The Book

Prof. Hawking's bet
by Dr Adrian Klein and Dr Robert Neil Boyd.

A few days ago, underneath the Franco-Swiss border, a first beam of Protons started their way around the world's most powerful Hadron Collider designed for supplying an experimental proof for the prevailing Standard Theory of matter, while hunting for the still elusive, cosmologically significant "Higgs boson", and the "quark-gluon plasma". Both these are believed by some theorists to have been involved at the origins of our Universe, one billionth of a second after the hypothetical Big Bang.

If it operates successfully, the current LHC experiment is expected to yield particle collisions supplying an unprecedented energy level of 14TeV, thus conveying to the proton beams a Lorenz factor of 7500, which corresponds to their reaching for all practical purposes the "light-speed limit", beyond which incremental increases in the energy supply is expected to result in increasing mass values, according to relativity theory.

Thousands of scientists all over the world nourish high expectancies from the ongoing experiment, defying safety concerns for our planet and possibly for the whole cosmos. Their blind faith in the correctness of their own mathematical constructs -strongly believed to reflect the way nature has been created and the paths it subsequently followed - is perplexing.

Though, as yet, the CERN project's outcome is a big question mark, its importance for mankind lies far beyond the narrow set of its openly assessed scopes. Its designers have to reluctantly admit that the "ATLAS" experiment (one of the project's main targets) may compel the scientific community to consider alternate physical paradigms implying extra dimensions or new conceptual vectors, in their ceaseless struggle to crack some of the still hidden codes of our world and of ourselves.

Perhaps the "Higgs boson" may be detected and thus Prof. Hawking may lose his $100 bet. Nevertheless, the actual value of the results, as related to the great unfolding drama of the cosmos, may turn out to have been bitterly overestimated, after all the experiments are completed.

The CERN scientists play God in a game of self-made rules... They claim the ability to replicate the cosmogenic event, even at this early stage of man's most recent experimental attempt to understand reality. They are trying to achieve a re-implementing of the scenes which are believed to have followed immediately after the instant of the manifestation of the Universe. Of course, important insights may be achieved by these experiments regarding the "HOW" the material Universe may have started, its possible structure, and how it may work. On the other hand, the results may also counteract existing theories.

The crucial question is what is the actual origination of these supposed events? No revelation in this regard is expected from the LHC. It will keep a total silence in this respect. This answer will remain beyond its experimental outreach, at the other side of the highly hypothetical Big Bang. Investigation of this question requires a fundamental change of mind, some higher vantage point, from where alternative physics may evolve.

This physics should account not only for mass and energy and all the currently familiar physical forces, but this physics should be able to explain - instead of reject as non-conforming oddities - Information-driven events.

This is a physics where the light speed ceases to be a Universal constant (as recently proved at the Harvard University!), and still less an upper limit of velocity. A physics where Information is stored and transferred by SubQuantum aether fluxes, moving with any velocity between zero and infinity, where probabilistic Quantum nonsense becomes an informationally determined scenario, surpassing Space and Time constraints. This is a physics of sentience, of meaning, of purpose. A physics where teleological attractors act to complete causality chains. This implies sentience.

Yes, we are living in a sentient, purposeful Universe.

Classical, relativistic and Quantum tenets still obviously apply, each in its own specific range of application, all under the covering umbrella of this new physics. At Geneva, we are now approaching a very advanced stage of exploring the limits of the present commonly accepted theories. A more detailed structure of matter and of energy will hopefully be revealed. But regardless of the results, this is in no way the end of the story. It is the beginning of our quest for the meanings that such results may have to convey to us about the world.

The next step of mankind will have to address Information as the pro-active and originating component of space-time-like manifestations of matter/energy, at the deepest level of the infinitesimals, a region never addressed before.

The puzzle of the self-reflecting loop of Consciousness has to be solved. The understanding process has to transcend its external object, returning upon itself.

The prevailing mechanistic view of the world has to be replaced by a new paradigm of sentient reality. The term "sentience" is now presented in an all-encompassing context. Now, Creation is an intelligent never-ending interplay, running between endless implication levels of Information Fields. This requires a new Physics, a new Cosmology, a new understanding, gradually replacing the older ones.

Endless ruminations in Philosophy and Consciousness Studies exist, spinning around epiphenomenal tenets imposed by hopeless mainstream canonical dogmas. These will eventually be forced to admit their conceptual sterility, their misleading potential, and their absolute disconnectedness from a wide array of observables, and empirically provable facts, existing in our everyday experience.

Reality will never conform to scholastic biases. Science has to adapt itself to experiencable reality, however disturbing this adaptation process would be for some opinion leaders of the ruling academic establishment. Misinterpretations and denial of factual evidence for the sake of self-preserving credibility have to end.

At the "Quantum Mind" Conference in Salzburg, and at the "T.S.C. Conference" in Budapest - both held in 2007, a new SubQuantum approach to sentience has been brought to public attention by the author of these lines, together with the eminent American Quantum Physicist R.N.Boyd, PhD, whose high scientific credentials are well documented in the scientific literature.

The lecture's purpose: Lifting the centuries-old taboo surrounding the Self's ontological autonomy from its neural correlates. Our challenging the prevailing world-view of consciousness is roughly coincides with the onset of the CERN LHC experiments. Are possibly both programmed by the Cosmic Harmony as mutually supporting breakthroughs? Mere coincident timing, or meaningful coincidence?

We ask for your permission to share with you some basics of our insights at this relatively early stage of our work. We trustfully rely upon the reader's ability to set up their own correlations, by their ability to discern reliable information from out of the dense bulk of misleading information which presently exists in the world, this present condition being due to previous systematic disinformation processes regarding the various sciences, and due to previously existing dogmas and assumptions in the sciences.

We hope to succeed making our concepts accessible not only for the academic community, but also for the wide disclosure pool of Dr. Zammit's open-minded readers.

As we will see along the following Issues, the new world-view hereby introduced, is safely and deeply rooted in the most recent experimental results of leading scholars all around the world. It is strongly supporting the case that Dr. Zammit's tireless and admirable efforts are advocating.

Yes, we are able to emphatically claim that human consciousness is the pro-active principle, while the brain is just its epiphenomenal transient integration system into a Space-Time coordinated component of Bohm's implicating orders of reality - Bohm's implicate order being miserably ignored in most of the prevalent attempts to model the All.

The ability of the personality to preserve its integral cognitive range in its dissociated state from the brain will be not only emphatically stated, but proved as being a sine-qua-non requirement of the novel SubQuantum approach.

Moreover, it might well turn out that public concerns related to the CERN experiment's safety topics are unfounded pure fantasies, possibly not less so than the much feared Black Holes or the Big Bang theory may be.

Modern Science, Religion and Mysticism might well prove to be complementary and incomplete precursors of a more accurate interpretation of the Universe we are living in, an interpretation which eventually will derive from the proper blending of these mutually supporting components.

However, the present scientific habit of canonical intellectual obstructions of common sense, based on previous dogmas, must cease, before the actual facts can be realized, by those of the community interested in such facts.

Grateful thanks to Dr. Zammit for his kind agreement to host our contribution to his blessed pioneering work along this line of challenging the many presently existing, yet obsolete, scleromorphic dogmas, which are quickly collapsing by now under the crushing weight of an increasingly growing database of well documented spontaneous and experimental evidence, as revealed in part by his weekly web-reports.

19th September 2009