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July 6th 2018

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COMMENTARY: THE SPIRITUALLY DUMB, DEAF AND BLIND IN YOUR FAMILY: We have to be patient especially with those in your family who continue to deny the existence of the afterlife even though the evidence is so overwhelmingly convincing. Those who have family members who refuse to listen to any attempts to explain to them the consequences of the afterlife have to be patient. Just hold on to your own acceptance of the afterlife by citing the huge amount of evidence. To help a stubborn family member all you have to tell them is, "Be reasonable. Just keep an open mind." - and "What if I am right about the afterlife since you and NOBODY ELSE in the world has been able to disprove the evidence for the afterlife." Sometimes in the intitial stages it is good just to raise some doubt in them that they are wrong about the afterlife. Gradually, the doubt will become acceptance of the evidence.

Dr.Carl Wickland was a psychiatrist who cured many mental illnesses caused by spirit obsession due to earthbound discarnate entities. Dr. Wickland's wife Anna was a psychic sensitive to whom these entities would drawn and could speak through. The book is largely a collection of some of the actual verbatim conversations grouped into various subjects such as marriage disturbances, crime, suicide, narcotics and inebriety, orphans, selfishness, and orthodoxy.
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SOME VERY URGENT PROBLEMS FOR ORTHODOX SIENCE - ORTHODOX SCIENCE IN CRISES: Professors in orthodox science in the Western countries are disturbed by the increasing problem of lack of support for science. Many science departments at Universities are closing down. In Australia, you need relatively low marks – some 60% in matriculation to enroll in a science university degree whereas in medicine and law, a student needs to attain 100% in five subjects. Why is traditional science losing support, losing status? There is a concern that science has come to a standstill. Orthodox science is stuck! My submission is that it is only when orthodox science acknowledges afterlife physics that science will take a huge quantum leap.


VATICAN THEOLOGICAL CONFUSION? THE VATICAN DEBATING WHETHER ALIENS HAVE TO BE 'BAPTISED' IF THEY VISIT US!! The issue of aliens – intelligent beings from outer space - having to be baptized to avoid being in a permanent state in limbo when they die was raised by the Vatican theologians. Now, if you fell off your chair laughing reading this one, I won’t blame you! But notwithstanding we do not have the original, authentic Biblical texts as to the truth of all theological matters,Vatican theologians are debating whether to apply the Church’s theology onto intelligent beings from outer space (who would be hugely more advanced about the afterlife) and whether they are born in "original sin". Read more…

MORE EVIDENCE NEEDED: Whilst things overall are going reasonably well, it is critically important to keep getting highly persuasive evidence for the afterlife. We need the help of dedicated teams of volunteers from the afterlife and from our dimension. Materialists spend billions of dollars every day around the world in the media - television, newspapers, journals, books, radio to create anti-afterlife material. So we urgently need more highly persuasive evidence for the afterlife. Instrumental transcommunication and physical mediumship are two potential areas. If we can get recognizable clear voices from the afterlife of those VIP's who lived on earth - we'll do voice correlations to show that these VIP's are who they claim to be. Perhaps those in the afterlife may have even better ideas.

“There is a similarity here to what you call death. We call it transition. In time, as we develop sufficiently, we pass on to another plane from which it is not so easy to come back to earth. This we call the second death. Those who have passed through the second death can come back and visit us in our plane, but we cannot go to them until we have passed through it also. Those who have passed through it do not often come and speak to you on earth directly by materializing, as I am doing now; but they can pass their messages on to me, or someone in my plane, and we pass them on to you.” (from Arthur Findlay's THE WAY OF LIFE).

QUESTION ABOUT A CHRISTIAN REFORMATION: "You menioned a number of times that the time has come for the Christian Church to implement a new powerful reformation - to fix the problems once and for all. Just briefly could you tell us exactly what areas of reform you think need to be reformed?"

Urgent REFORMATION needed in the following areas - blatant fraud in the Bible:
1. Remove 'ETERNAL DAMNATION' - there is nowhere in the original Bible in the Greek language about eternal damnation. A mischievous translator from the Vatican deliberately mistranslated the word 'eaon' to mean 'eternal', when 'eaon' means a PERIOD of time - he he/they translated the Greek Bible into Latin. At the moment all attorneys - those experts in the admissibility of evidence) around the world would say it is fraudulent when 'eaon' was translated to mean 'eternal' - 'eternity'. Too many Christians are leaving the Church around the world becuase of the fraud and absurdities in its theology.(NEXT AREA FOR REFORMATION NEXT WEEK).

ATTAINING THE FEELING OF PERMANENCE IN THE AFTERLIFE - and actually grow younger: "Perhaps one of hte most heartening, reassuring of feelings that we in the spirit world can harbour is the feeling of permanence. Firstly, as to ourselves. We are incorruptible. We have shed our earthly and corruptible bodies as we entered the spirit world, and we stand as we truly are, incorruptible. We do not age. On the contrary, we grow younger if we should happen to have passed our prime of life when we left the earth. That in itself is something in which to make one rejoice, but most of all, to make one feel securer and permanent. Our clothes do not wear out, or deteriorate in any way ..." (Mons. Hugh Benson, HERE AND THE HEREAFTER, 88 Ed.p 52)


QUESTION: Hi Victor, tell me, is there a link between education and spirituality? Would a highly educated person be likely to be more spiritual than someone with little education?

Victor: Not at all! Education has nothing to do with being more spiritual. There are those who have no education at all who spiritually are far superior to those with university degrees and doctorates. What work, what education you have on planet earth is totally irrelevant to the level of spirituality. As a matter of fact, there are some very intelligent, very highly qualified scientists, professors who show they are spiritually ignorant. On crossing over, you could very well find those who had low level jobs go to much higher places than those who had all the earthly learning, status and power. They key issues in attaining higher spirituality is unselfish service, loving all. Attaining spirituality has nothing to do with the work you do or the education one has. There are brilliant scientists and manual workers in the higher AND in the lower realms in the afterlife dimension.

FEAR OF DYING: "Please help me! My exaggerated fear of dying is seriously interfering in my life. I am just so extremely fearful that I am going to die and not knowing what is going to happen to me. Can you help me?" Jess, South Africa.

Victor: First thing to accept is that we humans are NOT born with exaggerated fear. This means earlier in your life you must have 'learnt' exaggerated fear - mostly likely someone you respected told you you something that created fear of what happens after you die. That exaggerated fear, a negative emotion - got bonded, got stuck (got cathexed) in your mind - and now comes across by way of a 'paired' association: automatically pairing death with exaggerated fear. One suggestion is to substitute fear with exaggerated joy with 'dying'. You can get help by listening to accounts of people who have had near death experiences. Then imagine great joy, imagine really wonderful feeling, then immediately associate that with 'crossing over'. Exercise that thought as many times as you can during the day: great exaggerated joy with crossing over. After about two weeks, then associated death with great joy: which means you will be pairing the word death with great joy.





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