A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife


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Crossing over – the death of the physical body and the survival of the self

Why is it that in our society, the most critical event in our lifetime – crossing over to the afterlife – is a taboo subject for discussion? We avoid talking about death of the physical body – as if it is not going to happen. People find it impolite to discuss death socially. Yet death of the physical body is inevitable. We have no say in it. It will happen.

Wouldn’t you like to know whether the afterlife exists – and if you will ever meet your loved ones again? And what you will be doing in the afterlife?

Many accept that for some 2,000 years religious beliefs, values, tradition and history have become entrenched in our society and these have programmed us unconsciously to perceive the world in a particular way not necessarily consistent with empirical findings about the afterlife.

Informed people know that religious beliefs are no guarantee of the truth. This is because intelligent informed people observe that around the world there are many different and inconsistent religious beliefs about the afterlife.

When a belief is unsupported by science, the belief could be completely invalid. These days repeatable empirical psi experiments are modifying entrenched theology. But this will take time to filter into the collective unconscious.

Highly credible people, including scientists, empiricists (empiricism= using strict scientific method to measure afterlife, paranormal and other phenomena), doctors and lawyers say that whilst the physical body will die – and can be burnt like an old coat, the etheric (spiritual body) will, with absolute certainty, live on for an indefinite period of time. This information is empirical - and comes from empirically tested mediums. Also this information is consistent with all afterlife claims from most countries in the world to-day.

Further, this information has nothing to do with beliefs, it has to do with afterlife physics - the afterlife vibrations spinning faster than on physical earth. (More about this see Chapter 6 Einstein's E=mc2 and materialization.

In the last decades, something quite dramatic has occurred. The study of the afterlife has been taken over by scientists and empiricists. Death is no longer the exclusive jurisdiction of the churches, of religion, of beliefs and has absolutely nothing to do with superstition or guesswork.

While religious people usually believe (but without evidence) that there is an afterlife they have no idea what the afterlife is like. Because there is nothing fundamental in the religious writings about what actually happens from the time one crosses over except you either go to heaven or hell or purgatory (for the Catholics) or you get stuck underground until Jesus comes to judge the living and the dead. Most people are not accepting this Church's view of the afterlife.

Now we find that religious leaders are reading the information transmitted from the afterlife dimension. That’s good. That's sensible. That’s excellent, because now their theology will be modified to make it consistent with the empirical results about the afterlife.

The good news is that we will meet our loved ones again. There is also some bad news for those who are consistently cruel or spiteful or vindictive and/or selfish. They could be in for some very serious problems for when they cross over – they may not reach the realm of the light.

But average open-minded decent folk have nothing to worry about because beliefs are not critical on crossing over. The afterlife is a world we all should know about – especially what happens when we die: go to BOOK chapter 27.

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