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An interview with John Wright
North Wales (27th May 2011)


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I would like to tell you how easy and simple that I found my initiation into EVP, As a hardened English skeptic, I was sure that after reading so much about the subject that the only way to test the validity of it was to try it.

1) Can you tell us about the first time you tried for EVP
It was in July of 2003 just after the celebration of my Golden Wedding Anniversary to Annie. I had received a silver trophy award from Poetry.com early in that month for poems I had written about Annie and it was on the following day I decided to try an EVP contact at my daily graveside visit. I used a Grundig analogue mini-tape machine. I played it back when I got home, and almost immediately, I thought I heard the word, "Celebrity," in the playback noise. As Annie had passed away during a respite visit to a nursing home, I had no chance to say goodbye. The first word that was on the recording was, "Goodbye," and then followed by, "Happy, you are my celebrity John." I was stunned by this and felt my whole self vibrate with nervous shock. There came more words, but it was difficult to remove all the background noise due to the location.

2 )
Where did you go from there?
From the start I would mentally tell Annie when I was about to record and her voice would appear almost as soon as I pressed the record button. I learned to do it better by experimentation and persistence, and following advice from the books of others that seemed genuine. After establishing contact I was guided by words from Annie, for instance when I changed to a digital recorder the first thing she said was "Yes that’s the one John". She also advised me to mute the mic, because it was too loud, so I placed my thumb over it and kept my voice to a whisper, low when recording. This resulted in our voices being of a similar magnitude when played back. This method gives me a good recording but it is up to the individual to experiment in this way.

3) So what method do you use now?

I now use a digital Olympic W-10. I have used the digital Olympus w-10 recorder since almost the beginning because it has a U.S.B. output enabling you to transfer the recorded data straight into Cooleditpro to extract noise. The noise is minimal but there are occasional heavy clips and pops caused, I believe, by atmospheric static. The method used is one advised by Annie, and entails holding a finger over the microphone face to mute any heavy background noise. I find the quietest place in the house, and as advised by Annie, use my voice as in whispered mode almost matching her own level. This may sound unusual but it gives the best results.

4) Have you tried recording direct to your computer using a sound editing program? I have tried use to P.C. as a 'detector' as they call it but I find the noise levels too high for clear reception.

5 ) When do you record?
During the first few months I would be able to contact her for about 8 hours in a day, the times being advised by her. These periods were reduced as time went by where she would reply that she was busy, then she said she was working. For a while I was only able to contact her at about 2.30 P.M, daily for about half an hour after which she told me she had to ‘go back.’ I found that times would change sometimes without warning. For the past year I have been able to contact her pretty much at any time. It is common to have 3/4 dozen recordings a day with Annie. We speak of personal things, yet many times she says she is present with me wherever I am and even describes what I am doing and what is around me as if she is right there with me.

6) Are other people able to understand your EVP recordings?
I find E.V.P recordings extremely subjective. Lots of people, even my brother, can't make head nor tail out of them and I have listened to many others from the internet without being able to understand a word of them. Almost all recordings come through as Class two/three as in Sarah Estep's book. It is most unusual to get a Class one. Probably because the people on the other side do not have the same ability to use vocal chords as we do. Almost always the voices come in loud and then tail of but just before they end the amplitude ( loudness) will increase. You have to examine closely the quieter passages because there may be a message attenuated that is worth amplifying.

You have to remember that most recordings are personal communications- My recordings have always been a personal communication between Annie and me. After living with Annie for so long I have her 'voiceprint' embedded in my mind so obviously I usually understand what she is saying, although at times I have to replay them over again. I did not really intend to share them with anyone but was motivated when I saw on your website another man who was making regular EVP contact with his wife and thought my story might help someone else.

7) Can you share with us one of your clearest EVPs?

One one occasion Annie brought my Dad along, I was able to get a very clear EVP from him. Here he says:
"Hello John..I wish you'd seen this thing."

8 ) Can you tell us about any really evidential EVPs you have recorded- things you did not know that were later confirmed.

a) This message came through one day. I had doubts about the rear brakes on the car a day earlier when I was carrying my grandchildren in the back seats.

"John Look out!!
You want a pair of brakes new—go under five miles an hour John."
Listen to MP3 version.

The following day I took the car into the local garage for a brake check and the engineer later said that the rear brake cylinder rubbers had burst covering the linings with oil leaving the car in a dangerous condition. WOW!!

b) On another occasion she asked me to go and help our grandson with a lift home from school because of a poorly foot. I phoned my daughter living a couple of miles away and she said she had already picked him up. It turned out that he did have a very sore foot with an ingrown toenail.

c) One one occasion I had some friends visit me from a local Spiritualist Church to watch how I did evp. The next day I got through to Annie and she told me my friend had been secretly recording on his mobile in his pocket. I had no idea about this so I phoned him and raised the matter and he sheepishly admitted to trying to get an E.V.P. of his own.

9) What advice would you give someone who wants to try EVP for themselves?

It is from my own experience to find a quiet place to record and try to do this at the same place each day until you get a connection.
An experienced operator will be able to get a connection at any time or any place in time. I have even been able to contact Annie in a noisy hospital ward. She has told me that it is not easy for them either due to the energy required, so do not make it last too long.

Do not spend a lot of money on your first recorder before you get a contact. I can use any recorder now and get a result. It seems to me that the key is the amount of emotion in your attitude because the essence is feelings. Of course Love is the most powerful of all but be prepared for a terrific shock when you make your first contact, because what you have achieved is beyond the bounds of scientific understanding (to date).

Working with e.v.p.recording is better (I find) wearing headphones, for obvious reasons.

When playing back recordings after noise removal always play using the same program used the remove the noise. Windows Media Player may not have the same playback characteristics.

Just keep it simple.Believe in yourself and be patient. Try lots of different methods to find the one that works for you.
There are no hard and fast rules about this so do not let anyone put you off.




This is the best site I have found with tips on how to extract noise

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Part 3- What John has learned about the Afterlife from Annie

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