by Victor Zammit
Retired Lawyer of the Supreme Court of New South Wales,
and the High Court of Australia


One of the most flamboyant but extremely negatively prejudiced closed minded skeptic/materialist who lives in Miami is J Randi. This man I call JR is either too ignorant to read plain English to understand the $1m challenge or he is knowingly, willfully and maliciously misleading the American and other people about my offer of the aforesaid $1m. The only reason why he will be doing this is because this JR cannot rebut the evidence for the afterlife! There is no other explanation.

In response to the evidence I have in my book on the Net, this JR mistakenly stated publicly no one can ‘prove the negative.’

To willfully mislead JR conveniently ignores the expressly stated evidence I presented for the existence of the afterlife.

Now if you investigate my evidence for the existence of the afterlife, you will see at least 23 different areas of what the courts call expressly stated ‘objective evidence.’

You will come across the Electronic Voice Phenomena, the Instrumental Transcommunication, the SCOLE Experiments, different kinds of mediumship, the Cross Correspondences, Proxy Sittings, Poltergeists and other expressly stated objective evidence.

The challenger is NOT asked to ‘prove the negative’ but to rebut the 23 different areas of afterlife evidence presented in my book. Is that too difficult for this stage magician to understand?

I state that any 12 year old child of average intelligence will tell you after reading the challenge that the challenge is for someone to show that evidence presented in the book A LAWYER PRESENTS THE CASE FOR THE AFTERLIFE is not correct. It is simple as that!

When this closed minded-skeptic/materialist JR wilfully LIES and intentionally MISLEADS the American people about my offer, then translated, this can only mean that this JR is UNABLE to rebut the expressly stated evidence for the afterlife as articulated in my book.

I sent the evidence to some leading scientists – and not one scientist or any empiricist – or theologian or philosopher or anybody else has been able to rebut the evidence I presented for the afterlife.

Why do you think JR will never ever find in favor of psychic phenomena/afterlife?

Because if he does he would:

- show he was wrong all the time,
- NOT get funding anymore,
- be abandoned and psychologically beaten into shame,
- become in the eyes of the skeptics, a 'traitor'
- lose any ‘status’ he was able to get and
- become a nobody

- become totally irrelevant

Now do you understand that it is in this skeptic JR’s interest to continue to DENY the evidence, DENY the successful psi experiments, DENY empirical mediumship, refuse to investigate psi properly, to refuse through obfuscation to test the most brilliant, gifted mediums of to-day, such as John Edward?

Further, the 'new' scientists now tell us that this JR would not have the technical competence to be impartial to investigate because of the ‘experimenter effect’ – basically, whereas impartial empiricists will inevitably find positive results in a given psi experiment, a negatively prejudiced investigator will obtain negative results.

Further still and most important, if he ever accepts psi/afterlife evidence, he will go down as the biggest fool in American – AND world history!

Do you think this JR can afford to take that risk?

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