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10. The Unification of Time, Gravitation, and Electromagnetism
by Dr. Robert Neil Boyd PhD

by Dr Adrian Klein

Atemporal (diachronic) events had always a baffling effect on their observers by their counter intuitiveness and defiance of "normal" commonsense related to the linear time flow as routinely experienced by all of us. Any experience involving "time anomalies" has been quickly related to "experimental flow", "fraud", or repelled into another similar delusional category by orthodox science. As only alternative, such phenomena have been simply labeled as "paranormal" - expression meant to vouch for their defying conventional tenets of science, falling beyond its current explanatory range.
All this has to change by now from the new perspective we defend. A correct understanding of the essence of Time as physically describable entity - closely connected to fundamental energies and forces operating in nature - will bring to an equal phenomenal footing "normal" and "anomalous" time-related events, connecting both sets to their common Information-charged Subquantum background.
Here, as a first step toward elucidating this Issue of a paramount importance for the demystification of the "paranormal", Dr. R.N.Boyd, PhD, will start exploring this topic from an experimental and experiential vantage point.

The Unification of Time, Gravitation, and Electromagnetism

We have earlier mentioned that time is caused by the infinite velocity variety of the aether fluxes, and has nothing to do with the speed of light, to get the simplest understanding of what is time across to the readers. Now we are going to explore time and its effects a little more deeply.

The propagation velocity of the general time-flow is infinite. Given this, organization and information can be transferred by the time flow (a fluidic flow composed of infinitesimal infinite-velocity particles), to infinite distances, instantly. Time (aether flows) thus emerges instantly at every location, simultaneously throughout the entire universe. This behavior is called Universal Physical Time (UPT). We also know that the same flows are the primary causation of gravitation. Simply put, both time and gravitation are resulting from flows of the same substance, the infinitesimals.

According to Kozyrev's astronomical and laboratory observations and experiments, the aether flux which causes time has "active properties" which produce many physical effects on physical systems, including us. By using instrumentation to fix the "time flow" (actually aether flux) from stars, thus fixing the star's position at the present moment, the star's position in the past, the star's position in the future, and the actual proper motion of the astronomical object (its trajectory), Kozyrev & All were able to fix the true positions of astronomical objects, relative to their optically apparent positions. (In astronomy, this measurement is called the "parallax" of the astronomical object.) By measuring the angular distance between the true and apparent positions of the given object, the parallax of an object is determined by simple trigonometry.

We also mentioned earlier that all subatomic particles, including so-called "quarks" have substructures, being composed of yet smaller particles which are composed of yet smaller particles, and so on, down to the infinitesimals. This understanding changes things. Simply stated, all subatomic particles, including the electron, are resonant systems of orbiting smaller electric charges of opposite polarity, which sum to the observed charge on the given particle. These smaller electric charges are due to the various SubQuantum entities, in our view, such as the Kolmogorov vortex particles mentioned earlier. We have spoken earlier about the origination of the constituent aether fluxes as being due to plasma dissociation events internal to stars.

In this model, the electron is never treated as a point-like particle. (Experiment and observation have demonstrated that the electron has a finite and measurable extent, unfortunately for existing quantum theory.) The electron, and the other subatomic particles, must have substructures, in order to have an angular momentum and in order to demonstrate a preferred magnetic orientation (vaguely known as "spin"). There must be motions of subentities (K-vortices) circulating internal to the electron, in order to generate the observed electrical and magnetic dipole moments of the electron. The transfers of energies between these sub-entities which are moving internal to the classical electron radius, for example, must be resonant and near instantaneous, in order for the electron to remain a stable particle. This kind of perspective leads to a vast simplification of existing particle physics, one which is philosophically agreeable and easy to understand.

What does all this have to do with time, the informed reader asks? The reader may recall from our previously discussions of the direct relationship between gravitation and time, that both are the result of infinite velocity propagations of SubQuantum particles. There is also a direct relationship between gravitation and the electric field, and a direct relationship between the electric field and time.

The relationship between gravitation and the electric field was first observed experimentally by Dr. Francis Nipher of France. Dr. Francis Nipher conducted extensive experiments during 1918, on a modified Cavendish experiment. He reproduced the classical arrangements for the experiment, where gravitational attraction could be measured between free-swinging masses, and a large fixed central mass. Dr. Nipher modified the Cavendish experiment by applying a large electrical field to the large central mass, which was sheilded inside a Faraday cage.When electrostatic charge was applied to the large fixed mass, the free-swinging masses exhibited a reduced attraction to the central mass, when the central mass was only slightly charged. As the electric field strength was increased, there arose a voltage threshold which resulted in no attraction at all between the fixed mass and the free-swinging masses. Increasing the potential applied to the central mass beyond that threshold, resulted in the free-swinging masses being repelled (!) from the fixed central mass. Nipher's conclusion was that sheilded electrostatic fields directly influence the action of gravitation. He further concluded that gravitation and electrical fields are absolutely linked.

The pace of Time is directly linked to electric field gradient variations by the mathematical function known as "delta grad E", which function is simply describing variations in the gradient of an electric field. Experimentally, such electric field variations measurably and instantly result in changes in the pace of time, variations in the measured force due to gravitation, variations of inertia, variations in the speed of light, and variations of the measured permittivity and permeability of the physical vacuum, all at the same time!

Further, the electrical resistance of carbon changes in direct correspondence to the aether flux density at the given moment and the given location, which fact has profound implications in studies of the behaviors of biological systems. This fact has also led to the development of an instrument known as an Aether Flux Density (AFD) meter, which can be used in any study of Aether actions. When the AFD is applied as a gravitometer, it demonstrates a sensitivity to gravitational variations thousands of times greater than standard 4 axis gravitometer systems, and is capable of measuring gravitational transients as fast as 20 nanoseconds. (Needless to say, the force due to gravitation is never a "constant" value.)

From the above considerations, time is linked to gravitation, through the electric field. All the items in the preceding discussion (and many others) are linked by the unifying precursor activities of the infinite velocity infinitesimals. Based on instrumented astronomical observations and laboratory experiments, Kozyrev computed an infinite velocity of propagation for the "time substance", which corresponds with the view that there is an infinite velocity involved in gravitational aether fluxes. Thus both time and gravitation are due to the same superluminal aether flows. Additional properties of the time flux are involved with information flows, information densities, information content (such as the quantum potential), and so on, which add together to result in variations in the pace of Consciousness Time (CT). Kozyrev also discovered that the aether fluxes which cause Universal Physical Time (UPT) are also responsible for producing Metabolic Time (MT) in biological entities.

Variations in aether flux density have been experimentally connected to biological and electrical transmutations of the atomic elements, variations in the rates of chemical interactions, variations in spring stiffness, variations in mechanical tolerances from day to day, variations in elasticity, non-locally correlated variations in measured weight, non-locally correlated variations in measured inertia, information-correlated variations in the measured PH of remotely located substances, and a vast array of additional and surprising physical effects, none of which may be attributed in any way as being due to any manner of Heisenberg uncertainty. Aether fluxes are also responsible for many after-effects and precursor events associated with physical events. For example, there inevitably arises an aether precursor to any explosive event, which is measured as an aether flux density pressure wave, which aether density variation always precedes the physical shock-wave event itself.

During our next installment, we will be discussing the inter-relations and implications of Universal Physical Time, Consciousness Time, and Metabolic Time, as well as the important understanding of events which "cross time".

28th November 2008