by Victor Zammit
Retired Lawyer of the Supreme Court of New South Wales,
and the High Court of Australia


It is my professional view that the existing offer by J. Randi (hereinafter called the offeror) is impossible to win. Underneath the facade of a legitimate offer no gifted psychic has a chance of being successful.

Also, I had complaints that applicants were given the run around when they tried to apply to meet the offeror's challenge. A reasonable conclusion is that the offeror has no intention of allowing legitimate applicants to meet the challenge - has no intention of parting with any monies he is allegedly offering.

A fraudulent offer?

If the complainants are genuine - and as far as I know they are willing to substantiate their complaint by way of an affidavit - then it is not unreasonable to say the skeptic's offer is a technically fraudulent offer.

Who Is Conning the American People?

Considering the offer has allegedly been made since 1987 it is most suspicious that the offerer boasts that nobody has passed the initial test. Evidence from many parts of the world shows that the evidence for the afterlife is abundant, proven, definitive and conclusive. Complaints about the skeptic's offer show that any requests for the challenge are met with reticence, hostility and refusal to co-operate by the offeror.

Conduct shows that there is something fundamentally wrong with the offeror's offer - can the offer be construed to be an attempt to fool the American people? Judge for yourself.

The offerer has unilaterally manipulated the proposed procedure to suit his own particular set of circumstances. It is only fair, equitable and reasonable that in any demonstration conditions be conducive for a psychic to perform without unnecessary encumbrances.

The reward has had a lot of propaganda value for skepticism and the offerer but it is not only difficult, it is utterly impossible to fulfil his prescribed most fundamental condition - successful demonstration of psychic phenomena.

From the psychic's perspective, the offerer physically exudes too much negativity which interferes with the psychic's powers. The offerer will cause the experimenter effect. He should not be physically present during the psychic demonstration. He of course could watch and conduct the proceedings through closed circuit television.

Minimal changes needed

For a realistic and practical challenge the following minimal conditions have to be observed:

  1. the challenge be absolutely and unqualifiedly subject to the jurisdiction of the courts (some acceptable redrafting of the skeptic's offer would be essential).
  2. the offerer's initial test (before the main psychic demonstration) be dispensed with in the case of accredited psychics.
  3. that on successful completion of a psychic demonstration the monies be handed over to the psychic demonstrator forthwith ie, immediately after the applicant has fulfilled the fundamental condition of the challenge.
  4. that the offerer not be anywhere where the psychic phenomenon is being demonstrated. This is because the offeror is technically an intruding negative extraneous variable and will inevitably make nugatory otherwise successful psychic tests - he exudes too much negativity for sensitives to operate properly. The offerer to appoint his agent acceptable to the applicant. He of course could watch and conduct the proceedings through closed circuit television.
  5. that at the time of meeting the challenge the conduct of the agent be neutral - specifically, no gratuitous aggression, no hostility or any other socially unacceptable conduct that would be construed to be an intrusion to the testing. Aggression precipitates negative vibrations which interferes with optimum psychic activity.
  6. that the challenger allows agents of the applicants to negotiate on behalf of the applicant at all times.
  7. that any envisaged changes to any of the agreed procedures or conditions be given in advance with 21 days notice in writing.
  8. that any experimentation be jointly controlled and agreement reached that there will be absolutely no interference whosoever during the performance of the psychic.
  9. that written agreement as to what will constitute a successful demonstration of psychic phenomenon be made at least three weeks prior to any demonstration.

-- Victor Zammit (May 2001)

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