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July 17th 2016

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COMMENTARY: ACADEMIC ATHEISTS FAIL TO ACCOUNT FOR "THE MIND" Professor Richard Dawkins and Professor Stephan Hawking are claiming that everything that we see in the universe, the trillions of galaxies, stars and planets came by chance. Prof Hawking in desperation, even stated that the universe 'created itself'. But some of the greatest scientists of all time, including Prof Albert Einstein, Dr. Max Plank and Dr David Bohm, conceded that a 'great mind' created and is maintaining the universe. Some even the cite the quantum physics discovery that there has to be an observing mind present for the wave function to collapse into particles. So who was the observer at the time of creation of the Universe? Time for these stubborn closed minded skeptics to concede that materialists have no explanation for how non-material consciousness (or "mind") emerges in a purely material universe.

An excerpt of Bruce Greyson, MD, PhD, from the panel discussion "Beyond the Brain: The Experiential Implications of Neurotheology", speaking about how the brain does not equal the mind, and how near death experiences can contribute to knowledge about the mind-body connection.

CELEBRITIES WHO ACCEPTED THE PARANORMAL Michael Jackson is cited by several sources as having claimed that he inwardly communicated with the flamboyant, pianist Lee Liberace who died in 1987. “I have my own secret room, with a moving wall and mirrors” said Jackson, “that’s where I talk to Lee. His is the voice I hear in there. I feel his presence so very close to me.” He added that Liberace “is like my guardian angel. He’s even given me permission to record his theme song ‘I’ll Be seeing You’.”

"All injustices and inequalities, all the abuses and selfishness, all that fosters the darkness and hinders the Light, all who have vested interest in preserving ignorance and repressing knowledge must be opposed because man must live in freedom, freedom for his spirit, his mind and his body." ... "You must appreciate that spiritual truths can be discerned only by those who are ready to receive them. Wisdom is not accepted until the recipient has reached the stage where he-she can receive it ..." from the highly credible afterlife teacher Silver Birch.


Victor, I would not have chosen the body I now have here on earth. Do not we have any right to choose the body and gender for our life on earth? Vera W.

Victor: Good question Vera. Before we come down to earth, there are superior guides who plan our life on earth: what lessons to learn, and for those who accept reincarnation what karma to pay during the lifetime. So, many things are considered: parents, gender, nationality, level of education, social class, any religious affiliation and many other issues are involved - always with the aim to learn the specific lessons planned. The ultimate aim is learning and spiritual refinement. We all have a guardian who will be responsible for the 'blueprint' of our life. Our special guardian helps and guides us to learn the planned the spiritual lessons. We are informed that we are never given lessons too tough for our level of spirituality - and we all will have free will - without free will there cannot be spiritual growth.


QUESTION: REVENGE? Will there be any serious consequences for us after we cross over from those we have wronged? Will they remember who wrong them? Jeremy G.

Victor: This would depend on how spiritually advanced the victims would be. If spiritually advanced, they are likely to forgive and forget the injury done to them. But if those who have been wronged and are spiritually backward - and hold resentment against the perpetrator of their injury, the victims may pursue the perpetrators in another existence.

NATIONALITY IN THE AFTERLIFE: We are informed that in the afterlife, on crossing over, those who are with average spirituality will find themselves in the astral level place just above where they lived on earth. For example, those born in U.S.will find an astral U.S., in England and astral England, European countries European astral countries, in Sout America, Africa all have astral duplicate. In Australia and everywhere else there will be astral countries. But those who are spiritually advanced, do not need to go back to their astral home country. They rise above nationality, religion and gender.




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