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4. Let it snow on Mars - Mind/Brain dichotomy.
Dr Adrian Klein and Dr Robert Neil Boyd PhD.

"NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander has found snow falling from clouds on Mars. Spacecraft soil experiments have provided dramatic evidence of past interactions between minerals and water, processes that occur on Earth."

Science evolves by experimental evidence, dropping previous erroneous assumptions. This process occurs not only in mankind's Space adventures, but here on Earth...

At this stage of our Odyssey toward a new understanding of the human consciousness and its total autonomy from Brain, let's spend a few minutes in some exciting scientific data strongly supporting our model.

Last week, we cracked some of the physical vacuum's mysteries. From its Subquantum structure as described, it can be safely concluded that Information structures, in both their dynamically changing and stored forms as memory patterns, arise from and live in infinite combinatorial resonance patterns that are stored and carried across increasingly fine Subquantum regimes according to their enfolded parameters. Providing that strong experimental evidence can be invoked for such Information fluxes operating in physical vacuum, a giant step toward dropping the incorrect view which causally ascribes cognitive phenomena to neural functions, will be accomplished.

So, what does the experimental domain have to say regarding information and its influences on various physical processes?

One of the most outstanding scientific research teams, coordinated by Peter Gariaev (University Lebedev, Moscow), provided experimental evidence for the physical vacuum having a holographic memory, thus supporting Karl Pribram's tenets about the human memory, in the form of a holographic model, which were derived from clinical neurobiological studies.

DNA Information signals have been proved, being emitted from vacuum chambers, long after previously resident DNA samples have been physically removed.

Using an advanced laser photon correlation spectrometer, the Gariaev team had the opportunity to study the vacuum substructure on strictly quantitative grounds, made possible by the "phantom field's" ability to couple with conventional electromagnetic fields.

Gariaev's findings allowed for a fundamental redefinition of life, now defined as a dynamic exchange of energy and information, between a physical system, and its Information counterpart, which counterpart does not obey the physical structure's space and time parameters. The paradoxical "95% garbage DNA" in the genetic sequence, which had previously previously defied all "recombinant DNA" interpretations, has turned out to contain super-encoded potentials of Information, which exist at a much higher level than the information contained in RNA and protein sequences.

Due to this newly discovered wave-level of DNA Information-encoding, the planetary genome has turned out to actually be an intelligent and aware system, able to program the space-time organization of all organisms, ensuring that the given organism interacts in harmony with all the other resident life-forms on this planet.

Gariaev's team, using Vacuum memory features, succeeded to bring about the unbelievable genoplastic effect of turning a living chicken, partly into a duck, by exposing the chicken to the informational radiation associated with the DNA of a duck. The offspring of this Informationally-engineered creature preserved the same duck bills and webbed feet features of their genetically modified ancestor.

By similar procedures, a salamander has been turned into a frog. By Informatic radiation applied on mice with destroyed pancreatic tissues, regeneration of new organs has been achieved, before the animals could die from missing these organs.

Along similar lines, Boyd & Shpilman achieved a successful alcohol-Information transfer into water, with obvious technological potential to suppress tissue damage in alcohol addiction cases, without withdrawal efforts, or the need for abstinence.

Gariaev's experiments strongly suggest that genetic strands are transmitting very specific holographic blueprints, in a way which extends superluminal interactive communications pathways, between the given DNA strands, and the global environment. These holographic blueprints are provided by solitonic nonlinear superpositions of standing sound and light waves, and are implementing quantum non-locality at the molecular scale.

From these experiments, Sheldrake's earlier "morphogenetic field" expressions have received unexpected experimental confirmations.

Wave genetics has an unprecedented application potential, since these techniques provide complete knowledge of the DNA, and thus complete control of the DNA sequences, by information-based techniques, completely replacing old molecular chemistry manipulations.

Upon our suggestion, the Gariaev team achieved a successful interference with the Hayflick Limit, a counter in the DNA which stops the cell from copying itself after a specific number of replications, this being the primary cause of aging. These results have opened unbelievable perspectives for impending life-span prolongation procedures for humans.

Also at our suggestion, Gariaev's team has caused the regrowth of specific missing teeth in volunteers in Moscow, providing further experimental evidence supporting many other information-based possibilities, such as the periodic regeneration of various body parts.

Gariaev's famous "DNA phantom" effect challenges the basics of hitherto uncritically perpetuated paradigmatic fundaments. The direct link of Gariaev's experimental work to Pribram's Holographic Brain model is obvious. Pribram achieved the formulation of his model by utilizing Fourier analysis on neurobiological phenomena, related to the Brain's ability to resonate with vast memory engrams stored and operating in the Subquantum environment.

Further experimental findings have revealed an amazing fractality is inherent in electromagnetic noise, as proved in frequency transposition effects (J.M.Brill) - pointing to fundamental Information structures which operate in language-like ways, connecting not only different species with one another, but interacting with the biochemical level of human DNA, and the environment, as well. Human speech patterns, when transposed into the microwave ranges of DNA oscillations, have shown similar effects. Considerations of such results, point us to a linguistic code, embedded in an Informational wave format, which spans across all physical scales, non-locally.

This brings us back to Gariaev's holographic soliton projection model, where resonant nonlinear wave combinations result in standing-wave blueprints involved with the generation of matter, at scales ranging from "virtual particle" fields operating in the physical Vacuum, to the formations of galactic clusters. Dimensionally encoded solitons may generate from these ambient fields, creating exact replicas of themselves in the cellular range, this process implementing Sheldrake's morphogenic causational principles.

Further on, non-local Information transfers, circumventing biochemical chains, have been amply documented in recent explorations reported by Huping Hu & All. The Hu experiments efficiently strengthen our view that Quantum entities inside the Brain may Informationally interact with various external information structures. Though our interpretation of Quantum Entanglement slightly differs from the Hu team's "spin-spin interaction" chain, Quantum Entanglement connects system to observer, achieving decoherence by non-local interactions with the ambient environment. Such context-dependent coupling implies new types of non-local information connections, which are much stronger then standard quantum correlations.

From this perspective, no truly random sequence can exist, and no recursive random sequence can be considered truly random. These interactions are more complex then any recursive mathematical sequence. This complexity derives from higher orders of universal implication levels, where hidden determinism and "hidden variables" are observable, as per the PEAR results mentioned mentioned earlier. Information conveyed by the superluminal SQ particles which produce Quantum entanglements, may explain how pharmacodynamic chemistries are actually causing neural correlations in the Brain, as well as properly explaining the previously wrongly-interpreted synchronizations of cognitive effects, relative to the applied mechanical neural-triggering procedures, when such triggering procedures are applied to selected neurological configurations.

By applying magnetic pulses passing through anesthetic solutions to the Brain, the Hu-Wu research team succeeded to transfer the narcotic effect without the agent's physical inhalation of the narcotic. Such results are an extension of previous physical observations into clinical application ranges, where the instrumented pH values of far-distant liquids have been remotely and non-locally directly influenced, by manipulations performed on local, and isolated, water samples. In all these research programs, Information transfer has been decoupled from normal considerations of matter and energy, forcing researchers to consider other options to explain their undeniable instrumented observations, such as the SQ view. The brain's biochemistry is excluded from most, normally physical processes, either partially or totally, in such experiments.

Informational structures operate in their own Subquantum regime, be it temporarily coupled to the brain's Quantum activity or not... Similar aether-bound Information flux systems are involved in Shoulder's Exotic Vacuum Objects (EVO) and in Keihn's nanometer vorticity patterns. According to J. Firmage's experimental results, applying an asymmetrical charge distribution to the Subquantum Plenum results in an EVO charge variation gradient, reflecting an Information flux potential decoupled from ANY background of classical matter.

Such events may follow abstract mathematical pathways, such as those experimentally proved by Kozyrev, in instrumented observations. According to Kozyrev's ground shaking findings, a ceaselessly spiraling form of intelligent energy leads, at all scales of manifestation, to expanding proportions, related to the Fibonacci/Golden Mean ratios. An impulse of "time energy" in Kozyrev's view, is traveling through the Subquantum stuff, resulting in fields with do not have electromagnetic qualities. Static and dynamic torsion fields, active beyond the original proposals of Einstein/Cartan theory, were experimentally detected and studied by Sciama & All. Such fields, created from spinning sources that do not radiate any energy, are able to travel at superluminal velocities in the physical vacuum, resulting in Information-driven non-local connection events with diachronic properties.

Related to this, collective consciousness can detect, at subliminal levels of pre-awareness, significant impacts, well before their concrete implementation in time. Tremendous changes in RNG behavior patterns were recorded by Dean Radin both immediately before and after major world-events (as the Sept. 11 2001 terrorist attack on N.Y.). We know from such instrumented studies, that such perceptions precede the actual manifested event. From this, we know that information can arise to Living Beings in manners that are not related to normal linear time, such information often preceding the actual events.

Later attempts to link Kozyrev's SQ "time waves" to gravitational energy (gravispinorics) have suggested that human energy fields may be seen as SQ field components of our physical bodies. Such mediating fields may be sensitive to various degrees of information pressures between space-time integration attractors, and the brain's Quantum activities. The "Aspden effect" confirmed Kozyrev-type latent forces in physical systems and has experimentally verified the predictability of Kozyrev-type interactions in dissipative processes, as has been well established by the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Not less perplexing experimental data of biological antigravitational effects and invisibility experiments were reported by V.S.Grebennikov. They are to be traced back to the Information-mediated Cavity Structural Effect (CSE). Grebennikov's CSE field behaviors, strongly resemble Gariaev's DNA phantom effect. A similar vector alignment, along gravitation flux lines, has been experimentally detected for the CSE-ray, in the aforementioned gravispinoric data. Ghost fields in residual "phantom locations" are amply documented in Grebennikov's research data, strongly supporting the ontologically autonomous behaviors of Information fields as disconnected from the normally-considered matter/energy backgrounds.

Recent experimental data in neurobiology is consistently supporting similar tenets. Neuronal spiking in the visual cortex has been shown to relate to the perceptual interpretation of the stimulus, rather than to the physical properties of the stimulus (Maier & All). Such observations strongly support a derivative consistency of neural events from Subquantum mediated Information fields, impacting Consciousness via both sensory and extrasensory channels.

Interested readers may correlate this context with Kaznacheyev's "Mirror Cytopathogenic Effect" or Backster's elusive "nonlocal death signals" - where Informational causation is actively coupled to physical chains of determinism.
A new and correct understanding of the originations and operations of Consciousness, as discussed above, has to be accepted in the light of the increasing amount of experimental (and experiential) evidence. For obvious reasons, we've touched here on only a very limited selection of recent experimental data, suggesting the need for a radical epistemological shift in our current understandings, as related to Informatically charged contexts. Self-organization proceeds along Informatically induced preferential vectors in syntropic Quantum states (A. Detella).

More Brain-related experimental results will substantiate our claims in future chapters of our present disclosures. A tremendous experimental database is piling up, supporting Information, and Information transports, as the ultimate, intelligent, and organizing matrix, actually and constantly producing our reality.

These processes are universally isotropic, omni directional, have an infinite frequency spectrum without mass or inertia, with self-interference and polarization abilities and propagate at superluminal velocities. As we stated earlier, information is constantly being radiated from everything, and constantly being absorbed by everything. Our readers who are somewhat familiarized, at this stage, with holographic transpositions of logical inferences, will easily observe that these aforementioned fundamental principles apply directly to Mind/Brain connectedness issues.

This is but a first, sensitizing insight. More pertinent considerations will follow.
The hitherto "scientifically unproved" - or even denied hypothesis, of snow on the Martian surface, has been experimentally proved, just as the Informational structures' ontological autonomy from matter/energy has been proved, both by instrumented direct observation. Both are by now hard facts, that Science has to accept.

Recent attempts to canonize Consciousness expertise, are the swan's song, the last resistance that the defenders of this obsolete reductionist view, can try to put up, as barriers against free penetrations of such "heresies", as discussed above.

These pitiable attempts to curtail those experimental and instrumented facts which contradict the "status quo", represent the ultimate proofs of the failures of the present dogmatic versions of consciousness studies to sucessfuly define and describe consciousness, in all its processes, and in all its forms, especially the non-biological and non-physical ones. Consciousness does not require brain.

Reality does not follow dogmas. It follows truth. This truth is unfolding right now.

In an undeniable form, just like the snow on Mars.

8th October 2008