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3. Coupling to the Source
Dr Adrian Klein and Dr Robert Neil Boyd.

After having had, in the last Issue, the pleasant opportunity to accompany our readers along a trip into some basics of the SubQuantum infinitesimal structures, let's take a closer look at how this realm connects to Information fields, in order to store and carry this information in holographic patterns - the fundamental elements of Reality. We hope that this journey will bring some more clarity to all.

While the prevalent physics fails to account for, in any regard, Information-driven processes, Sentient-SubQuantum understandings have already successfully and easily accomplished this task. The concrete and unprecedented potentials that these understandings provide will open many doors to vast arrays of new, and previously undreamed of beneficial technologies. What were thought to be the absolute scientific limits of technology, based on previous limited and limiting understandings of the foundations of physics, are being superseded by enormous gains in our understandings of the inner workings of the Universe, based on the experimental results which are already arising from applying the principles of Sentient SubQuantum Information physics.

Applying these new discoveries and facts is already producing new technologies. Some of these technologies have already been physically demonstrated, such as the "Wave Genetics" researches of Prof. Gariaev, which provide complete control of the entire DNA sequence of all organisms, by the use of Information-driven radiative processes, rather than presently used, dangerous, unpredictable, and obsolete recombinant DNA techniques, which are unfortunately based on an incomplete understanding of only 5% of the DNA sequence, while Wave Genetics techniques have already established 100% complete understanding, and 100% complete control, of all DNA sequences. The implications of this single new technology alone, are vast. The potentials awaiting us from deeper studies of the SubQuantum and Information physics are amazingly more vast.

It's widely known that in the last few decades, mainstream physics has been struggling to reach a still most elusive Unified theory of matter, hoping to reconcile mutually contradicting relativistic and Quantum aspects. For illustration purposes, it's enough to mention that in Relativistic frameworks movement is a well-defined, causally initiated continuous process - while in Quantum theory, motion is a discontinuous, acausal, poorly defined process.

Standard quantum events are isolated instances just "happening" by chance in a probabilistic mathematical abstraction, resulting in physical objects and events which are completely and irrationally disconnected from anything else, effects without causes. In order to achieve a more reliable picture, science may be constrained to give up its commitments to such concepts. This does no way mean deleting all the experimental evidence supporting such understandings as Quantum Mechanics. This means only ascribing to relativity theory and QM, a well-defined range of validity. Their "unification" can be achieved only by transcending both, from a more elevated perspective, addressing their common source.

Nonsensical assumptions in both relativity theory and quantum theory (absolute speed limit, uncertainty principle, etc.) have to be dropped, together with the rest of the bulk of not-overlapping components erroneously built up in the aforementioned basic world-views that dominated the 20th Century. Such experimentally unsupported discordant components have to be replaced by new understandings streaming from the Information-coupled SubQuantum regime, the target of our exploration.

The novelty of our approach resides in an experimentally consistent blending of SubQuantum physics (briefly introduced in our previous chapter), Bohm's Implicate Order (inherently antithetical to reductionism), and Information as prime source and fundamental "stuff" of both quantum theory and relativity theory.

Let's try better understanding how Bohm's ontological holism has an unprecedented revolutionizing potential, not only upon Standard Quantum physics, but especially upon various Informationally-consistent phenomena, the field of our general inquiry, and in particular, regarding our inquiries about the survival hypothesis of human Consciousness, after its disconnecting from Brain.

Without conflicting with ordinary concepts of causality, Bohm's model of implicate order (implied or potential reality), actually addresses the Information contained in the Quantum wave, which Information is efficiently stored, amplified, and carried at superluminal velocities by complex SubQuantum particle flows. These information flows exist both external to, and internal to, our familiar elementary particles. The resulting Pre-Quantum Information-charged wave functions have an organizing effect on the Quantum wave, as related to the elementary particle.

This organizing potential originally emanates from the infinite Information pool. This Information pool is an expression of an overarching cosmic harmony (whose epistemological fineness is beyond the scope of this current stage of our analysis). From this pool, information is cycling forward in a ceaseless, feedback-supported, unfolding and enfolding process, which process runs constantly, between endless implication layers. This process corresponds directly to the potentials for physically observable events and physically observable objects, to actually manifest, as proceeding from, and contained in, the All.

At the explicate (what we see) level of Quantum processes, all the known fields and forces are engaged in the same basic "all-as-one" holomovements which implement our known Quantum-mechanical features, seen by quantum theory as discontinuous events, non-local events, and time-excluding events. Actually, these features arise due to superluminal interactive gradients of Information, which produce additive combinatorial informational stances, which produce observables in the Time-like explicate (observable) domain. Here, measurable physical manifestations are the result of highly complex combinations of synordinate, and asynordinate, SubQuantum information vectors.

In this context, Time itself is seen as related to changes in the numbers of layers of implication, where variations in the informational structures, at a given instant, will produce variations in the observable results. Such guiding information is a formative wave, with event-modulating properties, which directly influences the given particle's asynordinate Subquantum conditions. This process decides what are the best variants of individual structures and events, at the given time and place, as related to the contents of Information Pool (as constantly and non-locally provided by the great Cosmic Harmony).

Due to such processes, the proper event always occurs at the proper location and time. This process operates exactly according to an information-resonant tuning control, which control is always present during such interactive Informational interplays, which are always running between the various layers of implied potentials, and as related to pre-determined events, such as those events already "preset" in the Information Pool, so as to produce certainty in selected manifestation potentials, thus a certainty in the occurance of specific manifested events.

Feedback regulatory signals are originating in Space-time environmental fields, as carried by Subquantum configurations. Non-local connections are easily explained as superluminally conveyed informational injections of control vectors (by way of subquantum entities), into our familiar world. Moreover, the present formative fields are influenced by past actualizations, as kept in the Cosmic memory pool.

Quantum mechanical "randomness" effects are but blurred perceptions of the underlying enfolded order we are currently dimly aware of. Any explicate (observable) structure is directly tuned to the relevant active Information layers, which already exist in the enfolded information realms. Non-local causation operates at the basic levels of a Bohmian information radiation-and-absorption system. Mere "probability" considerations are upgraded to Information-controlled actualization events.

The collapse of the probability wave function turns out to be the deterministic result of such preselections, performed at deep implicate layers of Information, according to SubQuantum-mediated tuning effects, which are then implemented as an interplay between different domains of complexity, under pressure gradients. All this will obviously apply to neural network activity patterns, as during the Brain-connected "normal condition" of the Self.

Quantum probability distributions are actually "non-physical Information" fields with non-local space-time properties. This has been eloquently proved by PEAR Lab's RNG experiments at Princeton University. Information proceeding from human beings directly and dramatically alters any event which involves probability, as was experimentally proved in a series of rigorous experiments at PEAR, lasting over 30 years, producing a data base much larger than the one which was used to prove Quantum Mechanics in the first place. Information fields also directly interact with human energy fields, producing selective Quantum maps in the Brain, as we shall see later.

Projections of the potential of the "Whole" eventually reach the observable realm of micro-physical entities via their more abstract correlates - the Quantum states. (This occurs at various SubQuantum scales, with many possible, infinitesimal-carried, combinatorial informational options)

Within certain suborders of the Implicate Order, there arise structures which have a certain recurrence, stability, and separability - resulting in the apparently tangible matter manifestations of our world. In the model we propose, Brain is such an object, the result of highly complex morphogenic (form originating) field interactions, which mediate between the Information domains and observable physical structures. Such morphogenic interactions constantly occur in the observable environment. They also occur internally, in the form of personality, species related, and societal, "awareness complexes".

Information is conveyed by motions of SubQuantum Units is the common ground for both matter and life. In this context, there is no difference between life and matter, as both prove to be the observable results of Information drivers. These factors are equally present in "inanimate" matter, and in non-corporeal forms of intelligence, and so on, in various forms, parallel to human intelligence.

Information folds and unfolds in a multidimensional reality, the dimensionality of which is effectively infinite. Information as described by Bohm, is an "inwardness", appearing in sequential time-windows of Consciousness, as observable instances of SQ fluxes in the underlying implicate order. Such Information inputs do not require a physical Brain, though neural networks (when available!) may react to them by fine-tuned Quantum orchestration.

The "Quantum potential" actually refers to such SubQuantum Information-driven matrices, as are ready to enter the explicate (observable) realms, in the form of specific Quantum maps. These maps then appear to produce electromagnetic and ionic correlates in neurological networks (brain). Because information transfers can occur with any velocity from zero velocity, to an infinite velocity, any response-time differentials in this functional coupling, typically derive exclusively from the very slow information transport rates observed in neurological networks, given that non-local information-based correlations are well known from Quantum Mechanics experiments. Unfortunately, a wrong causality has been concluded from such effects. A view which obeys informational enfolding and ordering laws, and which matches the "unexpected" results of the many information-driven experiments which have been performed during the last decade, and more, must replace the current tenets of Consciousness Studies.

Beyond time, the egg/hen paradox, is no longer a paradox. This topic will be explored in-depth in our future disclosures. For the moment, let's admit that Intelligence has to be seen being at the very core of the information which produces the Universe and influences human Consciousness in the process of his interplays with the very content of his consciousness - the manifest environment. "Things" - just as thoughts, form and dissolve in a ceaseless holographic flux of Subquantum structures reaching far below the Planck "limit", toward vortices of infinitesimals, forming at the Kolmogorov scale (10e-58 m), and beyond.

Infinite combinatorial properties are at the background of all entelechial dynamics, which dynamics have strong similarities to Bohm's Implicate Order model. Numerous hints as to this ultimate modeling of Reality are to be found in Eastern philosophy. Our SubQuantum Units (the "Bhutatmas" in the initiatic folklore of India), display an intrinsic ability to aggregate into pre-Space-time Information vortices composed of infinitesimals, which vortices we are considering as particles, living at the Kolmogorov limit, with implications of yet smaller entities, arising from mathematical explorations. These SubQuantum entities are reliable candidates for an all-comprehensive explanatory system. This system is capable of addressing the origins of the Universe (as a Continuous Creation process), producing a more complete description of all physical manifestations (including the actual origination of the physical properties of the atomic elements). It is also capable of addressing , Life (in all its forms, biological or not), and Consciousness (in all its forms, physical or not). These are all encompassed in a holistic Bohmian model, by including the concrete SubQuantum stuff of our interest. By extending the "physical" approach into the Informational domains, we are transcending Searle's concepts of intentional and extensional "aboutness", as well as Popper's "three divided worlds" view, by emphasizing, in the form of Bohm's theoretical "wholeness", the constituent superluminal SubQuantum structures which actually produce such wholeness.

This reflects the "holonomic principle", which brings to an equal footing, the SubQuantum and the Cosmic Plenum, the infinitely small and the infinitely large. A malleable determinism occurs within the ceaseless Creation Process.
Quantum Brain contacts the content of an ontologically distinct, Informational environment, which content Brain has been exactly created to process.

However, brain is not required for Consciousness. Direct experience has proven over this over centuries of human experience. Centuries of human experiences of interacting with various non-physical forms of Consciousness, will be empirically verified by our contemplated future instrumented experiments, as soon as funding allows

We intentionally live the topic of the Cosmic Apex, the primeval Source of Information and the Cosmic Play emerging from It. We are developing a new Philosophy of Science, which will have to account for this new world-view, one which is gradually unfolding from the experimental data that back our approach. Our current concern is in how Informational structures cascade across sequential enfolded orders toward explicate processors (brain, memory, consciousness), where in the past, the physiological correlates of informational events have been so unfortunately misinterpreted as being the "origination" of Consciousness. In actual fact it is the Consciousness which is producing the physical responses. Consciousness exists beyond the physical.

Whether the fundamental generative order backing this endless enfolding/unfolding process implies holofractals or is related to some mathematical constant, such as the Golden Mean ratio, is the object of further investigations, dependent upon advanced instrumentation that hopefully will allow us to see into hitherto hidden ranges of the SubQuantum, which conveys the implicate order. Completion of an Aether Flux Density Meter and other conceptually-ready SubQuantum instrumentation, for concrete experimental use, is by now, just a matter of still lacking funds.

The Golden Mean Ratio (1.618) is present in the DNA, and is considered by some proponents as the most efficient energy and Information transfer ratio between scales and harmonic series. Future investigations will shed a new light upon various mathematical expressions which may be able to describe the presently intangible operators in the implicate order. Some of our best cooperative minds are currently investing much effort on this line.

Such and related considerations will follow, marking our trajectory toward the correct understanding of Consciousness and its true relation to the physical Brain.

We hope to succeed keeping our writings at a generally understandable blueprint, without loosing any important insights along the way.

We are grateful for your interest in our topic, of a paramount importance for All.

3rd October 2008