A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife


An interview with John Joseph Wright
North Wales (27th May 2011) Part 1 .....Part 2

Part 3- What John has learned about the Afterlife from his EVP communications with his wife Annie (pictured below in the early years of their marriage).

1) Has Annie ever told you where she is?
She tells me that she is in heaven. After she had been over for a while she started referring to it as "the 3rd level". She also tells me that she is with me whenever I talk to her. When I say I thought she was in Heaven she replies "Well I am in Heaven" and she recently said it was like remote viewing. I'm beginning to understand why she said "Everywhere is in the same place at the same time." It all seems to tie in with Quantum Mechanics. I used to constantly put fresh flowers on her grave until she said "You're wasting your money John, I'm not there." On another occasion she said "I'm not in that box". After that I grew many flowers in the front garden for her.

2) Does she tell you anything about her life there?

At first she said she was very unhappy but then she told me that she had a job. She was vague at first but on one occasion she used the word 'creche' and told me that she was looking after children. She seems to be working for about 16 hours or our earth day. When I ask if things will be the same in Heaven as they were here she says
"You can do anything that you wish for".

3) Has she told you about learning anything?
During the early days of communication she spoke of learning from someone she referred to as the Father every day who gave her lessons on life in the 'afterlife.' On the subject of U.F.O's I asked where they come from she replies "Here, they come from here." Then when I ask who is in them she replies that there are no people in them.

4) Has she ever told you anything about time?

Annie has said "We don't have time, -not as you know it." So it's understandable how a lifetime's revue may be seen in a split second when we cross over. Maybe that's how she can predict whether I will have a visitor some days or how she can answer a question before I ask it.

5) Do you get the idea that Annie has anyone with her when she communicates?
At times when we are chatting another (male) voice can be quietly heard with comments just as though someone is monitoring the transmission. One one occasion she was trying to warm me not to go shopping in the car. She got terribly upset and later told me that she had saved my life by warning me- I'm not sure of what. But when she got upset I heard the voice saying "calm down".

6) Has she ever advised you to read anything specific?
Towards the end of one session Annie said "Get to read the Matrix John". When I asked why she replied "It's a good book"
I could not understand this. I had seen the movie but I was not impressed believing it to be one of the many sci-fi frivolities.
You may imagine my surprise when about 2/3 months later I received a book through the post entitled 'The Matrix and Philosophy' edited by William Irwin. (Carus Publishing Company). The book was wrapped in plain brown paper with my address but absolutely no evidence of its origin or who sent it (no postmark). I do believe that Annie was trying to tell me that our world is merely an illusion.

7) Has she ever said anything like this to you directly?

Recently Annie told me that people on the Earth plane had got things in reverse and it was she who was in the real 'reality' - so that when they arrived where she is they would see their lives here as dreamlike. She also tells me that the soul or mind is not in the physical body but in 'Heaven.' Sometimes when we speak together I have asked her why she is with me when she should be in Heaven. The reply is always "Because you're here." She says she is in Heaven at the same time, so you may understand how bewildering it is to me. I say to her that I don't understand and she simply replies "You will when you're here."

8) Has Annie ever said anything to you about reincarnation?

She told me that she and I were together before we came the this place we call Earth and will always be there after we leave. I can only tell you what I get from Annie and I try not to form any fixed ideas about things, after all I am still in human form and restricted to my primitive senses.

9) What part has the Spirt sending station Timestream played in your communications?
After reading of the Timestream Station by Mark Macy and getting negative and random results I addressed the Timesteam Station asking for help. I asked them to monitor my transmissions to only allow Annie through. I also asked if they would permit Annie to bring through anyone she thought genuine. It occurred to me how ridiculous it may sound to some but lo and behold that's exactly what happened. Some time later, still having lingering doubts in my mind, I wanted to eliminate the possibility that I may be picking up random wireless messages. Not having the use of a proper faraday cage:
I used my microwave oven which did the same job in shielding for radio trapping, but of course switched off, but plugged in for earthing purposes. I placed the recorder in the oven and quietly closed the door waited a few seconds and then played back the results.

A deep voice was heard to say "This is the Director of the Timestream Station." Can you imagine my reaction to that.
Even now I can hardly believe what I heard, but I am beginning to believe that it was an endorsement from the other side. There are plenty of references to The Timestream Station on the Internet and Annie later confirmed that they acted as a portal for us. Very often as I have mentioned I have heard quiet comments other than from Annie whilst speaking to her. They are always helpful and constructive in their nature, and at times remind me of a telephone operator in the background.

10) Why do you think that you and Annie have been able to communicate directly with each other in this way?

I guess the bond between us was really sealed during the time I nursed her at the end. She always wanted to hold my hand and a seemingly telepathic link developed due to her dysphasia effects of the strokes.

11) Would you say that what Annie has told you is consistent with what you read in our newsletter? Many of the points you make in this newsletter have been passed on to me by Annie previously.

12) Anything else you would like to share with us John?
There is so much to this story Victor especially since it's been going on for some eight years now. I will leave it at that now Victor for you to try and make sense out of. For my own part I am simply content with what I get knowing the happiness that awaits me when my time comes.

Thank you John and Annie Wright.

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