A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife
Part 2 - see below

A few men - thousands of years ago - got together and decided - WITHOUT AUTHORITY from anywhere - what all people should believe - claiming their own ideas/ voices in their heads must have come from 'God'. Some experienced spirit communication and 'paranormal' events. Later some of these writings were labeled 'theology.' Other groups of men sprung up elsewhere in the world also claiming to be inspired- but their beliefs differed from those of their religious rivals. For self- interest and domination, they all GAVE THEMSELVES AUTHORITY and stated WITHOUT evidence that all their beliefs came from God. Some of their "holy" books were beautiful and inspirational- but some were insulting, aggressive, racist, calling for ethnic cleansing, murder, massacres, genocide and hatred.

Other religious writers - without authority - told the people that if they did not follow the teachings, as interpreted by the men in power, they would be tortured and killed and for good measure condemned to eternal damnation. The use of fear - with the uneducated and uninformed - was very successful.

But humanity has evolved and people everywhere are very rapidly waking up! From these ancient writings we should keep that what is beautiful, enlightening and positive - and delete the rest.

Continued in part two below...

What these writers stated had and has no OBJECTIVE authority. They gave themselves, for their own self-interest, power and domination - 'SUBJECTIVE' authority.

And those in the know, fully understand that 'SUBJECTIVE' authority is NO AUTHORITY at all. Subjective authority is itself subject to complete invalidation. ALL religious writings are about beliefs, are all SUBJECTIVE - are NOT and can never be independently substantiated.

Afterlife science has made huge progress in proving the afterlife exists and acceptance is NOT dependent on beliefs but on repeatable EVIDENCE.

The evidence for the paranormal and the afterlife are now empirical and scientifically established - and can be independently supported and NOT subject to invalidation. The critical information about the afterlife comes DIRECTLY from the afterlife - NOT by way of beliefs or history or tradition or blind faith.

IN AN INCONSISTENCY between the 'SUBJECTIVE' (beliefs) and the 'OBJECTIVE' (scientific afterlife evidence), inevitably the objective prevails and will always prevail.. The classic applicable precedent for that is Galileo (pictured, left) - a clear conflict between THEOLOGY and SCIENCE - which the objective science inevitably prevailed over the subjective theology. That is why the afterlife evidence is now empirically firmly established as unrebuttable, irrefutable - and why no genius skeptical scientist or anybody else has been able to rebut the afterlife evidence these last ten years - not even for the allurement of a cool one million dollars.

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