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13th March 2009

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Report March 13th 09

Without evidence, the materialists dismiss eternity. Empiricists who experimented with mediums confirm that important information has been transmitted from the afterlife and that the afterlife exists – that is, on crossing over we humans retain consciousness. Critical information transmitted from the afterlife states that we are ‘a spark of the Great Power’ and accordingly, we live forever. The only external repeatable evidence that we live forever is by the transmissions we had from highly credible sources from the afterlife dimension. Those who are spiritually advanced immediately accept that. Religious writings also make reference to eternity. But the traditional religious writings are highly subjective, written by people we do not know who they were – even though a name has been given to them and we have no evidence as to their character, motivation for or accuracy of what they wrote. Certainly, there is evidence that religious writings have been changed to reflect the political and papal idiosyncrasies of the time. As I always stated, in any inconsistency between the empirical and the theological, inevitably, the empirical prevails, and will always prevail – which means for those who accept transmitted afterlife information: yes, there is such thing as ‘eternity.’ But for the long – and the short - term thinkers, ‘eternity’ becomes a personal responsibility. The individual has to think for himself about the huge consequences of eternity. We are limited on planet earth to the full consequences of eternity – but the more we read about the afterlife, the more we get to know about eternity and the eternal matters that are important to us now.

Lynda Lee: What was it like to pass over?
Liv: It was nothing. Just there, then here.
LL: Was there a tunnel?
Liv: I don't think so. I don't know. I don't remember.
LL: What's it like?
Liv: Gorgeous. Beautiful. Beyond description.
LL: Are you happy?
Liv: More than happy. I'm ecstatic
LL: What's your favorite part?
Liv: The flowers. They're all over. Millions of them.
LL: What should people know?
Liv: Not to be afraid. It's truly a wonderful place. To love, love, love. That's all there is.

From Lynda Lee Macken's highly recommended "ARRAY OF HOPE- AN AFTERLIFE JOURNAL" in which she charts her healing journey after the death of her beloved mother whom she nursed for ten years.

"If someone says there is no evidence for life after death they simply don't know what's out there."

EVIDENCE: NO LIVING PERSON COULD HAVE KNOWN Thank you John F. for the reminder about this wonderful book by W.F.Neech. First published in 1955 it details 12 famous cases of mediums and psychics bringing forward information that was later proved to be correct but that at the time no one on earth knew. These cases are wonderful evidence that information coming through mediums are not somehow being gathered from other living minds by telepathy. Since it is now out of copyright perhaps someone who has a copy could scan it and make it available to others.

In this 20 minute audio interview Suzane Northrop, one of the mediums tested in THE AFTERLIFE EXPERIMENTS, talks about her trance mediumship and about her live television shows aimed at a gay and lesbian audience. Her new show, "The Afterlife with Suzane Northrop", premiered on March 6th, 2009 and currently airs on outTV in Canada, and here!TV in the U.S. “

Listen now.

SEE THE RESULTS OF THE AFTERLIFE EXPERIMENTS Watch as the 5 test mediums perform brilliantly with a subject whom they cannot see and who only answers yes and no. Watch now...

Ian Lawson kindly sent us a review copy of his new book The Big Book of the Soul over Christmas and we must apologize that it has taken so long to bring it to our readers attention. Quite honestly there is so much richness in this book that it is hard to do it justice. For anyone interested in reincarnation, past life therapy and the interlife experience the book is a must-read as it summarizes the whole field. However its real strength and purpose is its exploration of the meaning and purpose of life, the unity of all things, cosmic consciousness, quantum mysticism, the big picture, enlightenment and types of illusion, holographic theory and consciousness research, fully conscious creation and transformation. You can get more of a sense of the book on Ian's webpage.

FEAR: AN AFTERLIFE INTELLIGENCE SPEAKS: What comes from the other-side is that there is a significant number of people crossing over with a great deal of fear. Many of these people lived in fear all their lives. Crossing over does not automatically mean the fear will disappear. We have to overcome that hurdle while we are on earth. This is how a highly credible afterlife intelligence puts it: “Never allow fear to find a lodgment within your being. It is a negative quality which destroys, vitiates and saps. It impairs your judgment; it clouds your reason; it prevents you from seeing issues clearly. There is no problem that comes to any soul which you are incapable of solving. There is no difficulty that you cannot conquer- if you would but allow the latent divinity to rise to the surface …”
One antidote to fear is knowledge – read the right books – start with my BOOK – guaranteed to remove all fear and guaranteed to gain confidence to face all challenges.

“There’s no afterlife because the highly advanced intellectuals, scientists and critical thinkers of CSI do not believe in the afterlife.”

Victor: First, these intellectuals are highly negatively prejudiced and cannot claim to be ‘critical thinkers’ because the CSI does not accept empirical paranormal nor the scientific evidence for the afterlife. The true critical thinker starts off by absolutely NOT having any negative prejudice against anything. The true critical thinker tests the hypothesis over and over again and when the empiricist obtains the same result over time and space – with empirical objectivity and repeatability – then the empiricist can legitimately call himself ‘critical thinker’. Further, these anti-paranormal, anti-afterlife scientists have NOT rebutted the evidence for the paranormal nor the evidence for the afterlife (there are at least 23 areas of afterlife evidence to be rebutted, and have not been rebutted these last nine years.) So the objection is overruled for these reasons stated above.

ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH IN SERIOUS TROUBLE AGAIN - Gender discrimination? In the biggest, the most egregious jurisprudential blunder by the Church in years, Brazil's Catholic Church has excommunicated the mother with the doctor and nurses who performed the abortion. But the step father who viciously raped his 9 year old step-daughter was NOT excommunicated - just told by the Church he must be a good boy from now on. This is in spite of medical opinion that the nine-year-old, who weighed 5st 10lb, was too small to have twins and that going ahead with the birth would have put her life in danger. Why? The Cardinal, Giovanni Battista Re, in Rome stated words to the effect that the mother of the raped 9 year old girl – ‘murdered’ the twins by the abortion. The Cardinal’s own words, "It is a sad case but the real problem is that the twins conceived were two innocent persons, who had the right to live and could not be eliminated." Why then didn't the Church in the last 2,000 years excommunicate all Catholics murderers who killed other people who had the ‘right to live’ and who were actually living on this planet? Read more...

QUESTION: WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF HUMAN LIFE ON EARTH AND THE BEST MEANS OF ACHIEVING IT? Directly from the afterlife by empirical mediumship: “The purpose is to enable the incarnating spirit to undergo a variety of experiences that will fit it for the next state, the one that begins beyond physical death. Earth is the schoolhouse where the soul should learn its lessons and thus be properly educated and equipped for the next stage of its eternal life. The best way to achieve this purpose is to live the kind of life that gives the fullest possible expression to the spirit, mind and body. By so doing harmony is established on the three planes of being."

THE SURVIVAL TOP 40 Miles Edward Allen has a wonderful website containing a list of some of the very best cases demonstrating the survival of the human personality after the demise of the physical body. Cases are listed in order of their ranking by the Evidence Scoring System. Read more...

INTUITION: “is the means by which the spirit becomes aware of itself; it outpaces the processes of normal earthly reasoning. Intuition accomplishes as lightning speed what normal you would reach after much deliberation. Intuition is that process of attunement during which you receive that prompting which you would reach after much time and thought on the same subject.” But one has to discriminate between intuition and a suggestion made by some wandering energy. If any ‘intuition’ is for your own spiritual benefit that would sound reasonable. Negative suggestions and negative promptings are totally different from ‘intuition.’

I have received no response from conservative Catholics to the critical questions about Catholic dogma that I raised. Nor did I receive any response from any of the skeptics defending themselves against my extremely important statement that skeptics do NOT have science or empiricism or objectivity to back up their belief in nothingness – or in the paranormal. In the past I used to receive emails from skeptics trying to explain their position. But the central issue: that materialists and closed minded skeptics do NOT have the substance of science or empiricism to back up their beliefs – and no materialist wants to dispute that. Yet, thousands of books from great scientists wrote that after investigation the afterlife they accept there is an afterlife.

"In the early 1990’s Patrick McNamara started his first physical circle in north London. The circle was held in darkness as with most physical circles in the past. Within this circle the energy produced was the “normal ectoplasm” used in all physical circles to produce materialization phenomena. And like the ectoplasm used in the past physical circles it was extremely sensitive to light, which meant it could not be filmed in bright light. Although you can use Infra red light in dark rooms, used with infra red cameras, is known to destroy ectoplasm.... Patrick McNamara understood that the only way you could prove the existence of the after life to a wide audience “was to capture materializations on camera in lighted conditions.” This became his goal and he asked spirit to help him achieve this. In the late 1990’s around 1999, Patrick had some communications with spirit guides who said they would help him achieve his goal using a new energy which spirit said it was to be called “Photoplasm.” " Read more...


Sent by David B. “Here is a real mystery that a good medium could help to solve. It is the death of the founding member of The Rolling Stones Brian Jones. Brian Jones was found dead in his swimming pool on the 3rd of July 1969. The official report stated that he died of “misadventure” after drinking and taking drugs, however years later in the 1990’s there was a report that a man working on Brian’s house at the time, Frank Thorogood, had killed Brain after an argument over money. It is a very interesting case, if you read the information coming out, but needs a medium to help solve. It is very sad that one of the greatest musicians of the 1960’s has been largely forgotten and that he may have been murdered. Does anyone know of any mediums that would like to try and contact Brian (or Frank Thorogood)?

How long do you think it might take you to find a needle in a haystack? Week after week, straw after straw--searching, digging, prying, clawing--with little to show for it but blisters and sores, most likely for quite a long time. Wouldn't it be easier to simply become magnetic and let the needle come to you? That's the difference between current dating rituals, and finding true love by using the Law of Attraction to draw it toward you. Read more...

'SERVICE TO MY REGULAR READERS AND TO THE COMMUNITY': whilst this has nothing to do with afterlife matters, over the many years of doing afterlife research, I received many questions from my regular readers who needed legal advice but did not have the money to go to a lawyer. Accordingly, I have put on the website a special section for the many legal questions/answers (eg. negligence, defamation, police matters, murder, assault, divorce, Wills, probate, property, claims against insurance co's., leases, marriage rights, medical assault, police radars - and for other, click on archives on the blog) for for my regular readers - and for general readership and information.
Read more ...

Now more than ever before professional accredited and registered afterlife researchers are struggling for funding so that they can help the world understand that there is an afterlife. After you have provided for your family in your will consider making a bequest which will bring about ‘LIGHT’ on a global level after you’ve gone. So far, we can highly recommend the following legally registered organizations who will use your funding to benefit humanity:

* The Windbridge Institute for applied research
* Zerdin Phenomenal
* The American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena

* The Forever Family Foundation
* Mark Macy's World ITC- American based research on ITC
* Rhine Research Centre- Institute for Parapsychology
* Sonia Rinaldi's IPATI- Brazilian based research on ITC

In the future we will include other registered organizations which are doing afterlife research. Please email for details.

Whitney Houston's "The Greatest Love of All"

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Disclaimer: Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee what is published is to be the absolute truth. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith.