal his sister and taught him about mediumship. Once he understood his gift he began to sit with a pencil in his hand and his eyes closed. He would then write pages of hand written books, always without a mistake, on highly spiritual subjects. Here are some examples of his books in English.

In this method he produced more than 100,000 pages of spirit writing which was published in 412 books, including some in foreign languages in which he was not fluent. In one case he was able to produce a message from a person who died that was accepted by the judge in a court case.

He refused to take any money himself for his books which were very popular. Instead he donated the copyright of all these works to be used by Spiritist charities to help the needy. Each day, poor people queued outside his home in Uberaba to receive free food and for the opportunity to speak a few words with him. He was regarded by many as a saint and celebrities were among regular visitors to his home seeking advice from him or the spirits who communicated through him.

BRAZILIAN MEDIUM CHICO XAVIER WAS CONFIRMED 99% ACCURATE As well as writing books dictated by spirits, Chico Xavier psychographed more than 10,000 personal letters from spirits to their loved ones. He never accepted payment and, because of this, his house was always full of people. Many times he slept only 4 hours a day. The contents of his psychographed letters were accepted in Brazilian courts 3 times - in 1979,1982, and 1985.

In 2014 a group of experimenters analyzed a set of 13 letters allegedly written by the same spiritual author (J.P.). They checked the accuracy of 99 items of verifiable information contained in the letters. 98% of these items were rated as "Clear and Precise Fit" and no item was rated as "no Fit." See journal article.

The Cross Correspondences

Considered by many the greatest evidence for life after death these were messages from the afterlife signed by the great psychic researchers. Transmitted by automatic writing through various mediums they were like a jig-saw- only making sense when they were fitted together. In all, more than three thousand scripts were transmitted over thirty years. Some of them were more than forty typed pages long. Together they fill 24 volumes and 12,000 pages.
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