A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife

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By contrast and very interesting, when Catholics go to confession, your confession will be accepted on one major condition: that you are truly sorry for the wrong things you have done to others.

Otherwise the priest will not give you - forgiveness - what they call 'absolution'.
You can see that on an institutional level, there cannot be unconditional forgiveness. But privately, as a person, if you are spiritually advanced, you can unconditionally forgive those who really hurt you - and who still say they are not sorry what they did to you.

However, if you are spiritually advanced you will also know that the Law of Cause and Effect will always be operative to administer justice - and no one can ever 'get away with it.

So, if you, whoever you are - spiritualist, theist, atheist, agnostic, relgious, non-religious - but who can genuinely 'unconditionally forgive' you would be normally regarded as highly'spiritually advanced'.

So if you can UNCONDITIONALLY FORGIVE anyone who was really cruel to you - even if that person is not sorry for what he/she did to you, no doubt, you would have reached probably the highest spiritual level you can achieve on earth and you are very likely find yourself in the upper level of Light. on crossing over.


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